Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cold Prey review

Cold Prey 2/ Fritt Vilt 2 is a Norwegian slasher thriller featuring local crop of actors and actresses recently airing in cinemas in Asia. Camilla didn't think it was any big deal having a new job down at Oslo, compared with where she is working now, in the hills, in the small hospital set there since God knows when for the tourists who come for snowboarding and what's not. Nobody ever comes here, the only patients is a kid called Daniel whose mother mistook the place for a daycare center, an old senile woman who dunno where or what a toilet is, and then suddenly...things changed.

A woman was found to be standing on the middle of the snow paved path by Ole, Camilla's dissasstified boyfriend on patrol duty about 'town'. She was brought in with wounds, and a pick axe with blood on it. Police found from her mentioning that her and four friends, went snowboarding. Then, the winds picked up and one of her friends apparently broke their leg from a fall, they had to take shelter in an abandoned chalet above the hills. That is when terror struck in the form of a 'snow monster'. She said the axe was for self defense, in case it comes back for her after she escapes.

Somewhere down a crevasse of the snowy mountainscape, the police team found bodies, four of them and one more, victims of the case, and one apparently of hypotermia. They were rushed to the hospital... one of the corpses moved, no way...nothing can survive such below freezing temperatures.

The terror ride begins.


Verdict: 6/10

Terror value in this one vaguely reminds me of The Thing by James Cameron, it had the premises of that but ended up with something akin to Jason from Friday the 13th. Actually, to be honest, Cold Prey come off as a good film, with many delicate takings and actual good horror filming ala James Cameron style. It was all very scary, the atmosphere, the cold loneliness above the hills, the tension of a seemingly psychopathic woman Jannicke who was found with a pick axe covered with blood in the middle of a snowy path... It was all very well done to mark up the actual horror value.

Except there is really no horror for nearly 1 hour or more, it would have been unfair to the viewers from the start, but then this drags on to a yawn-worthy hour long post dramatic stress as we are guided around the hospital, seeing how Camilla tries to talk to Jannicke but receives nothing but dilating pupils and hummed words of blur.

If you survive from not sleeping, the terror begins only after they revived the fella from the dead. Whatever it was it certainly wasn't normal because this guy is supposedly dead for well over a day under the snow. Hooray, Jason in the Norwegian style. The thriller only begins here, but we are given mostly him stalking people through the hospital.

The rest was all very standard, but yet, as it is, the scary parts actually stay. You can almost say that it genuinely is the ACTUALLY scary version of Friday the 13th. A slasher fic with no twist, you know exactly what is good and what is gonna happen. Yet, somewhat, by the time an hour passed you wouldn't want to move from the edge of your seat because it gradually builds to a climax.

Nonetheless, I am sure however, the acting is somewhat poor. Beside of Jannicke's acting, the rest of the cast were rather wooden.

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