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'Zero' Review

Zero opens the curtain on a pair of siblings and a kid born from the older sister with another man in a distant county. Things are peaceful here, over the green meadows and boundless green landscapes of mountains and fresh air around. However, things are not what they seem. Asakawa Shuuichi and Asakawa Sumire are not ordinary siblings, rather, Shuuichi isn't; he is an established E.S.P. power user, and by that, someone of military grade powers or higher, capable of a bunch of E.S.P. related skills.

A chanced attack from Level A. LEED which is an organization harnessing the power of the E.S.P. users widely available in this world (the story world), proves to the LEED pending investigation of a mysterious, unsigned military level E.S.P. which happens to be Shuuichi does exist. They launched two attacks back to back, sending one even beyond the level of A that is SA level E.S.P. user to attack him. However, with some luck, Shuuichi and Sumire pulled out injured but alive.

Another society, apparently formerly being together with LEED as the counterpart that experiment with no regards for any moral judgments on E.S.P. users called the E.C.S. approached the injured siblings and offered asylum. However, Shuuichi refused at first because it was revealed that E.C.S. have dark dealings that caused him and Sumire to become fugitives in the first place in that faraway area away from the hands of the E.C.S. or LEED. However, after much persuasion, Shuuichi is encouraged by the kindness offered by Natsuko whom is a member of the E.C.S. team of people to enroll in a school sponsored by the E.C.S. for E.S.P. users.

School life begins, amidst dangerous plots to rip Shuuichi from the hands of the protectors that are the E.C.S. instigated by the powerful LEED organization armed with their own arsenal of powerful military grade E.S.P. users. Will Shuuichi survive high school? A very daunting experience indeed.


Verdict: 7/10

I am beginning to wonder if all the Korean Manhwa are in fact plots of story that includes the male on top category, which is strange consider their women are easily violated, with characters whom are male largely being violent to the female characters, but the females tend to just shrug it off despite being oppressed.

Of course, besides that bit, Zero proves to be a very good read all round.

The art leaves much to be desired, with very large inconsistencies proving on the sloppy general execution of the facial and body structure and lines that are messy and uncouth. However, contrary to the whole art thing, the story is engaging with constant development between the characters and a view of the world from an ESP user threatened for his life if he doesn't side with a choice to be good or evil.

Shuuichi takes the character route of being a hillbilly from the hills, armed with extensive power of ESP. To date, he has demonstrated being able to shoot energy bolts into the human body directly and crushing the organs inside the body; teleportation, psychokinesis and ventral shielding, mentally choking an enemy, withstand up to 35G (the stuff use to count how powerful an impact is to the body, G force, used in calibration of roller coasters, or gun recoil rates) and can cause damage up to 80+G which is so powerful that even SA level Espers fear him.

With great power comes responsibility, having to choose between becoming a student, or a skeptic who cannot trust the power he is given and those people around him for fear of them wanting to use him for their own gains; Shuuichi is both a conflicted hero and the anti-thesis of the Spiderman trope, engaging in both becoming a person first before choosing to protect the welfare of others.

In a way, Shuuichi here demonstrates very believing characteristics normally hard to associate with Manga characters, very Peter Parker, yet much much more powerful and hence even more conflicting issues. In words of the story itself, the names are a bit of a mouthful, with ECS that and LEED this, and a bunch of other programs that are all sorts of jargon confusion.

However, given chance, beyond chapter 5 is a story well worth of shonen and seinen genres that are excellent to read and beautiful to catch up on.

If there is a story that I loved to read about shonen and seinen styles? This is it, albeit, likewise, the art still leaves much to be desired.

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We are making a new site for the future of Kigs.

It is called Kigurumi Chaseup.

Tentatively we hope to be able to collect all RSS feeds from FC2 blogs etc to fund our special needs for Kigurumi pics.

Blogs etc, to be added whenever updates come, we can see them on the face of Chaseup!

(Yes, it is a copycat attempt at

I need scripting help to make the website that way to net the RSS feeds.

Tentatively now:

Other suggestions:

However, we need programmers of the sort, if you have experience, please help!


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Youtube post of the day


cause I think this is funny.

Ahhh... nostalgia, I haven't seen a film as good as this for a long time, and it was lame to be honest, but yeah, it was a good lame guns to balls movie.


Oh yeah, interview with an Kigurumi~~

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100 Posts! & a review of B13-U

Hey guys, thanks to the readers this blog has in fact attained 100 posts. (Although I fancy it is probably just my imagination there are any readers other than someone I know).

Thank you very much and see ya on 150! To think this blog started as a spur of the moment thing, I think I will enjoy this very much and yeah, reverting to the old skin, loved that one better anyway.


B 13 U Banlieue 13 Ultimatum (District 13 - Ultimatum/Finale)

The Story:
It is the year 2013, France.

Economy has crumbled on the bad side of town, and people with no job, no hope in attaining stature in the tiered society of France gathered in the corner of the now highly walled, jealously guarded side of France's ghetto, called District 13 which is governed by thugs, carjackers, drug dealers, weapon dealers and terrorists lookalikes of all looks and races. It was unlawful cowboy district right in the heart of France, where all the bad people go and live their lives, away from the proper and the rich.

