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Ehhhh? Another vidya post?

This made me smile~

Tsukasa getting it on

Into the box you go!!

quite well done, despite the lack of hip thrusting.

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Quite-So-Optimistic Movie Reviews presents: Surrogates

Surrogates is currently airing in cinemas!

Staring our favorite die-hard detective as a police of sorts in a futuristic world where people live their lives through puppet robots that are connected to them cognitively and being controlled like so. 

The future, what a bright place to be... zero crime, zero worries, a world where we can live our lives in fearless abundance, be who we want to be, the little girl inside, the hardcore rocker with a pierced tongue and a dozen tattoos, the bodybuilder with a body the size of incredible hulk, the slut with a taste for little boys... nothing is quite what it seems, because today in this future, nobody is real anymore.

The future of Bruce Willis's action sci-fi blockbuster Surrogates sees a world where cognitively linked robots modelled according to our likings are now the world's common accessories of mankind, leaving 98% of the world's population wholesomely addicted to living life through a life sized robot doll capable of doing what the real human body can't do in abundance. The freedom of skydiving, once feared by some for the snap of the rope that means certain death; now can be accessed by old men too old to live a youthful life again. The freedom of changing skin colors, eye colors, and everything else once thought impossible, to become the gender that is not your own in real life is now possible... in this dream like reality, something shattered the perfect peace that is served.

In this society crime is no longer something that happens, there are no more murders, racially incited problems are yesterday, wars are fought on board computer frames through the eyes of robotic soldiers in the fields, the world is a better place... or is it? The peace is shattered when a murder occurs, one of which is on the son of the multi trillion corporation VSI responsible for the invention of the Surrogates, the robots now being used to live the lives of 98% of all human populations on earth.

The other... is a murder of a woman, who is really not exactly what she seems to be... Police detective of the department of justice sets out to investigate... but then is he ready to confront the issue when life for him has been unsettling since it dawned to him the distance he felt between him and his wife as well as his dead son?

A broken man, pulled down by guilt of his own conscience for allowing his son to die without using a Surrogate body, while pilfered on all sides by peers who advise him the better idea of using one... a world where he no longer can see who the true face of the crime is... the murder takes a turn of terrible twist with the addition of Dreads, humans who refuse the Surrogates users as 'embodiments of evil and lies' propagated by a preacher called Nabi, soon leads the detective to stranger ends... of which the crime, is not quite what it seems.

When mankind faces their darkest moments... will hiding in a shell help? The true question lies behind what is humanity's real wish?


Verdict: 8/10 (Spoilers ahead)

While surely the movie had a lot of good points to it, one cannot help but note the theme of i-Robot and AI-ness to it all, it seemed recycled, used if not recreated from leftover cut scenes from the mentioned shows. Now we know that i-Robot sucked simply because Will Smith is in it and he is a poor actor with shitty one liners, we also know AI was excessively whiny saved only by momentary grace of Jude Law's sexy bot face. So whereforth comes for Surrogates?

Surrogates I think plays on a field of the two predecessors, very predictable, in fact, the guessing part done by me was that the bad guy had totally gotta be the good guy theme was all ready and prepped at the beginning. The moment Bruce's and his fake hair detective went in to the office to check about details for who was really murdered, the story all seemed to be unfolding quite pretentiously.

So who was the real enemy? Betting my moneys on the guy who just lost his kid and guess what? I was right, now bear in mind that I didn't think it was all that hard to guess, the fact he talks about it like it was his last moment, and the fact the movie started dropping hints on how he totally got shamed by his own company, and further kicked out was all too clearly a pointing finger.

So discarding the mystery bits, the fun parts comes when the chases ala Terminator chasing the murderer by Bruce's character was the only one left. Car chases are obstructive, if not poorly directed, and the fact that Bruce had that annoyingly distracting unflipping hair on his head just make it all worse. To add to the insult was the movie's premise that these robots are made to last, then a scene at the military training ground shows soldiers plugged into their PS3 or Xbox playing their Civil War games suddenly get blown to bits easier than pumping a shotgun...

Now, you think something military grade would have some kind of resistance but no, an AK-47 from 1955 can shoot a canker into the bloody thing, only thing is that these soldiers can keep on coming and coming. The whole thing was a bit daunting... when the company slogan was played along the movie: how would you like to live your life safely, securely? Now if it was that secure you did think they put some armor on that thing.

