Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So, I was saying that Transformers was a good movie

Firstly, it is good no holds-barred action sci-fi, and that is what you should value it for.

What were you expecting? The Road? John Q? Batman The Dark Knight? Marry Poppins maybe?

Are you dumb, retarded or absolutely mindfucked beyond reasonable doubt?
Of course, if you went in and expected some kind of plot, a very deep one maybe akin to The Sum of All Fears, or a Morgan Freeman (conspiracy sort) film. Of course, you would be disappointed.

The film is sci-fi, anime-themed-esque, where giant robots from outer space brought their shit to us and a clueless (cue in Simon-type ala Guuren Lagann character) Sam Witwicky picks up his grandpa's glasses and got thrown into a war of extraterrestial space robots hunting for a large box that can create cybernetic lifeforms from even Mountain Dew vending machines!

Sounds like a lot of fun, but then you, the audience who went and decided before you walk in the cinema to facepalm yourself according to prejudice: "I hate Michael Bay, oh wait, I hate anything that is popular cause I am oh so spechul" went in and had to dissect the movie. Of course you would hate it, I mean, what the hell dude, that is not watching a movie is for.

You don't go into a movie expecting to dissect each and every part of the movie for its worth on your 5 bucks. (in my case, it was 12 bucks, paid by a friend to be added). What were you thinking?

Michael Bay did a good job, not only were the robots not superimposed life a .gif on a .jpeg background, they were filled with much character (though I admit most of them didn't and this show was all about rescuing Optimus Prime and blah blah, our ancestors fought who and who on a distant planet harvesting Energon by collapsing suns on earth...).

You gotta admit the idea to spread Arcee into three Ducatis with 3 hot female biker projections is a cool idea. Or the fact he made once human wearing Transformer parts The Pretenders (decepticon) into this hot Denise Richards IRL character, or the fact he FANFICTIONZ a new pebble bot type that stole the shard of the Allspark cube from a 'so-called high security keep'. It is all very well made, imaginatively proving, although I really dislike how he killed off the R8 Audi decepticon so quickly, I liked that one.

In all senses, the idea of NEST was cool, it really gives a thumbs up to the cartoon series, and we actually see a wide awakening to Sam's character. He has turned from a geek to a man, a man to a lover, a man who can aid a friend in need. What are you not happy about after you have followed him from Transformers 1? Surely you can understand that despite Michael Bay's tendency to add unnecessary explosions, they were done with flair, and in all that he still managed to carve some distinct anime-esque character into the show for Sam.

Oh, I see, you have been wondering if it would turn from Sci-fi action into Sci-fi drama love fest, I see you been thinking Hannah Montana which can cause brain tumors or maybe Jonas Brothers the movie. Please, there is nothing wrong with this offering of Revenge of The Fallen, it is a quick paced, Obama-is-a-douchebag-democrat-president-bashing, balls to walls, action packed sci-fi that really hangs you onto your seat with the robot galore.

True towards the end it seemed illogical that they should be so easy to kill, NEST seems to have barely suffered any casualties but the Decepticons staged an attack of over 13 robots, which seemed to be ill equipped for their job. I suppose one can almost say it was a bit dumb to begin with, not to mention Mike seems to think Egypt was the place where it was all ideal.

Heck, I will even tell you the last Our Ancestors have spoken, the Matrix of Leadership was earned not given! part was actually dumb, I mean...robots apparently can spirit dream now...ala Red Indians "our forefathers cohabit this land a long time ago with a spirit bull blah blah blah" style. Whoosh, Sam was alive again, all things considered that was a bit too much but anything to keep the story going, and then he stabbed the Matrix into Optimus and alluvasudden Optimus is alive again! (Seems to me Megatron had it easy, all things considered he cannibalized other decepticons, but Optimus was saved by a matrix and the fact the rest of his lackeys decide not to supply parts was pretty appalling...somewhat. Autobots lack communist mindset? Freedom ala America style I guess.)

The last bit is cool no? Suddenly Optimus had wings! He can fly!

Jetfire adds as one of those original characters in the show and this film is made awesome with the mention of many classic names from the animated series. Devastator for example...was spoiled (despite being large he is quite stupid ain't he?) (balls even hanging out). The Twins were kinda cool, comic relief no doubt but fun to watch, ideas in general was well thought out and well identified into the film.

If anything this film deserved the mention of very good sci-fi action.

It is no Alien Ressurection or Predator, it is not Star Trek or Dr.Who; but it is Star Wars style with anime-explosive fun, it is what you want to go for, it is the fun of the show by the end of the day if you didn't walk in to the movie with prejudice.

Come to think of it, you probably stopped reading at the first sentence so fuck you.

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