Saturday, February 20, 2010

We caught gold shoop


We have Fate and Feena biscuits


With the coming of March, it is time to do Morning Drills training.
I hate waking up in the mornings..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweet Update yo, I am having someone here that everyone else might know

Sweet Update! Desu!

more update later when I am drunk to post. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Pakistani lawyers have banded together to prevent the prosecution of one of their number accused of raping and murdering a 12-year-old girl, a Christian, going so far as to issue death threats to anyone participating in the case, and physically preventing access to the court.

The case in question concerns the murder of a 12-year-old girl who worked as a maid at the Lahore household of a family of a prominent lawyer. The girl was a member of Pakistan’s frequently persecuted Christian minority.

Police judged the girl to have been beaten to death, and a local hospital reported she had received a broken arm and jaw, and that she had suffered fatal wounds to her genitals.
The family claimed she died falling down the stairs, although doctors found her corpse was already days old when first reported.

After police took members of the alleged murderer’s family into custody, the city’s lawyers banded together under the auspices of the Lahore Bar Association in order to oppose the prosecution, which they claim is a media witchhunt. The head of the accused family is a former president of this body.
The city’s lawyers attempted to stop court proceedings by forming a mob outside the court and physically restraining anyone from entering, including the girl’s family and journalists.

So intimidating were their actions that no legal counsel has dared come forth to prosecute. One Christian group reports that the lawyers even threatened to “burn alive” anyone involved in the prosecution.
Police were said to be supportive of the lawyers, even as they abused journalists, human rights organisations, minority parties and bishops.

National politicians have condemned the murder and called for justice, though apparently stopping short of intervening.

I am most unamused.
This is so our local taxis.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Kimochi warui desu wa

so gay it hurts

Darren's big day

To be frank today should have been a day of joy.

Going to an interview and finally being able to get a position that I want should have been a rewarding experience.

nonetheless, the waiting have really almost drove me up the wall.

Though I dare say the reason of miscommunication is often in the case of a newly found organization that has barely shed its pupae of growth and employment for various positions, it seemed a terrible excuse for Hard Rock to be in this position.

Going for the interview at late after lunch hours, because I too need to consume carbohydrates in order to process it into energy to sustain my body nutritional needs and wants. So I went for lunch after an hour long interview in the morning and went up all way up windy hilly roads to get to Hard Rock hotel.

Now, make no mistake I was called by their people regarding an interview, and still, apparently what was communicated to me was "the HR director/manager wishes to see you in person for an interview."

Here is the fun part, arriving there and meeting with the personnel, they seemed dumbfounded I was even there at all. The manager was later revealed to be out, and they were unable to arrange for another person unless it is past 4.30pm, this was after an hour's waiting and possibly more. I know it is customary for busy people to be busy, but really, it is NOT that hard to say 'oh, we are really sorry, there has been a change of plans' in the morning so I can rearrange everything on my schedule. What, does my time seem to be able to be wasted by the likes of the HR office for miscommunication when they didn't get the memo out that I was going to be here, as arranged by YOURS TRULY, and that I have to be told 'sorry, boss is outstation, couldn't come'. Oh well, at least after 2 hours or more, and a 2nd interview later I can go for this one applying for captaincy at the restaurant.

Seriously however, this shows even international corporations, and I swear at times, especially international corporations are lacking in places where they should strive to improve first. I guess it is right that one should give Hard Rock a second try, after all, it is not everyday I can wear slippers into an interview like this.

It is a good thing I had another interview to be at Parkroyal at the time of the day so I went for that one first. Know what is cool? Parkroyal is, I called, a girl answered, and there the man was, the human resource manager who asked me to his office and we began our 1 on 1 interview, which lasted rather shortly but information was relayed, through and through.

In fact, by 4.40pm I was done, and back to Hard Rock. Still had to wait bit but eventually, I got to meet someone other than Father Time ticking away.

The interview itself, is done by the lovely lady, and I hope that if I do get the chance I can work under her and learn much much more.

It felt really tiring though, really saddening taht the lack of efficiency and communication can cause such mishaps. I mean, what if I was a patient, and I need to see a doctor?

Would you tell a terminally ill patient that the doctor is out on holiday? When the patient has scheduled for emergency treatment? Of course not.

I hope this is a one and only this time thing.