The high walls marked the different area of France, governed only by unwritten laws spoken, and men with scary faces mark each morning with violence served as breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner. Here lived once a pair of friends, Damien and Leito, running freely about within the walls of the unruly. Life flourishes here, even in the painful reality of improper jobs from drug dealing to carjacking, at least where they are, they have morals. It was many years later, and the two friends mentioned went their separate ways.

Supercop Damien just wanted to be the man he wants to be, a loving man for his woman, and a job as the head captain of the special force meant he can do so, provided he downed a lot of effort for it. The efforts range from performing undercover duty, gang infiltration, and taking them down all on his own without a single bullet fired, and his extraordinary Le parkour (freerunning) skills that are mad mad insane.

However, things change when after the last of his mission having to infiltrate a drug ring and busted it successfully while saving a Van Gogh priceless work of art stolen from the galleries of one of many France's museums. He came back home, only to find he has got framed by the police he has served for 15 years and ranked so high among them and trusted. They found drugs by packets inside his kitchen, a careless planting of evidence clearly was in play, but resistance is futile for he too, is the police.

Meanwhile, a close friend of Damien, street punk, Parkour specialist, and an all out freedom fighter for District 13, Leito smells a rat crawling about among the higher ranks of society. A police car with dead policemen were sent to District 13 where crime is rife and is the ghetto ran by 5 unique gang bosses all vying for control of the drug trades, weapons trade within the unlawful part of 2013AD France.

Of course, this also means the government and the secret DISS Department of Internal Social Security does not take kindly to the unrest that runs next door to France's refined stature as one of the world's G8 countries. In fact, the drug trade sees entire truckloads of drugs emptied in the gardens of sin in France, and that of course, meant they have to put a stop to it, drastically.

The police car earlier mentioned sparked a 'crossing of borders' between government men and the unlawful brotherhoods of gang members that lay on the borders of the high walls of District 13, and they opened fire at them. That crossed the line, as police are never allowed to start killing the people of the ghetto, and surely not if the ghetto were to open fire on the police. France law is absolute, and that line is crossed, District 13 must pay in blood.

The DISS mentioned about bombing the place flat, along with its unruly scum that lives inside the cockroach infested slums of District 13. However, much laid in balance of camber, as only Damien knows that someone knows he is from there, and someone is making a profit from all this seemingly uncalled for prejudice against the residents of the slums. Will he and Leito be able to stop the evil government dogs?


The Verdict:
B13-U is the 'ultimate' as the name suggested, installment for the previous movie, B 13.

Armed with Parkour acts of leaping off entire buildings without breaking a single leg bone, to shifting one's weight with a single push up bar and jumping into tight windows; the movie remarks like a cool Jackie Chan movie with the works of an actual story.

B13-U reminds me of the Jackie Chan Rush Hour franchise because of how closely it resembled in general to the idea of it, two friends from very different backgrounds currently come together to face a common enemy not unlike what they know. Where the good guys are the bad guys, and the bad guys are not necessarily bad. They say justice does not simply run in black or white, and that is especially true for this story when the police force that Damien has served loyally for many years turned on him by planting evidence of drug abuse in his home.

He was forced to take action, calling Leito over and indeed, sought to turn the tide. The movie starts with a bang and didn't end with it sadly, however, much of the action compensate for some of the best man-chasing scenes ever with Damien and Leito showing what the human body is capable of withstanding beyond fist and punches, but reflexes and ability to jump higher than anyone. The leap of faith as they say in the art of Parkour, is really daring to take the first leap.

Truth to be said, this film deserved so much better recognition, explosive action was guaranteed, and even a taste of unique French R&B music is behind every single scene, hip hop too. Ever wondered how it would be if our government decided to slam all the guys in a free for all slammer governed by only the men with guns and perhaps a heart? This is what free country is, right in the heart of France. One is given the exact idea of how we can clear the ghetto, if only someone would just speak up for them who live in it.

The story gives premise to the idea that even those living in the slums want an equal chance at life, so they don't have papers or birth certs, but they want a chance at college, some of them are smart and wants to work, but no, the government rather bomb them to kingdom come inside the slums because to them, the bigger picture was the slums were filled with drug dealers and illegal immigrants. Why have them around when you can be rid of them? DISS plays a role unlike any government agency to wipe out, plant evidence and manipulate the horde of government peons to work for them, even the president himself.

Naturally, one does not expect much of a film in terms of character. Except for dastardly charming Leito, played by David Belle:
(He has an explosive body by the way, and he does his own parkour stunts) The rest of the cast of gang bosses seemed to be on par with generic racial stereotypes. There is the Asian kung-fu bitch (looks like Bai Ling), the Mid-easterner who deals with Arabic carpets, the Hispanic lookalike who build bombs, the Neo Nazi superpunk who jacks cars and headbutts people, and the African gang boss all seemed a bit....racist. No deeper layer intended otherwise I suppose, but the generic stereotyping is a bit off my books in recognition.

Nonetheless, one can certainly expect lots of entertainment for this movie, I am being optimistic of course, if you don't like Die Hard, you probably won't enjoy this as much as I did.

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Orphan: The Review

The Story:

The backdrop starts with a scene of a pregnant woman heading to a hospital with the husband for delivery of the child, and quickly turns sour as things began to grostesquely go out of control. Happiness was exchanged for fear as blood came pouring like a wet sponge pressed from the woman's womb, and in the delivery room was the woman, Kate, our protagonist (more like wooden mother character) faces the nightmare of her life: stillbirth.

