Monday, August 16, 2010

Sengoku Basara 3 stuff

Really really got addicted with this game.

there is all kinds of awesome in this.

Since I can't record, I thought I would show you this guy's awesome plays.
If this doesn't convince you to play I dunno what will.

Seriously, as a whole, I am just a fan of this type of game, but I have never in my dreams expected that even with the cut away of some of my favorite Basara 1 and 2 characters this game will evolve to such an extensive platform.

The way you can use every single move in your arsenal, matched with purity of parrying, the new cancel and daft system, this game is... pwn.

In my opinion best character in game thus far probably is Mitsunari Ishida, a new character. Though I can guess he is a replacement for Kenshin Uesugi, his moves are far more... how to say... friendly? I also love his I HATE EVERYTHING attitude.

Probably in the near future I expect them to put out DLC packs which should include characters that are new in this game.

Looking forward to see very spammy Tachibana Muneshige (Chainsaws guy), and well, here is hoping they bring back overlord of swords Musashi Miyamoto for good measure. Some character modifications like Masamune Date finally getting his joke weapon (well deserved Sparkplug Swords I like...) and joke armor (lol Exhaust Pipes) makes this game a worthy feature just digging about for all the old stuff.

Things I would like to see is certainly Hanbei, which I suppose... the only reason why Mitsunari now fights for the Toyotomi is because he is already dead. However, knowing Basara series, I expect him to be back consider how they already brought back Oda Nobunaga the demon king.

Imo, in this generation, many of the characters have been given 'downgrade' Basara moves but infinitely it makes them a more general and pleasing part to master, as a whole you can no longer depend on only one perculiar character to master and farm, which is good, because this game... is what you are to expect an excellent sequel.


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