Friday, July 31, 2009

Needs a new post

Traps are nice, and I like this one.

cause this is hot.

source if anyone has it, website or otherwise.

on other news:



Yay, it is Tsukasa.
superior version.

oh yeah

Monday, July 27, 2009

With the onset of failure.

Dear readers,
I have decided enough is enough, I don't want to be bogged down by desires of achieving empty achievements any longer and it is high time that I will be confessing to my father on my academic issues soon.

After this, there will be much freedom I hope.

Because for this, time and again I have been wondering what am I trying to do with all this empty achievement of attaining a degree, I have no longer any time to consider all this and I want to go out and work for all that I have.

I no longer want to be some strange master student with low self esteem and I certainly think this course I am taking is going nowhere.
I hate it from the very first day and I realize that it was not me, I cannot be what I want, I cannot be who I think I might be, so it is about time I say goodbye to this course and do something I wanted to do.

Wish me luck guys, I will have a battle that is much harder to fight than you think.

During this time, I urge you to give me courage, I urge that you allow me some quiet time to think it over.
One might even notice the lack of posts everywhere now, work can only hide my sorrow so far before like a dam filled to the brim, the inside breaks.
Not yet emo, but I am going there is this goes on,.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A very interesting article on 2-D and 3-D romance

I am not wearing any~~onii~sama~~ (this is my 2D waifu)

Before we begin to look at things the other way:

Nisan didn’t mean to fall in love with Nemutan. Their first encounter — at a comic-book convention that Nisan’s gaming friends dragged him to in Tokyo — was serendipitous. Nisan was wandering aimlessly around the crowded exhibition hall when he suddenly found himself staring into Nemutan’s bright blue eyes. In the beginning, they were just friends. Then, when Nisan got his driver’s license a few months later, he invited Nemutan for a ride around town in his beat-up Toyota. They went to a beach, not far from the home he shares with his parents in a suburb of Tokyo. It was the first of many road trips they would take together. As they got to know each other, they traveled hundreds of miles west — to Kyoto, Osaka and Nara, sleeping in his car or crashing on friends’ couches to save money. They took touristy pictures under cherry trees, frolicked like children on merry-go-rounds and slurped noodles on street corners. Now, after three years together, they are virtually inseparable. “I’ve experienced so many amazing things because of her,” Nisan told me, rubbing Nemutan’s leg warmly. “She has really changed my life.”....

(read more by following link)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Excuse me google translator wat?

I am in Penang now, so updates will be slower.

Just tried to rank the 'most wanted to cosplay in kigurumi' list and translate with google for justice of proper* reading (*results may vary)

and this is what happened.|en&u=

>> The Queens of Lolworthy names.

龍門渕透華 China permeability渕Longmen Grottoes
咲 / アニメ Saki / Anime

Yukari ancient times

乃木坂春香の秘密 / アニメ Secret of Nogizaka Chunhyang / Anime

天宮 椎菜
Vegetable vertebrae Amamiya

乃木坂春香の秘密 / アニメ Secret of Nogizaka Chunhyang / Anime


灼眼のシャナ / アニメ Shakugan no Shana / Anime

Kawai America

タユタマ -Kiss on my Deity- / アニメ TAYUTAMA

炎道 イフリナ
Way inflammation IFURINA

ふぃぎゅ@メイト / ゲーム IGYU bad @ mate / Games

神北 小毬
North Little毬God


棗 鈴
Bell jujube-shaped case


三枝 葉留佳
Yoshitake leaves residue Sanshi


Hey man, cool names sis, LONGMEN GROTTOES and KAWAII AMERICA.

Friday, July 17, 2009


3D Dream Club Xbox360 Dream C Club

「DREAM C CLUB」(ドリームクラブ) 対応機種 : Xbox 360 ジャンル : 恋愛シミュレーション 発売予定 : 2009年8月27日 価格    : \7140(税込) 発売元  : D3PUBLISHER 開発元  : DReAM X CReATe / TAMSOFT / Sound ams




Delicious vocals and boobs.


From 1 - 5 in my rating spot of vids.

DCC 「夢見るCagedBird」/亜麻音

ドリームクラブ 双葉理保 『絶対アイドル宣言』 Ver.B

ドリームクラブ 『Glory Days』 ナオ Ver.B

ドリームクラブ 初動画が発動! 『恋・KOI☆week end!』

Yes, anime tities on an american console.

Totally didn't make this post just to post a video

So adorable ^_^
Yet... so far.

Read here for more details:


[ Map ] + [ Waitresses(?) ] + [ Reservation!?! ]

No reservation, no entry... wow, expected big turnout it seems, oh God I so wanted to be there.
Please Santa, I have been a pretty good kid this year, grant my early wish and let me go there on the 25th. I mean... this is too hard for me, my dick is swelling as I type!


English edition: Here
This will be quite an event it seems, many are prepared to go and the fees are downright expensive. Consider the cost for such high events, it has already passed... now to wait for the pictures. Hooray?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Utterly aghast at the Daicon fest

This is my extremely disappointed face.

There are 3 reasons why:

1. Wrathie + Anathe did not come to Daicon in KL
2. I missed it, and a chance to finally meet Bjorn from
3. A Malaysian Otaku brazenly tries a desperate act of indirect kissing.

From Sankaku Complex: (I am too lazy to write about it myself what has already been written with much fluency)

The incident took place at the recent Daicon anime convention, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Chihara Minori, a singer-seiyuu most noted for her role as Nagato, amongst many others, was booked for a singing appearance; this went ahead without issue.

