Wednesday, September 30, 2009

James Brown

We do miss you dearly.

We will never forget you. R.I.P.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bawwwwww Fest

Little Red Riding Hood retold by Palmeros

I cried.


Focus of the day:
New story Touhou Apocalypse Awakening:

Chapter 1 began: read it here.

The story talks about exactly what previous post has discussed on.
I think I will update this quicker than I do with Yamaxanadu.
(Cause I think it is good, and because Ruro.)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Blerg... new story~

I had this small idea for a truly new original story that isn't another Origins style.

Special conditions: This works on Gensokyo is a place that has its own environment, time and even seasons, time passing is an illusion here, progress is an illusion in itself because the seasons change.

In a somewhat unmentioned passing of a future, what may seem like 20 years later passed, but in Gensokyo, the equivalent of around 1 year barely passed since the UFO incident.

Humanity has been consumed by a great disease, genetically engineered to consume the sanity of all man and the ability to think, no human has been spared. Its true identity is unknown, nor is it known who was the culprit, but on a survivor which dropped to Gensokyo after what appears to be one year when Gensokyo's population needed to be checked by 'Yukari's Spiriting Away Team'... Yukari realized something grim....

There are no humans she can grab within Japan's distance.

The Spiriting Away Team, like the namesake, is Gensokyo's team of Yukari's extended network of servants living in her gap universe which takes away humans from around Japan during specific times of the year to replenish the population. When the servants reported "there are no people in Japan" Yukari worries, and reports to Reimu.

At first like all known occasions Reimu didn't care... until Yukari mentioned... "Imagine, someday you are gonna have to learn how to speak English..." Her spine shivered... "No way", "Yes, you will..."

What say we go solve this situation?

With Yukari's help, they traveled out, the world however, has already left the reigns to the wind, dark skies and tumbling storms, crushed buildings and empty streets...

What happened to humanity is an enigma, and although Reimu and Yukari is immune to the disease, tagging along Marisa and Nitori and just in case Gensokyo correspondent doctor/medicinal advisor Eirin would have to rely on the timebomb method. Only a small vial of antivenom has been extracted from the survivor which they caught earlier, that small vial can save one of the people tagging along. It wasn't sure if Kappa are immune, or that Lunarians actually should need to fear, but Marisa is 100% human and capable of the disease.

In a ruined Japan, they march, looking for survivors.

Suddenly like a jolt, a foreign presence emerges...

She has a tall black hat, with two eyes attached to each side a small frame of a body, yellow frogs attached to a black and red blouse and a dark orange sleeved inner dress. She rode a giant frog towering and dwarfing all of them ahead...

"Greetings... my name is Kowasu Yarimo, I am the Anti-God of the lands of Japan..."

What has happened... will be unfolded.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I don't get it

How do I punch a chicken and turn it into a cooked one?

Oh God their voices make me orgasm

If that wasn't enough, ask the girls out on a date, beat them with a football until they dump you.


Best part of this game is you can customize them...
BONDAGE HOORAY (yes, there is a futa option somewhere , strap on wise)

The game in question is Love Death, a series of 3 games and soon to be 4 games due for release.
A game where you can freely interact with some girls and they recognize your face through webcams, you can also change the way they look through customizations:

ie: Touhou characters.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Interesting Test: BSRI

An interesting test:

There are five genders: masculine, feminine, cross-sexed (opposite your physical gender), androgynous (both) and undifferentiated (neither). And it's not originally an online test, but used to be a pencil-and-paper test created way back in the early 70s.

Quote from: Sandra Bem
The Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI) was developed in 1971 by Dr. Sandra Lipsitz Bem. It provides independent assessments of masculinity and femininity in terms of the respondent’s self-reported possession of socially desirable, stereotypically masculine and feminine personality characteristics. This can also be seen as a measurement of the extent to which respondents spontaneously sort self-relevant information into distinct masculine and feminine categories. The self administering questionnaire measures masculinity, femininity, androgyny, and undifferentiated, using the Masculinity and Femininity scales.

Do keep in mind that this test does not conclusively nail you down into one psychological gender. Normally you take a series of tests under the supervision of a trained physician. It is not a substitute for a professional assessment

You scored 58.333 out of 100 masculine points, 61.667 out of 100 feminine points, and 64.167 out of 100 androgynous (neutral) points.

It looks like I may be a trap at heart,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Suffering from a tirade of high fever... had one night of non-sleep.