Anyway, off the point wise, the highlight of the movie plays on Willis's character relationship with a wife who refuses to get off and out of her room due to the guilt she feels for her son's death and the way he pleads for his wife to come back. It was all very real, very good acting goes in here and Willis was almost convincing for his life to bring the story to a dramatic end, which it did... though not without much cliche.

The moment of truth when it was revealed the big plan to pull the cord on all humans came down to Willis' hand to change mankind... truly becomes monumental. The bad guy here then... is it really Willis' character? Or the world at fault?

As the VSI personnel said: This is a problem of humanity, it is an addiction. To kill the addiction, one must kill the source of the addict itself. He isn't wrong, and the story aptly looks at humans today, addicted to the computer, addicted to the ways of life we are living...

If we can somehow pull the plug to replace with something like Surrogates, without the worry of dying from taking drugs, without the worry of hunger, sleep, to live a life we want... it would become an instant addiction... but then, is addiction the real life we experience? Are we still who we are?

The movie plays well on these grounds, now if only it doesn't feel so recycled it would have been perfect. In fact, it reeks of i-Robot without (thank god) Will Smith.

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Quite-So-Optimistic Movie Reviews presents: Pandorum

Hey, it has been some time since I saw a decent few science fiction and horror stories so I thought I might well make it so that I do some new movie reviews on the stuff I seen. I also decided it is about time to make this blog a section for reviews:

Quite So Optimistic (QSO) reviews will now be marked under QSO tags. Read on. (earlier reviews are under the reviews tag and will remain unchanged.)

Welcome to the (re) first QSO Movie review, our topic of the day: Pandorum.

Two crewmembers Lieutenant Payton and Corporal Bower wakes up in a long distance super transport vessel called Elysium with no memories of their own and no memories of what the purpose or the mission on which they have embarked for.

Trapped in a ship with dying power supply and insufficient supply to maintain life support in a day, Corporal Bower heads through a claustrophobic challenge of an air vent system to get outside to open doors and restart the 'generator' for the ship. He soon finds himself being thrust into a horrorshow of a derelict ship, devoid of life, but not quite.

He encounters other survivors, not so friendly obviously but things get scarier as he encounters the not so welcome onboarders. He discovers the ship has been boarded by Predator like human looking creatures with pale and slimy skin that hunts the humans for food (and vice versa due to food supply by the humans survivors who dare). Hunting in packs, these hunter like much alien creatures are cruel and ruthless, and he is on the menu if he doesn't run.

Halfway through he encounters others, only to be told the 'Terrible Secret of Space' [*cue robot music], when he discovers his mission once more. In 2170 Earth's population has reached immeasurable numbers, heading straight off to around 25 billion and more, food supply, water, etc all reach an epic failure of demand and supply and falls short. The world lacks even air... and pollution and such forces man to seek out new worlds.

After decades of searching, they found it, a planet called Tanis.

It has air, life, and even water, it is the first planet out of so many and so far apart in space that looks and feels like Earth. The problem is how to get there...

Looking through the data, he knows finally why: They are humanity's last hope, they are the last of their kind. Earth... is gone. What matters however is not humanity's extinction, but what comes after extinction... when the last man is left to stand.

No judgment, no sin, no laws... nothing to reign in the human psyche of self importance.

The way things are... just who and where are they... and can they survive what comes after the extinction?


Verdict: 9/10

Truly an A-Class film I reckon, directed by a director so short on the top directors list one even wonders how he got here. The way I see it, large name directors are falling short on acclaimation and it is small guys like these in the background who boils up epic stories like this that don't fall short for those heading to the cinema expecting Event Horizon the remake.

Film wise, it combines the formula of Alien (1) which features a crew stranded in space with a seemingly alien race of hunters that are semi-sentient and pretty hungry for human burgers, as well as the fear in the darkness and alone in halls after halls of metal and broken pipes ala Event Horizon facing the unknown. It is when the electric systems fail and man's logic falter, that the shadows begin to flicker and get a life of their own in the back of our minds that make this film's scary moments so real.

