Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sometimes you wonder.

what the hell do I wanna really do?

Is there something I can really do to make this life exciting?

something that doesn't include money?

charity? you ask, I don't have none.

because of this, I often cloud myself in thoughts, what are the ultimate goals in life I wonder?

What I can really do for real? something that will give a real serious kick to the head?

The other day someone told me to rob a bank, I just said 'nah' but deep down inside, I wonder if there is anything more exciting than that. Really, this shit is getting too long and it depresses me greatly.

Jeez, why can't real life be like a live-action hero series? I wanna live a life of beating up real life monsters invading earth or whatever, you know, with superpowers and shit.

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