Life is hard for Kate, months have passed since then the scene of her nightmarish encounter with stillbirth, the cut of her C-section operation on her womb to remove the dead baby from her body clearly marked her period of fear and panic is still not over. However, of all the things she had, she had love inside her, the love of a mother, and she wanted to give it to someone who needs it.

So she and husband John wanted to adopt a child, and thus went and do so. Their choice was made with Esther, a 9 year old child who is incredibly old-fashioned, matured, and speaks perfect English and chooses to paint, play with the younger sister who is deaf and mute, and loves the parents oh so much. On first sight, Esther is all that Kate and John could ask for in a child, she is mild mannered, well trained, orderly, and has a special uniqueness about her that separates her from the children of her age.

However, things soon change.

At the start of school, like all kids would they jeer her for her difference, and she gave a cold cold stare to the girl who did that to her. Somewhere down the line, they tried pranks with her and she threw a fit, even further down they found her apparently pushing a kid of her class, the one who jeered her then down a flight of a slide at a playpen.

More and more things pile up, and is it any strange coincidence to find her in the middle of all the happenings? Then, the suspicions came, but then John, the father, being the kind father who refuses to believe her sweet 9 year old adopted child is capable of such evil acts, much less believes in omens of the devilish girl he adopted with Kate, did not believe in Kate's rampaging anger...until...the family begins to crack under the pressure of the strange things that surround little Esther's perfect little smile behind her ribbon.

Oh...yes, the ribbons on her neck and her wrists... why doesn't she ever take them off?

The suspense begins...and a fun fun begins to have you gripping to the edges of your seat.

(plus, this is why you should never trust the lolis)


Verdict: 9/10

Aside from the somewhat totally unbelievable ending struggle as per all movies done in this genre, this movie scores high on my watched list of some of the greatest thriller movies of this day. Done in the hands of a barely known director, I'd say not only the crop of actors and actresses stand out on their special givings (aside from mommy Kate really, who is just wooden and atypical); but the acting itself tops some of the best movies of this genre I have seen.

Esther is cold, precise, and manipulative, one can't help but be captured by the elegance of her ways, yet shiver in fear as she hammers the victim into submission, and then tricks the deaf mute little sister to keep the secret. One cannot help but praise her change of character ever so vividly after she moved in with the household, and even grown to admire how she places these little chess pieces about the house, her chess pieces made of her own family to move as she desires. The set-ups she plays to make Kate ever looking so much as the psychotic violent mother who wants to kill her adopted daughter, and driving John to become her puppet on a string...

Then...the last middle bit came when she realizes her shortcomings... she went into a hysterical rampage that few directors have really manage to capture on screen with such vivid actuality that one cannot help but savor every single moment of our on-screen psycho darling Esther, whom usually carries an old bible to school, keeps her ponytails at her sides and dresses ever so formally as though she was attending Sunday Mass on her best behavior go crazy in her room.

If there was one thing I liked best about this show is how much your vision, the audience just can't seem to guide oneself away from Esther, at every scene she must be present, you want her, you lust for her. It wasn't some sexual lust, but rather the look on her face, that smirk she carries whenever she succeeds at hiding what she's done, when she successfully smothered the truth behind closed doors and made Kate look like a psycho bitch... Oh, the play acting, she was perfect! She was like the gem, the gem you can't pull away from.

To me, this sums up as the best film this year in this genre compared with horrible horrible intruder in your home film Last House on The Left earlier months ago which I could not be bothered with a review of. Expect lots of seat gripping plots that really keep you guessing, dear dear Esther, what are you going to do next?

Oh by the way, her gradual progress to losing her normally perfect English in favor of something more... should I say... 'origin' of her accent is something that should be noted throughout the film, I am sure you will agree just that alone portrays her twistedness, and certainly ups my image and yours too of little Esther's image as the 'good little girl'.

Sometimes...looks can be VERY deceiving... the moral of the story is... don't look down on the lolis, you may get exactly what you don't want as a result.

Oh by the way, the film is released on July 24th and only came so recently to our shores, and that day was my Birthday so yeah, thank you Esther! I had the best belated Birthday gift ever.

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I realized I wasn't being interesting enough...


So I decided a bit of extra help is necessary.

Theme songs OP & ED from VNs in this vid, all 1hour 44 mins of them.

Meanwhile, a shoutout goes out to the guys at for bridging the gaps between C76 and us common folks. and then a big thank you for letting me find the lyrics to Macross Frontier's opening song to: Both are added to my current blog roll.

Actually, this blog is looking for contributors, for now and the near future, so if you are interested to write reviews, funny stuff, and things of any general interest from music etc, please say it in this post!

I am willing to just add just about anyone, it is important however that you keep this blog active!


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The Screen at Kamchanod review

Supposedly based on a true story, The Screen at Kamchanod is a show set in 2007, supposedly in a rural town of nowhere in Thailand. Dr. Yut is obsessed with finding out the truth behind rumors and newspaper clippings of what appears to be screenings of movies for ghosts back in the older days, some 20 years ago when things suddenly stopped.

It was said that legend went like these, a cinema now clearly dilapidated somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Thailand screens a movie that no one watches, and there will certainly be no one to come either no matter how long the film is on. However, strange things occur, as during the show, the cinema would begin to seem like it is alive with audiences moving in and taking their seats to enjoy the show. The only problem is...the seats move down themselves ala folding seats style, and what looks to be empty seats, clearly do not fold themselves down or explain the sudden instances of shadows flickering about and the cold cold air that blasts about within a long dilapidated cinema.