Followed by a heavy bout of pain from my wisdom tooth growing... and then more fever, and now diarrhea.

It is admirable how the human body can survive pains greater than this.

You imagine how Wolverine must have felt to have molten metal injected into your bones...
ugg.... gonna go sleep now.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


After so many years, he has returned, and better than ever.

Friday, September 18, 2009


My thoughts on this is somewhat bleak, so I will refrain for now, please watch the whole thing:


Fanart of the fanart...?! Oh noes~ A-F picks up the pencil again~~!! DROP IT BAD DOG BAD DOG!!

TIMM fanart: Gpop AKA Koipop by ~Omnidevil on deviantART

TIMM fanart: Vic Viper by ~Omnidevil on deviantART

TIMM fanart: Roukanken by ~Omnidevil on deviantART

TIMM fanart: Anonymous-Fairy by ~Omnidevil on deviantART

#Vote Yuyukodoll

Belated results announcement~! Yuyuko is the best Touhou!

#1 - 21 votes

#2 - 19 votes

#3 - 17 votes

Consolation spots:
#4 - 14 Votes (TIE)

#5 - 13 Votes

#6 - 10 Votes (TIE) 

many thanks to everyone who voted!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Depressing news...

UN says Yemeni child bride's death is tragedy

(AP) – 2 days ago

UNITED NATIONS — The head of the U.N. children's agency said Monday that the tragic death of a 12-year-old Yemeni after three days in labor underscores the urgent need to better protect the rights of girls and prevent child marriages.

Fawziya Abdullah Youssef died of severe bleeding on Friday while giving birth to a stillborn child in the al-Zahra district hospital of Hodeida province, 140 miles (223 kilometers) west of the capital San'a. Youssef was only 11 when her father married her to a 24-year-old man who works as a farmer in Saudi Arabia, Ahmed al-Quraishi, chairman of the Siyaj human rights organization, said Saturday.

UNICEF Executive Director Ann Veneman expressed sadness at Fawziya's untimely death.

"Child marriage denies girls of their childhood, deprives them of an education and robs them of their innocence," she said in a statement.

Child marriages are widespread in Yemen, the Arab world's poorest country, where tribal customs dominate society. More than a quarter of the country's females marry before age 15, according to a recent report by the Social Affairs Ministry.

In February, Yemen's parliament passed a law setting the minimum marriage age at 17. But some lawmakers are trying to kill the measure, calling it un-Islamic. Before it could be ratified by Yemen's president, they forced it to be sent back to parliament's constitutional committee for review.

Veneman said "the younger the girl is when she becomes pregnant, the greater the health risks for her and her baby."

Girls who give birth before the age of 15 are five times more likely to die in childbirth than women in their 20s, she said.

"Tragedies like these underscore the urgent need to better protect the rights of women and children, particularly girls," Veneman said. "Child marriages are often a result of poverty and ignorance. More must be done to address the underlying causes in order to prevent tragic deaths like those of 12-year-old Fawziya and her baby."

from AP news.


I am once again appalled by what Middle Easterners do, it saddens me we are living in an era where such things are voiced but not changed, and changes come only to those who don't deserve it.

Sometimes I wonder where the road ends?

Monday, September 14, 2009


because I can't take it anymore! I WANT TO TAKE HER HOME WITH ME!!

Marisa had a manly voice~

Thanks to you voters, I gotten the banners contest results!
Results in the next post!
(keep in mind this poll is open in many places at once, so results may be different from the local polling here)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dream C Club~I WANNA PLAY!! XBOX some get me one~~?

 DREAM C CLUB(ドリームクラブ)から、るい先生で「Ride on time」です。
(C) D3 PUBLISHER (Rui doing a 80's or 90's pop)


Battle time! Three Way Versus Karaoke Battle!


DREAM C CLUB(ドリームクラブ)から、るい先生で「絶対アイドル☆宣言80's」です。
(C) D3 PUBLISHER  (Rui sings Riho's song)

 DREAM C CLUB(ドリームクラブ)から、るい先生で「時間(とき)のか けら」です。 ブレザー+アクセサリー各種です。 ゲームのカラオケビューアから。 (C) D3 PUBLISHER (Rui doing what she does best)


DREAM C CLUB(ドリームクラブ)から、るい先生で「時間(とき)のか けら」です。 ブレザー+アクセサリー各種です。 ゲームのカラオケビューアから。 (C) D3 PUBLISHER


[Xbox360] Dream C Club ドリームクラブ 『絶対アイドル宣言』 双葉理保 Riho doing her thing.

