Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The End of The H


With the coming ban in favor of feminism by the Japanese industry, we can pretty much root out the new games that will come in the next comiket or whatever being of any meaning now.

Am I an alarmist?

I don't think so. I suppose we can all look back one day and say how funny this phase of panic must have been. Meanwhile, to catch a drift on where we are going...

Well, I am sure we all have much to say, what isn't already discussed to death by 4chan and the crowd at Sankaku. (Artemis you are a faggot)

So for now, let us ponder on what is future undertakings of the Eroge industry, will it be:

1. Berserk - Missionary Position in between fights
2. Ren-Ai - Smooth loving only, no fetishes.
3. Forget that, the eroge edition, no H, just pretty girls in costumes.

My reaction:

Quite simply, I cannot imagine it.

A world where tentacle rape does not exist, no flat chested cuteness, everyone is of their respective genders, no 2girls1cup stuff, no SM, no futa, no rock your socks while hanging off a building, no stuffing of giant dildos, no imprisonment, no feeding of dog food, no subjugation, no foot fetish, no guro, nothing!!

A nation that once pride itself as the sole producer, cutting off what could well be a powerful lifeline to its own domestic industry and demand!

This is like asking Saudi Arabia to stop exporting oil or digging for oil.

This is like expecting Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan to stop terrorism!

This is like expecting Malaysia to stop corruption!

This is like expecting Gordon Brown to have an ounce of money sense!

This is like... a lot of things, it is utterly ridiculous!

Thanks to a kind Taiga/Lanced Jack

Haruhi soundtrack - as presented by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

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  1. What the shitty fuck is this fucking ridiculous shit!? Are these for real? And why am I not seeing shota in that list? >:(

  2. Think of it as a democratic fight between feministic rights and portrayments. Whoever has the most logic, be they right or wrong, wins. Also depends on whoever backs down the most.

    But pay attention. All is not yet lost, so I won't bother giving my full opinion. Let us first look at the line, 'traditional channels'. What does this mean? This means there are ways of publishing works not needing the jurisdiction of EOCS, like for example, through DLSite, as always, and through a possible new market, Western e-stores.

    Second, let us not forget how long of a nonsense was made (if you paid attention) over this matter. Prime point, where's the proof of all this being caused by feminists? Where's the major source? From WHERE did the feminists strike? From the looks of things, if the new regulations 'are' to be carried out...

    ...It won't be a long time before EOCS itself becomes the butt of many harsh jokes. Third point is, however, it's not really EOCS that made the announcement. Notice that how erogame companies are yet to update their sites with dire expressions of product line-up cancellations? That's because it's all a bluff until it IS real. Retrospect-wise, the reason it's not likely to be real is because porn has too many vital points to mess with. Mess with some, and porn is HELLO B&W BLANDNESS.

    Anyway, this is bluff. I'm gonna fluff up my pillow

  3. I do hope this is a bluff. Otherwise I just have to draw my own loli porn.

  4. Next, all fictional characters must provide full ID in compliance with 2257 regulations.


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