Two senior journalists set out along with Dr. Yut and a bum who is well practiced in lockpicking along with his girlfriend to the place of this cinema. Finding the film, they begin to force the projectionist and caretaker of the old cinema to show the film. The film is clearly very old, with no visible choreography and vaguely reminds one of The Ring's Sadako tape, except it were a lot more disorientating and certainly carries a less than modern flare of building up the cinematic experience.

Strange things began to happen as the troupe soon found themselves mysteriously sent back home, and chillings with the encounter of the not-so-human kind began to scare them into submission and insanity. However, the true story starts here, as despite the scary premises, it is clear that Dr. Yut has either a stable personality or a simply disbelieving one, he did not stop short of going after ghosts and films for their viewing pleasure, opting instead to finish the puzzle left behind on the newspaper clippings.

"If you watch this in the forests of Kam Cha shall be free of ghosts..." it says... well, here goes nothing.

Verdict: 7/10

Truth to be said, this film has a lot of intellectual build up, the way the sophisticated screenplay of Dr. Yut certainly less than smooth likeable personality along with the really dull colored background designed to grab the audience into a world with less than colorful characters and a scary atmosphere; to the design of the set itself, of dilapidated cinemas and old shoplots filled with the smell of decay. One can almost feel it aurally in the sense that the show did indeed capture some of the finer essences of horror.

In fact, up till a point when one is watching the show, one becomes really engrossed in the horrifying premises, a cinema showing exclusive movies for ghosts? Who the hell wanted to see that? The truth lies deeper, and certainly the remedy only more so, Dr. Yut set out as the Indiana Jones of the cinematic experience for ghosts in the search for the film and when he finally found it, he dragged everyone to hell with it. Faithful till the end, one is revealed exactly why it is Dr. Yut is obsessed, more so, one is revealed exactly what even a mind clear as day may mean nothing before ghosts.

While I appreciate the notion, I believe the show did more to really have dispelled my own former beliefs that if you don't believe in ghosts, you don't see them. The fear truly manifests itself into a raw provocative train ride as one takes the height of what is brewing behind not just the ghosts, but relationships behind characters that spawned not only a straight line of viewing horror shows for horror value; one is invited into a serious trick or treat fair of relationship problems that lead to even more macabre happenings that follow.

I'd say if the cheap scares were anything to go by, those are the smaller things, the show itself truly outshines at the end with the twist added, and certainly one should be reminded that after the moral of the story is told:

"Touch what you must not, and the hand shall feel the burn of wrath."

as well as,

"What goes around, comes around, Karma spares none."

I leave you to explore the fearful contempt this show may bring.

Additionally, not related.
Dreams C Club is launching!

Fuck, I wanna ride in that bus.

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Hmm... useful article

Among men who play video games, compared to those who don't, "male video-game players spend more time using the Internet and rely more on Internet-community social support"

I can totally see that.

I realized an absurd number of people actually get addicted to games and join communities online for counselling, among other misc issues.

Very enlightening, I say I should stop short of internet forum addiction myself.

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Cold Prey review

Cold Prey 2/ Fritt Vilt 2 is a Norwegian slasher thriller featuring local crop of actors and actresses recently airing in cinemas in Asia. Camilla didn't think it was any big deal having a new job down at Oslo, compared with where she is working now, in the hills, in the small hospital set there since God knows when for the tourists who come for snowboarding and what's not. Nobody ever comes here, the only patients is a kid called Daniel whose mother mistook the place for a daycare center, an old senile woman who dunno where or what a toilet is, and then suddenly...things changed.

A woman was found to be standing on the middle of the snow paved path by Ole, Camilla's dissasstified boyfriend on patrol duty about 'town'. She was brought in with wounds, and a pick axe with blood on it. Police found from her mentioning that her and four friends, went snowboarding. Then, the winds picked up and one of her friends apparently broke their leg from a fall, they had to take shelter in an abandoned chalet above the hills. That is when terror struck in the form of a 'snow monster'. She said the axe was for self defense, in case it comes back for her after she escapes.

Somewhere down a crevasse of the snowy mountainscape, the police team found bodies, four of them and one more, victims of the case, and one apparently of hypotermia. They were rushed to the hospital... one of the corpses moved, no way...nothing can survive such below freezing temperatures.

The terror ride begins.


Verdict: 6/10

Terror value in this one vaguely reminds me of The Thing by James Cameron, it had the premises of that but ended up with something akin to Jason from Friday the 13th. Actually, to be honest, Cold Prey come off as a good film, with many delicate takings and actual good horror filming ala James Cameron style. It was all very scary, the atmosphere, the cold loneliness above the hills, the tension of a seemingly psychopathic woman Jannicke who was found with a pick axe covered with blood in the middle of a snowy path... It was all very well done to mark up the actual horror value.

Except there is really no horror for nearly 1 hour or more, it would have been unfair to the viewers from the start, but then this drags on to a yawn-worthy hour long post dramatic stress as we are guided around the hospital, seeing how Camilla tries to talk to Jannicke but receives nothing but dilating pupils and hummed words of blur.

If you survive from not sleeping, the terror begins only after they revived the fella from the dead. Whatever it was it certainly wasn't normal because this guy is supposedly dead for well over a day under the snow. Hooray, Jason in the Norwegian style. The thriller only begins here, but we are given mostly him stalking people through the hospital.

