Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Utterly aghast at the Daicon fest

This is my extremely disappointed face.

There are 3 reasons why:

1. Wrathie + Anathe did not come to Daicon in KL
2. I missed it, and a chance to finally meet Bjorn from NKDS.org.
3. A Malaysian Otaku brazenly tries a desperate act of indirect kissing.

From Sankaku Complex: (I am too lazy to write about it myself what has already been written with much fluency)

The incident took place at the recent Daicon anime convention, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Chihara Minori, a singer-seiyuu most noted for her role as Nagato, amongst many others, was booked for a singing appearance; this went ahead without issue.

However, no sooner had the main event concluded and she had left the scene, one of her opportunist stalkers spied that she had left a bottle of Evian mineral water unattended, from which she had drunk.

He immediately seized his chance and filched the bottle, in plain sight of all.

With the warped logic of men who have never tasted the flesh of a real woman, this is considered an “indirect kiss” by way of a notional exchange of fluids, which is naturally considered a prize of no small standing when it comes from the lips of none other than Nagato herself. He then proceeded to upload this in video form or some other to show his brazen act of sipping through the same tip of straw.

The online reaction amongst the notorious pack of seiyuu stalkers which makes up the Malaysian otaku community has been to fete the daring bottle snatcher for getting a sup of Minorin’s precious fluids, though some non-Malaysian observers have not been so kind:

Needless to say Sankaku Complex, being filled with shit as it is usually is, is aflame with plenty of racially sensitive words from the audience over the world reading the article.

Though I remain neutral by not commenting, I must say, this is yet another stain that Malaysian Otakus have yet to evolve beyond the monkey skin they don. In fact, they are the said chimps possibly, and that would be an insult.

I consider myself quite logically cool, of course, everyone is, just that some of us, (Malaysians) no doubt, have a very different set of mentality. I suppose you have bad apples everywhere in a country like Malaysia.

  • We have the Mat Rempit and Kapchai racers (which are pretty stupid really, you clearly cannot afford a better bike to race in, and those stupid little 2 stroke engines don't compensate for your lack of cool racing around a supermarket block like Tesco's.

  • We have the Otaku who self proclaim to be normal, but when faced with a rare opportunity to touch the subjects of otaku fandom, such as a seiyuu travelling to Malaysia, they growl and proceed like wolves in a hunt. Proof: http://www.riuva.com/?p=1454 / Aya gets stalkers (I saw her by the way, and she is a nice girl, too nice to be stalked about by you idiots.)

Biggest facepalm is the weeabooism accompanied in Malaysian Otakus:
"“how dare she ikku in malaysia and not notify us fans.”" - some guy.

Seriously you guys, learn to self restraint.
I feel pathetic that I even breathe the same air that you do.


  1. So you're back from Tieland already? Goodness you. But why did you go to such a place? And where's a photo of the said female protagonist? And what's such a big deal about drinking the same water that another person did? It's neither glorious nor shameful in my expert view. If anything, if she's the hidden A(H1N1) carrier, I'll laugh my lungs out.

  2. You, who watches anime does not understand the concept of otakus who have probably never held the hand of a girl before in "indirect kissing"?

    Now that is something new lol.
    This guy wanted to taste the water Minorin drank, and steals her water from the stage to feed his thirst, in other words... he wanted to taste the saliva of the voice actress.

    I did not go to Daicon, it is in KL but I missed it because of work.

    As for Thailand I am back already, some 4 days ago actually. I am busted out of cash, and am now poor as shit because I went to trip.
    Still, it was fun while it lasted.

  3. I know why he did it. I just don't see why it's so important. If it were for me, I'd just pretend that nothing happened. It's between the fan and the celebrity, not the audience

  4. This is like indirect rape too.

    1. He stole celebrity item.
    2. He uploaded this to show how he was obsessed with it and lick the straw off as though his life depended on it.
    3. Things like this is what deters the Malaysian tourism for people of such occupation. Maybe in the future seiyuus may come here for a cheaper studio than doing this in Japan, maybe they want to promote this place in anime.

    One look and mention of such incident than we are dead. It is good they neither care for us nore really want to go as far as that.

    Come to think of it, it is not the first time. Tracking down Aya Hirano through google earth to see her change in her hotel room?

    These, that guy with the bottle, are all perverts, damaging the otaku name. We are fans, nothing more, this is common restraint let loose.

  5. I just hope they'll understand that this is the Bolehland. Anything's possible. What happened was just typical higher-than-papparazi stuff. I suppose a little bit of image bashing won't hurt for us. In fact, all the more better, since it will prompt UMNO to finally do SOMETHING.

    I just don't think we should be afraid of negative impact on image, but if possible, there should be someone punching that guy on the face, but in the end, does it matter? All otakus don't have nationalities. They deserve to behave more like humans than interest lusted predators/stalkers

  6. The only problem is really because they all are.

    This is a small fan outrage, but think about what Japan would say?
    "Malaysia is full of perverts, bad country!"
    Next up, we can see the visit Malaysia every year scrapped.

    Of course, image bashing wise, some people view that as racism. I hardly consider it to be that, it is just painfully inappropriate to just scream "Malaysians are bad". The problem is really it is the fellow otakus who do this.

    Just why is my blog page on my laptop all day lol, I have work to do and here I am leeching the company's bandwidth.

  7. Bah, I really want to go to those kind of event for once. It sucks getting stuck in a remote town. As for my reaction at that Malaysian otaku behaviour; *facepalm*


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