ようこそドリームクラブへ!売れっ子グラビアアイドルの双葉理保さんが、当店のホストガール理保として歌うPOPチューン『絶対アイドル宣言』をお届けしちゃいます。いつも太陽のように明るい彼女だって、人気者故の辛さとアイドルとしての信条のハザマで、文字通り揺れ動いています。でも本当は恋だって普通にしたいと願う乙女な理保さん。そんな胸の内を明るく元気に歌います。『ドリームクラブ』は2009年8月27日開店予定です。どうやら訳ありげな理保さんファンならずとも応援してあげてください。でもマ ネージャーさんには秘密でお願いします!

Song:Zettai IDOL sengen(絶対アイドル宣言)
Voice:Yuuko Gotou(後藤 邑子)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cosmic Mind

The Original:

The piano

The remix (very good I might add)

Are you bong-ed out enough yet? Then click this

hmmm (in the making)

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Immediate attention needed.

Your favorite banners, you may cast 5 votes each.

Character Battle:
My Character:

Vote vote vote! Yuyuko SAI MOE!!
Vo2.png (123 KB) Vo4.png (106 KB) Vo7.png (120 KB) Vo8.png (104 KB) Vo10.png (92 KB) Vo12.png (95 KB) Vo14.png (108 KB) Vo16.png (105 KB) Vo3.png (115 KB) Vo5.png (96 KB) Vo6.png (103 KB) Vo11.png (106 KB) Vo13.png (93 KB) Vo15.png (92 KB) Vo17.png (87 KB) Vo.png (119 KB) Vo9.png (91 KB)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I am a bad person

cause I like it

warning: nothing like the real thing>
Sanae is still a good girl.

Thursday, September 3, 2009




Oh noes...
I missed this one


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shoutout to Wings of Yuri

Big shout of thanks to Wings of Yuri for providing constant good quality Touhou yuri translations that Voile is too slow to get on to or not able.

You guys are the best!

Thanks for feeding my Yuri fetish/love!

Without you guys I probably be furious about reading raws now, and not that I can't I just rather not.
On another note:
Kamen Rider Decade has just aired recently the final episode of the very shortest running ever series on 31st, the 31st episode of Kamen Rider Decade and promptly became the first ever Rider to have a BAD END.
According to reliable advertisement, the story will continue in a movie of some sort of possibly a sequal featuring first ever Movie appearance before actual series appearance Kamen Rider Double (W), a two for one rider that is yet again, a first in the long running franchise. Double also looks set to be the first rider since Showa era ZX to have the very classic 'scarf' motif, which was axed after the new generation of armor based riders came to popular expectation, beginning with legendary direct opposite of Decade, Black and Black RX whom have 49episodes and 50+ episodes each, the longest running in all series.
Truth to be said, all earlier assumptions did not go to waste over a hasty end, and instead drops a cliffhanger bomb on us by Toei, giving Decad a much needed plot and deep mystery that shrouds the only rider hated by all others, and will likely never to receive trust from them. (Unlike former ZX Z-Cross whom shared once a similar fate because of his origin as a BADAN creation)
In that story, as will every Showa rider at the time, ZX understood the need to fight for something he believed in than allow his body to be manipulated by BADAN. In the series running on TV, a rather amusing and hilarious moment was used to replace what took several books of Kamen Rider Spirits (the comic now running monthly) to explain.
That sequence is: ZX was brought to Kamen Rider 1's hideout, which is more like a friend place... and given about 10 minutes in the show to watch VCR of every single rider ever do their thing. He was fully convinced by the end of the 10 minutes and decided he will fight evil. In the book however, it took many tries to pull him away from BADAN due to his shaky personality remaining in the last fragment of his humanity after 99% complete modification of his body to become Judo's vessel in the present world.
In the new and upcoming Kamen Rider Double (W), Double sets to become the rider who will apparently oppose Decade in an upcoming feature date on December 12th to be released on public cinemas. Just who or what fate is Tsukasa bounded to? What of Narutaki the doomsayer and why does the True Blade only now appears in the last episode of Kamen Rider Decade to oppose him?
Also noted is there a new addition: A female Kiva, Kivalette officially to make an appearance.
Among others like the very highly anticipated: Kamen Rider Rising Ultimate Kuuga (assuming this is true), the return of rumored original actors of all the Heisei riders, especially Kabuto.