The rest was all very standard, but yet, as it is, the scary parts actually stay. You can almost say that it genuinely is the ACTUALLY scary version of Friday the 13th. A slasher fic with no twist, you know exactly what is good and what is gonna happen. Yet, somewhat, by the time an hour passed you wouldn't want to move from the edge of your seat because it gradually builds to a climax.

Nonetheless, I am sure however, the acting is somewhat poor. Beside of Jannicke's acting, the rest of the cast were rather wooden.

Monday, August 17, 2009

District 9 Review

Well, because someone didn't like Touhou and call it crap, I went and have a craptastic day at the mall that ended up rather fantastic!

I went and watched District 9, a new movie by acclaimed director of Lord of The Rings centering this time on aliens. Now, we have seen many and a lot of alien movies, but I assure you, nothing comes quite as intense as this one and I assure you, double that amount, that if you don't watch this you will regret it.

District 9 comes off as one of best shows I can recommend you on short notice, because this really is that good.

Our story centers on a man Wikus van der Wrewe (stupid name, Wikus-vander-wer) who is a representative of MNU Multi National United. Wikus is a honest to goodness man who sometimes is weak in the heart and mind, and he is somewhat of like all the other humans you and me, selfish. Very very selfish would be the case, we all are.

In the near future, or maybe tomorrow even, an alien ship nearly the size of a small town arrived to the skies of much unlike normal movies of aliens, in the center of Johannesburg. Humans, like our good natured self with the sheep skin on, wolves underneath hoped and rubbed our hands in hope for first contact. Who wouldn't? After all, we are a peaceful race of people excited to know we are not alone in the universe.

So we waved, we flagged, we shouted, "HEY ALIEN SAN WELCOME AND KONNICHIWA, WE ARE NINGEN, WE LIKE TO BECOME TOMODACHI WITH YOU"... but then, there is no response. Soon, months, maybe a year passed, and we grow tired of donning our fake smiles. We decide it was better to barge in.
A team of people were sent to check out what Alien-tachi are doing in their UFO desu. They drilled the ship open, breaking in and in it, they discovered, were not something expected at all.

Normally you would fine superior technology of a space-faring race, their faces kind, long, maybe eyes that show wisdom beyond human knowing. They possibly have technology that far supercedes our own, yes indeed they do. You would expect whitewashed walls filled with blue blinking lights, panels of screens floating in the air with interfaces that reacts to touch and synaptic responses. No, instead, what they found were aliens indeed, aliens that look like prawns, 2 limbs as arms, legs that looked like a feline standing vertically, bodies scrawny and skeletal with two extra feelers of sorts that grow from their lower chest.

Truth to be said they weren't pleasant, and the area they were in the ship aren't either. It reeks of rot, millions of alien refugees without an agenda or hope, stranded on planet surface on top of a city called Johannesburg in Africa. Starving, sick, putrid. When we realized they weren't about to start talking to us nor are we able to speak their language, our smiles faded completely. However, United Nations is there to the rescue, the humanitarians are protesting, the issue is too hot.


Thus, a district was set up, we call it District 9. 1.5 million refugees were ferried from their putrid non-functional vessel to the surface of earth, and there, they were given care.

However, like all things human and alien alike, over time, unrest began to stir. What was once human need became 'we must spend the fund on keeping the aliens', 'let's show them our hospitality.' What was once human desires were neglected, the locals began to clamor, "THEY DON'T DESERVE THIS, SAVE OUR STARVING CHILDREN NOT THEIRS!" they shouted in protest, waving signs and chanting in marching bands of mobs.

Things soon turn to an area that District 9, called once a refugee camp, became a militarized zone. High barriers set to prevent them from getting out, men with guns patrolling the area shooting to kill them because they don't understand and the GREATEST FEAR OF ALL IS THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN. They don't look like us, they look like bugs, bottom feeders that raid homes and garbage cans, they hurt humans, they are not peaceful. THEY ARE ALIENS. Where once was the hospitality of mankind soon turned and reared its ugly head, there is only one thing left to do... With this, District 9 became a field of dirt, junk piled, miscreants appeared, unruly began to rule... nothing was sacred anymore.

If they aren't gonna talk about their rights (despite language barriers), then we will have to find a way to grab back all that money we spent on them, we will proliferate them. WE WILL USE THEM. We will extract their technology, we will do everything we can to them, inhumane experiments, drug tests, heck... we will use them as shooting targets because they look evil anyway. No telling what they are thinking right? They must be thinking the best ways to kill humans, cause they are aliens see?

One man, Wikus, works for MNU see, before this in case you forget about him already... is the agent, and he is on today to help the aliens move to a new place, called District 10, a concentration camp 'advertised to look like a place to help Aliens-tachi adapt to human life.' MUCH LIKE THE NAZI, gathering the Jews into them.
Isn't that fun, alien-san? You can have child-care services, training for work, you can be SLAVES to the HUMANS because WE FED YOU, WE TRIED TO TALK TO YOU, BUT YOU ARE USELESS TO US if you don't talk back... so, we had to. We have to fulfill our desires you know? 20 years did pass after all... we cared for you as long as we could... we really did... our smiles are weakening.

Wikus had to make a living, he was recently married and he needed to care for his wife...