However, no sooner had the main event concluded and she had left the scene, one of her opportunist stalkers spied that she had left a bottle of Evian mineral water unattended, from which she had drunk.

He immediately seized his chance and filched the bottle, in plain sight of all.

With the warped logic of men who have never tasted the flesh of a real woman, this is considered an “indirect kiss” by way of a notional exchange of fluids, which is naturally considered a prize of no small standing when it comes from the lips of none other than Nagato herself. He then proceeded to upload this in video form or some other to show his brazen act of sipping through the same tip of straw.

The online reaction amongst the notorious pack of seiyuu stalkers which makes up the Malaysian otaku community has been to fete the daring bottle snatcher for getting a sup of Minorin’s precious fluids, though some non-Malaysian observers have not been so kind:

Needless to say Sankaku Complex, being filled with shit as it is usually is, is aflame with plenty of racially sensitive words from the audience over the world reading the article.

Though I remain neutral by not commenting, I must say, this is yet another stain that Malaysian Otakus have yet to evolve beyond the monkey skin they don. In fact, they are the said chimps possibly, and that would be an insult.

I consider myself quite logically cool, of course, everyone is, just that some of us, (Malaysians) no doubt, have a very different set of mentality. I suppose you have bad apples everywhere in a country like Malaysia.

  • We have the Mat Rempit and Kapchai racers (which are pretty stupid really, you clearly cannot afford a better bike to race in, and those stupid little 2 stroke engines don't compensate for your lack of cool racing around a supermarket block like Tesco's.

  • We have the Otaku who self proclaim to be normal, but when faced with a rare opportunity to touch the subjects of otaku fandom, such as a seiyuu travelling to Malaysia, they growl and proceed like wolves in a hunt. Proof: / Aya gets stalkers (I saw her by the way, and she is a nice girl, too nice to be stalked about by you idiots.)

Biggest facepalm is the weeabooism accompanied in Malaysian Otakus:
"“how dare she ikku in malaysia and not notify us fans.”" - some guy.

Seriously you guys, learn to self restraint.
I feel pathetic that I even breathe the same air that you do.

T-square Time

Today will be anticipating what could well be the best chapter of emotional angst ever written.

Shikieiki's Origins Chapter 2.

This post will be updated.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Yama of Xanadu

With the ending of Remilia's Origin now in sight, I already began to write the prologue and chapter 1 for what may well be a semi-long story of Shikieiki Yamaxanadu the Yama of Gensokyo's story.

We will look into her past, and how she became a Yama.

As well as some originality on my part, if you are interested, please tell me how to progress.

Please click here or the picture above to see the story.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yuki's ass

New stuff I wanna make and use...
I found the Cherry Girls one at Hobbychannel.
Cherry Girls « [ゆうわくワク]

or ゆうわくワク-

cans.jpg fans.jpg rua.jpg hja.jpg gjha.jpg cata.jpg banns.jpg ea2a.jpg nao2.jpg bou.jpg maa.jpg

Bah, personal opinion?
This set sucked, except for Yuki.

here are the pictures so you don't have to skim through the Japanese site.
All credits goes to the creators of Ototsuki (Cherry Girls)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Myon is a slut. Eh lieks Parsee and not afraid of starting topics.

Mio is my slut. Yes, she is.

I misspelled Blazblue, not my fault the game is in ENGRISH. Taokaka moveset sucks.

This is for Greyn, figure it would be cool to use this too... I love the Cataclysm brush.

Not so nuclear nazi touhou, but was on the banner list.

Anathe requested this at Shrinemaidens, figures, it is a Nazi nuclear touhou, what more can you ask for? A sig?!

This is Cataclysm, this is Kannagi, something that is akin to my waifu.

And the last but not least... (yeah, we thought it was a good idea at the time)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Asara Resort <3

No doubt the best holiday money can buy at this level.

What my room looks like, there is some awesomeness that you quite simply cannot compete with, the rustic charm of wood, wooden floorboards, a private shelve off entry to the large spacious roomy bathroom with a bathtub and outdoor shower.

When in the morning, you open the windows that slide back to reveal a patio of sorts, which is a great place for peaceful afternoon reading surrounded by greenery of a serene lake.
  • 2 Nights at Holiday Suite
  • Welcome drink and chilled towel upon arrival
  • Welcome seasoning tropical fruits in room
  • Daily complimentary breakfast for at Kampu by Design
  • One Thai dinner set for 2 persons at Asara Thai Bistro
  • 60 minutes Thai traditional massage at Asara Spa for 2 persons
  • Daily afternoon tea & coffee with snack at The Library
  • Free access to the Gym
  • Free access to Wi-Fi throughout the resort

Having dinner is a hassle and so is breakfast when you have to walk through this or a dark fern and tree covered corridor with no lights. sad sad.

But once you are there, gazing at the breakfast view, which is the pool and sea, leading out to an endless horizon of pure holiday joy, you would forgive them. Imagine this, having breakfast IN the pool! The breakfast is also customized too, you get this on Saturdays it seems, where you can choose from exclusive Thai menu or a smorgasbord of other menus, including custom French breakfast cuisine!

Above: The Presidential Suite Villa.
Below: The private patio for the presidential suite, for entertaining your rich guests.

Asked to see the Presidential Suite, it was like two houses, where you walk in to a really spacious masterclass room, has your own pool, and I think there was a sauna. You have your own garden and a cordoned off beach area with combed sand. By the dial menu of choiced array of services, and even a butler too. Excellent luxury.

Who am I kidding?

This is the best place to stay in Thailand for holidays, if you can afford it that is.