The notion of seemingly random mix of survivors may seem daunting, unsurprisingly an American also somehow makes the protagonist role but we can't change that. There is a Czech chick I assume, a Vietnamese farmer who can kick ass, and a Afro-American cook who seemed all too keen to taste the human flesh. However, the cast makes a very believable almost seemingly self-centered survivors instinct, rather than the usual we must work together shit, they are optimistically challenged.

The focus however, is the film itself.

As the slogan says out. Pandorum, fear what happens next. When mankind's survival chances are all but wiped out, you wonder what you think: "Hey I am the new Adam and Eve, it is just that God made some pretty scary monsters to eat me, so you think my chance of bonking Eve is high? Nah..." The monsters however, are not just refering to the hunters, rather, the premise of working together at the end of the human species is what so gratifying.

If anything, I find the show literally scary, there is nothing more fearful than having these slimy creatures chasing you around with their volumes set to CHIPMUNK screams which literally bleeds your ears (-1 point) but the premise of a commander struggling with himself to escape from pandorum. [ ...Bower talks about Pandorum with Payton, a fictional psychological condition brought on by extended periods of hyper sleep (suspended animation), its symptoms and effects, including severe paranoia, vivid hallucinations, and eventually, homicidal instincts. ] a bit like Cabin Fever but Pandorum sounds cooler so yeah. Word of note is that, when one of the crew members who realized direly that mankind has expired, guess who goes insane and starts a rampage despite being evident hope? Yep.

In a twist of events that happen, it was revealed that mankind is gone, the Earth as they know it has suffered a fate worse than extinction, rather... the end of it. They are the only ones left, and the new beginning however, takes a bit fighting to get to. I think the story here tells much about how man can choose to ignore things like self when it comes to survival, but really, what it really portrays is that when you have finally found some hope... you wonder how many doors do you have to push down to get to it?

Pandorum surely ranks as one of the best shows this season and you can't deny it, in fact, watch it to get a glimpse of how dire humankind can become when faced with the prospects of life or death by the hands of mankind themselves. When the chips are down, and you are the one who is also the card dealer as well as the bank, the chances are... would you let yourself win?


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I am feeling bored, entertain me.

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Kagaku no Railgun is good show


If you are not watching it you dunno what you are missing.

Home sucks.

Free Touhou render~
Touhou.png (1.6 MB)

I like coming back home

The place feels like home indeed, all these chores, and parents nagging.

God, it feels bad.

I wanna go back to KL and rot there.

Actually, I think I am dreaming about all this so fuck it.

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Moving back to Penang

It has been fun this year, you guys made me start a new blog and better still I have 8 followers!

Love you all.

I will be back, but sporadically. I wish I have more time after this.

Theme from a Summer Place, that place which is home.

It is good to be back there.

Gonna host one party immediately after I go home~

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New work

TIMM fanart: TSO aka Fate Chan by ~Omnidevil on deviantART

TIMM fanart: Trancehime by ~Omnidevil on deviantART

TIMM fanart: Dusty Jo by ~Omnidevil on deviantART

My Blood is TITANIUM



The effects when you meet ninjas who are black,.

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Touhou animation thing.

【東方】 Arc of Dream 【PV風】
Uploaded from Nico Nico Douga http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm7730989

Syrufit - http://www.syrufit. jp/
AniPix - http://www.anipix. info/


【第3回MMD杯本選】Dial Connected 月時計~ルナ・ダイアル【東方PV】
Uploaded from Nico Nico Douga:

Made by bataki-P.

MMD Cup:

Alt tags: Touhou Sakuya Iyazoi Theme Miku Miku Dance SOUNDHOLIC


ばばぁ< マイリスしないとスキマに送るわよ<●> <●>
■Draw the Line ■原曲:東方妖々夢「妖々跋扈 ~ Who done it!」「ネクロファンタジア」(ZUN)
■Vocal:709sec. / Lyric:Blue E / Arranged:709sec. / movie:Tsukimido

▼紅楼夢で初頒布されるSOUND HOLIC feat.709sec.のアルバム「Phantom Dreamer」から拝借!
10/11[東方紅楼夢]⇒http://www.sound-holic.com/ _kourou_2009.html
前回のPVつ ▼⑨PV⇒sm6282416  ▼隣人さんのミク曲PV⇒sm7916931     ●mylist/11278061

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Thai bird getting frustrated by idiots.