In the background, the aliens said among themselves, all these days, these 20 years that passed are so helpless, we... we are sick too, tired of all this. We don't know what is civility anymore, in this chaos... we are dying slowly... being used like white lab rats. We are just pawns to you? Two men and a child of the alien race searched about in the junkyard that is District 9 for a way to get enough 'fluid'.

So they made a device... and tried to hide it. Fate becomes a crossing path as Wikus unfortunately by an act of God arrived before the house of these alien-men, "We are going to evict you..." he says, he is just doing his job you know? I am just a man, doing what the BIG MEN are saying.

Then, something happened, he got something on him... what is it? A freak accident caused alien liquid to spray on him! Things quickly pick up pace as they go straight for the boil. A sickened Wikus returns to home, to hear his boss nagging him on how many aliens got killed out there today because of him 'fucking it all up'.

"GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER..." he heard, and then he fainted. He woke up to a different reality, a reality where humans fade their smiles, and malicious snarls of greed greeted him. He has grown something...not human... HE IS THE USEFUL TOOL NOW...

HE, Wikus, becomes the tool that everyone wants their hands on, he is the one who has been infected... so of course, he is now a lab rat. So like all lab rats, he tried to break free, and he did.

I AM HUMAN DAMN IT! He shouted, but no one would listen. He is a wanted lab rat now, lies soon spread over him, he began to wonder whereforth are those happy smiling faces of his colleagues? where is his friend of 20 years? where happen to the family he once called home?

Then... he came to the home of the one he tried to evict last time... and now, fates are entangled.

Can they save each other? Or will they?

Human or aliens? Selfish desire or love? True understanding or true nature?

Peter Jackson puts this to the test, and the sleeper hit, a low budget film of this epic scale is born.

They say true art really pops where you least expected it.


Verdict 10/10

Excellent work there, Peter Jackson shows his arthouse mastery of the perfect film director, I dare say his experience, dedication when directing greats like LOTR, shows here. There is everything about this show that makes you feel intense emotions, you begin at some point to listen... in your heart.


Only when the face of cruelty rises that one can realize the face of the human make can fakely smile in the most convincing matter.

Who is the true enemy at heart? I think I will leave the film's greatness to show you what it really means to test the faith of mankind. Is mankind truly born decent, capable of good and evil? or born evil, capable of having a heart?

That is really what this story is about.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Drayen plays the Touhou

Watch him go through the UFOs.

Oh yes, I am playing it but no videos from me cause I easy mode.

Stage 4 Normal

Stage 5 Normal

Stage 6 Normal

(In case if anyone ask, Kimikomuffin at has the hax to the game.)
Stage 1 and 3 were all the same except in the 0.02 version so basically it were the same if you play the demo.




damn it these guys are good.

Sock Puppet's Sudden Attack!

My sock puppet account...

He thinks this is so cool

yeah, listen and cry.,
This is by far the best Angela Aki song on this album.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Byakuren, Nuff said





(cause she dresses in gothic style)




Friday, August 14, 2009


I have no better picture.

I shall list the stuff that killed off many American comics for me:

1. Iron Man - it was damn good, and then, Nick Fury beat down Tony Stark, and Tony Stark became a lackey to SHIELD.

2. Spiderman - Peter is a clone of Ben, Venom becomes a father to Toxin (another symbiote), Doc Ock is Peter's adoptive father.

3. X-men - Wolverine vs THE FUCKING UNIVERSE, and won.

4. Silver Surfer - Doctor Doom beat him, and he became 'The Watcher' and he lived on a planet with giant walking caterpillars that have sex with him to cast future visions of the universal flow of time.

5. Batman - he joined the League, nuff said. and before that back in Detective Comics, he had a pink Bat suit.

6. Superman - Superman's family came and join him on earth, all hell broke loose. Several years later, there is Superboy, Supergirl, Superauntie, Supergrandpa, Superkid, Superwhatever... and Superman can apparently shoot lasers to destroy planets lol.

7. Hulk - World War Hulk has the ability to tear up continents, fuck that.

8. The Flash - He can run 10 times the speed of light. BECAUSE FUCK YOU EINSTEIN.

9. Elektra - Shit just got real and movie that sucks.

10. X-men (specific universe or some other) - Revealed: Sinister can control universes, Thanos attacked and just won't stay dead after getting killed THEN HE IS NOT REALLY KILLED NOW ISN'T HE? Scott had a son. Rogue became Peter Petrelli and Mystique is her mom. Cable came from the future to fuck shit up in the present, and then Apocalypse shows up and all of a sudden, Galactus too. It was all over with yet again, the ULTIMATE NULIFIER, a device as simple as a bloody teapot (and looks like one except palm sized) that SCARES THE FUCK OUT OF GALACTUS from eating earth.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade Review 1

Note: before clawing my head and breaking my toes while pulling out my nails with pliers forcefully, this review is not for the lovers or the haters, but people who can take a review and like the show on for what it is.

To begin with, let me start by how I expected Decade.
When the news of a new Rider series is about to premier earlier this year I was very impressed, I was shocked even to hear there will be return of all the previous Heisei riders to join him in this epic show about crossing over to other universes and finding one's own world.

I am, and truly impressed. To be fair, I didn't think much of Decade, I like his name, 10 years = decade, and that itself sounded really epic, what if the series expands over a ten year timeline, where the lead person, Tsukasa would have to journey for 10 years to find his world? I thought, damn, actual character growth and development in this joint? I think I am very impressed and I am sure I would love this for the blowing block of it.

Then, when the shape of Decade began to form, I thought, hmmm... this is Tendou type character, overpowered, ignorant, arrogant, personality is trifling, I like it. His face wasn't much to speak on, I thought his lips were too thick for a male model, and that the hair he does makes him a bit of a gay icon really. A change in every episode? That is 31 hairstyles! (there are 31 episodes all in all)

The fighting all were pretty darn good, not the best, as there are inconsistencies (Kuuga for example was demoted to being comic relief, and Diend in that Sentai episode getting owned by a squid), as there are also apparent blocks of plot armor. Diend appeared some time after as a second rider (much like Den-O there are only 2 time travelling, dimension crossing riders, thank god...)

I can believe it as such that it is a matter of preference, but sometimes in the show, like how the epic decide to strung along, there are characters that are doing things totally unlikely.

While according to official data, Decade (pink) is supposedly able to execute the moves of those riders before him and use their ultimate attacks, Diend (blue) is supposedly only able to use the riders themselves, he is apparently supposedly not able to execute for example rider kick, or certain moves that include borrowing moves from other riders.

In certain episodes, Diend demonstrated the opposite, this being good to a certain extent until you wonder, 'now why didn't he do it the first time?' He apparently can 'clock up' moving at the speed faster than a bullet, at some points in the show. He can take plenty of damage, but at some point he was also taken out by a single shot from Apollo Geist. He can turn invisible (more like phase shift out of a dimension) and it was never explained how did he travel from world to world.

According to fan data, he follows Tsukasa about, but then again, how? Tsukasa and co travels in the moving photo-studio, but Diend seems to pop up behind pillars in the middle of nowhere, where does he sleep? where does he rest his laurels? where does he keep his stolen treasures? In one particular episode, it was revealed he could in fact use his gun to summon a weapon of choice, and fire at the enemy through Kamen Form Ride, and damn I was surprised when he just finished off Dark Ryuki summoned by Narutaki like a bug squashed. This shows his caliber, but as he was fighting a newer more complete form of Decade, he clearly demonstrated before he could own Decade, but he didn't. Instead, towards the near end now of the series, he demonstrated an increasingly 'gay' outlook, being seemingly keen to garner Tsukasa's attention saying things like 'I want you to look at me more', 'look at me for what I am' Sounds like what a lover would say to another eh?

Now, moving on, despite anticipation, many of the characters were left almost seemingly forgotten.

Narutaki doing his doomsayer thing

Narutaki, whom is an annoying following that is also cum-doomsayer of the show that seems to predict these non-existant options about 'if you are involved with Decade, bad things will happen' and is seemingly the one that went around every world in his free time to talk to other riders (which surprisingly nobody suspects him for bullshitting) about Decade, 'Oh look, a guy right, called Decade right? He is gonna destroy your world, if you see him, punch him in the dick, we cool? *brofist*' is seemingly the case.

This is Kiva...
Kivarella (a whitish/silverish bat fangire) that lives in the studio being the apparent 'friend' to the old dude, Ojiisan (I don't even know what his name is, but it was shown in several trailers he will become a big figure in the movie...quite suddenly despite being over 30 episodes full of comic relief and creepy old man); Kivarella has remained useless. there were promises where she could have been a big option to Decade, possibly Natsumi even due to the fanwank, but then that is what it should have been, instead there was no character development and an extra character was introduced for no apparent reason and left to rot in the background.
She was supposed to be the Henshin device for Decade, supposedly even spawning a 'Silver Kiva' which would have been quite epic.

Natsumi plays a not too convincing role of a tsundere lover in the background for world seeker Tsukasa, and the feelings appear only mutual after episode 24 when she visited the 'Nega World' (Negative World, not Nigger World) and was simultaneously aware of her stupidity to deny reality set before her eyes (despite traveling to countless fantasy like worlds) and chose to believe her friends are who they are. Her role was almost silent, little or no involvement in a close but very far relationship seemed to brew, yet it was clear that Tsukasa, too busy being the savior of worlds and hitting up on different riders to get to the bottom of their issues to solve getting a Kamen Ganba-Ride Card, was seemingly unaware of her feelings. (Yet) In the episode where Apollo Geist took Natsumi's life force and left her to die, Tsukasa used his life to save hers, an unexpected act of valiant friendship was more like it than actual love, because their relationship was almost lamenting and non-existant.

All in all, there were many instances where I just sort of look at the whole show and I began to write this.

Tomorrow, I will write part 2, and by then I suppose there will much much more to talk about again.

Monday, August 10, 2009

GI Joe is an ok show

GI Joe review

On first sight, the movie strike to me as playing Halo 2. The Accelerator suits X6 or something and that scene where you see in the trailer as they jump about the missiles flying straight for them is testosterone charged and ultra-fly, and the suits make them look like Master Chief.

However, if you actually sit down on watch the show you realize this was another one of those Michael Bay things, it is fast, it is pumping and after all the climax there is nothing left. Which, to some enthusiasts of the original, is an insult, however it is not as the original GI Joe is in fact nothing more than 'Monster of the Week' shows on a Saturday morning. It is a bit like sitting down with your 'waifu' you feel sexually aroused by the perfect skin of your fuckpillow and your figurines, after you masturbate, there is nothing left you can feel for it and you have to seek other sources for entertainment.

The story begins with the creation of nanomachines (cue in Mai-Hime jokes here) by a company called M.A.R.S. (heh, why not P.L.U.T.O. or V.E.N.U.S. hidden references to the male insecurity?) creating liquid filled missile warheads filled with green goop supposedly containing little nanomites capable of eating any sort of metal (this actually exist in the natural world).

Naturally like all war toys, it was to be sold. Needless to be said, despite the onset of a plot, it was quite clear exactly at this point 4 minutes into the show exactly who was the bad guy. Hint: always look for the guy with the funny accent. MARS director or researcher guy revealing the warhead had this unfunny pretentious accent that is too heavy for his own good, and his acting was wooden, leading me to believe that he would turn out bad because of how he acted. AND... I was right!

10 minutes into the show and we are guided to a battlefield, a stealth helicopter plane able to fire soundwaves that can destroy conventional Apaches? Sounds like a plan! The plan was to hijack the weapons.

So far, if you didn't already predict this much you have to be a virgin at the theaters. It was all written for all to see, bad guy comes steal bullets, GI Joe pops up miraculously and saved the day. Then, our lead, played by Tatum, reprising his somewhat Bgrade acting skills from the days of Street Dancing to a military commando called Duke with little or no personality akin to that of Keanu Reeves acting; comes up and say 'I don't care who you are, or what you are, your weapons look so cool I creamed my pants and I want in or I whine about my romance with this girl called Ana back in high school.'

So poof, he was in, despite all the secrecy it was revealed he was 'scouted' by the Joes, they are a military group of militia not guided by anything other than 'this is how America talks, weapons, bombs and freedom.' as their policy. Protecting the peace? These shitpots just ripped up one part of Paris and the Eiffel Tower! (later)

So, off they go and by now you already know there will be a love love affair between the Baroness and Duke because of all the flashbacks, and you already know that Ripcord and Scarlet will be together, so nuff said. You already know that they will go for it again, and thus, the Snakes invited themselves into the SUPER HIGH SECURITY HIDEOUT OF THE JOES and killed their doods.

WOW, WHAM, FIREPOWER, BOOM BLAST BANG POP! and then, nothing. They stole the warheads, and then the warheads were fired etc... (after a chase scene in Paris)

As per usual, films like this dictate that American firms have no responsibility when operating in foreign grounds, a call to the ambassador of France by the president supposedly well aware of the Joes (super highly intensely classified) operations made everything a-okay and the Joes (after an operation that killed many many cute croissant peddling Frenchmen) were released from intense high security anti-terrorism cells.

It makes sense, IRL they would have been executed I reckon. They just tore down the city and sunk the Eiffel Tower sideways, that is NAPOLEON'S GIANT PENIS IN THE CITY YOU FUCKTARDED AMERICANS! The French must have said in their hearts, but no, GI Joe stands above teh law.

Whatever it is, the rest I would leave it to you to explore, if there was anything left.


If anything, the show was like an adrenaline rush, five steps in and you are greeted with a BOOOOOM, or a SHOOOOM, the idea behind them doesn't matter, just make it quick fast, corny love affairs thrown in along with iconic roles given to exactly the sort of people YOU KNOW WHO IS GONNA BE in the show.
Yes, there was no surprise, even to those who don't read reviews or cast lists, you already know who is gonna be who.

It proves no help that this movie will indeed get a sequel, not to mention there better be because BRENDAN FUCKING FRASER is in it. Who doesn't want a mummy hunter and to add insult to injury, the mummy himself (Imhotep/Arnold Vosloo) plays as a facechanger Zartan in the show?

Highlight of the show?

NINJAS, FUCKING 2 of THEM SWING SHING KAPING! It was all Ninja bladeworks and flashy showdowns until one goes down. (and all it began with a little brotherly rivalry turned jealousy. )

Safe to say, this will be a show that is akin to masturbation, after you are done, you are left with a hollow feeling as you leave the cinema feeling you been drugged.

Nonetheless, it was enjoyable while it lasted, I go for the Ninjas, if you didn't go for the Ninjas you wouldn't think much of this show either. Snakes Eyes could easily fit to be the gayest icon on movies ever with his matte black skintight outfit. (HOW THE FUCK DOES HE EVEN BREATH IN THAT FUCKING SUIT?)


Look at the motherfucking motherfucker
















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I like this video


beside that...

It seems we had the best Kig topic on 4chan for a while, this is surprising.
Thanks to you guys, I am cheered up slightly. I never thought I would say this, but there are some good 4chan people.

Rei-Nya! and others, you guys make my day.

Recently Studio Sigma has released the long hair edition, so yeah, nice ones.

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Well, apparently I am talentless now, the college believes I am wasting my time.


I hate this shit.

Keep a lookout for a new broken me.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

King of Awesome Crabs

Has returned.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sometimes you wonder.

what the hell do I wanna really do?

Is there something I can really do to make this life exciting?

something that doesn't include money?

charity? you ask, I don't have none.

because of this, I often cloud myself in thoughts, what are the ultimate goals in life I wonder?

What I can really do for real? something that will give a real serious kick to the head?

The other day someone told me to rob a bank, I just said 'nah' but deep down inside, I wonder if there is anything more exciting than that. Really, this shit is getting too long and it depresses me greatly.

Jeez, why can't real life be like a live-action hero series? I wanna live a life of beating up real life monsters invading earth or whatever, you know, with superpowers and shit.