Friday, May 29, 2009

100% Gay for Mariya-sama...

When is it that this new release will be translated? No, not that one, though it would be great if it is done now or sooner. Maria Holic Yaoi Homolust Rape doujin by Abgrund titled Holic Holic has released its sequel, with plenty of subjugation porn of Father-san from the 11th episode and 12th episode that mumbles a lot of analogy and is a Robert Langdon with lots of sexual fantasies person who has a crush (not knowing that she is a "he") on lovely Mariya-sama.

Expect SM, subjugation (by Mariya), BALLS ARE TOUCHING, even some action with Matsurika. Point of note? This release simply does not disappoint, it is hot, hot as delicious cum all over the front and back and simply drowning with sexual homolust that even the straightest man who survived the Boku no Pico fallout years ago would be turned gay without any refuge. Once read, you will be tempted to fondle that pretty boy in class... no doubt.

and Tsundere-Mode...if you are reading this....rejoice! Thumbs up to influencing your mother to watch this lol (the show, obviously not recommending you to share this rape doujin), next up it is your sister too.

Picture 2 is a page from translated edition of Book 1. If that is not enough to add to your pleasure, it is time for you to navigate away from this blog. Now... for those seeking it.

The cover and sample page for Book 2 already draws attention, with hinting that Mariya is gonna attempt some mischief, and that is not being a liar either, inside is pure mayhem as Father-san is tricked, fucked, played by Mariya until he becomes a personal slave.

Press here:

Book 1 for download (Mediafire)
Book 2 for download

On another note:
This release has been one that did not disappoint, if there is one thing I find disappointing is really the lack of Maria Holic hentai, I mean, there is Kanako and Matsurika, but there is that only ONE doujin

that is other than this gay rape fiesta, and it is not exactly satisfying either. Nonetheless, I really liked volume 2, so I even heard there will be volume 3. OH GOD I CAN'T WAIT.


To add insult to injury, I have found myself lately to comment on how sexy men are, is it that I am simply bordering on the untouched and bended areas? Or am I just infatuated with great singers like Chemistry duo. Their latest track featuring Touko on the vocals in duet with their latest 12" single of [ A Place For Us ] is perhaps one of those songs that really showcase how the Japanese pop industry is really churning out some really good songs to finally add some degree of glory that is basically not Japanese rap, hip hop that sounded like they try to be black, and basically entirely all J Rock. Quality is to be expected but I found myself liking the video so much more. When singer was taking his shirt off in the rain, I was like... OOOOOH. Oh well...

Thursday, May 28, 2009






none of that, can match the awesomeness of this shower this man is taking while "lalala" singing the CRUSADERS theme midway smoking weed.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Cassie!

Image Hosted by

Happy Birthday Cassie!

May the year that goes on from here bring you great wisdom and knowledge, courage and conviction that you strive for and gain strength from. May what you seek be sought out, may what you find in life and beyond be satisfying, rewarding, engaging. May your life be great, and may you have the most wonderful birthday there is, and may you understand that despite all the troubles that life has to offer, you did not win the race of turning from a sperm to an embryo had you not already been born a winner, you WERE THE FASTEST and THE STRONGEST among them, you won that bout, now you will win more, and I wish you have the best of the days ahead!

Not exactly a birthday a sense.
But, most of all, I like you to understand, nothing is ever too hard, and that you are good if not great or greatest. Believe in yourself!

Sunday, May 17, 2009





I missed my flight to Penang today and this is what happenedARRGGGHHHHRRHBBLLL!!!:
It was 7.30am in the morning and my coffee has just been finished up, I washed my cup and it was 7.35 as I proceeded out the front gate where my taxi is waiting.
The traffic was smooth until we reach near the airport, where an apparent mob is circling the roundabout witnessing some carcrash or some public protest or whatever early in the fucking morning.
We waited, and waited and waited.... I was at the airport at 8.40 due to some traffic congestion (usually I arrive in 30 minutes) I arrive at the counter at 8.45am. I produced my ID and asked to be boarded.

Staff: "Sorry sir, the counter just closed 5 minutes ago"
Me: "Well, it is only 5 minutes, and your computer is on, so just make it quick."
Staff: "I am sorry sir, I am not authorized to do that after closing hours."
Me: "Look, I have a booking and this flight is having its last call, bear on me the urgency in this tonage I am using and let us get on with our lives."
Staff: "I am sorry sir, I cannot do that."
Me: "I want to see your manager for this."
Staff: "There is no one here but me sir."
Me: "Aw, come on, there is what...30 minutes left, your passengers are only just boarding if not stupidly waiting by the door for the best seats."
Staff: "I cannot do that sir, you are late."
Me: "Of course I am, you do realize there is a public protest somewhere out there at the roundabout before approaching from S****!"
Staff: "That is not within our power to change anything."
Me: "Which is why you should do what is in your power and let me board my flight...look, they are leaving for the door already!"
Staff: "Yes sir, they are, I am sorry you are late, I cannot check you in."
Me: "Do you want to keep your job then? Do me a favor and understand the look on my face, it says 'this is urgent.'"
Staff: "I understand, but I still cannot check you in."
Me: "Why?!"
Staff: "I just can't, I am not authorized to do so after closing time."
Me: "Your office hours are the whole fucking day!"
Staff: "I am sorry sir, I cannot help you."

Friday, May 15, 2009

Renewed forums at Himitsu Forums

Well, after a long hiatus of nearly 2 years, the forums are somewhat back in business.

There is a reason for this, I am hoping this to be the new place for those whom are just plain socially unaccepted.

Things such as not being understood, despite your best efforts to defend yourself from the general public that just wants or waiting for a chance to disagree at any given point.

Think back for a second your forum life, or your community lifestyle.

There must be a time when you just joined and the feeling was "Oh, where am I, how do I chat up with these guys? what are they talking about?"

and then you graduate to "Hey, I am a gang now."

But then, along came a spider, and that is called "individuality opinions"

Despite your best efforts to contain your post within the post, you undoubtedly must have sprung a nerve or swerved the car the wrong side of the lane.

In this case?

"Oh Hi, I am trolling your topic because my opinion undoubtedly is different from yours."

Time and again, and then finally, despite your best efforts yet again, you are banned.

You are not really a troll
, it is just that your opinion is so far away from the "central unification point of opinions of the general users" you were regarded as such. Simple and easy, you were rejected, someone reported you, someone says you are trolling, some mod or admin thinks you are being a total tool, and you are gone, banished from those you once called a friend, a buddy.

Then there are those whom are affected by censorship. Time and again, some dick has to come up with "hey showing panties are bad, censor lol" and you posting, despite its relative safety was rejected and kicked out. However, your intent was pure, you were just contributing to the forum or galleries, it was your best intention to share, it is not just pictures but words.

Your fanfictions and your ideas, disagreeing with the general sheep, you were kicked out.

So thus...comes to this.

Himitsu Forums
springs from the dead as the forum for those whom are shaded differently within the colored cells of their own respected colors. In red, a little maroon you are, in blue you are always slightly green, come to us, we at Himitsu Forums welcomes your presence.

Meanwhile, source for the picture used:

Click--> Here

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lawlz Touhou Bus

みんなで見てね ニコニコ動画 Nico Nico. sourced:

Apparently Java Script doesn't quite work here. Here is hoping you have a Nico account and can watch this. This is awesome by the way.

In another post:

Dolls Club Avan Special Edition has updated yet again. More pictures from our favorite Clena-sama. Apparently she had a personality stats as well, now that is kinda awesome. I always wanted the actual stats.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cockroaches are fun to keep...

Years ago, a long long time ago in fact, I use to be an adventurous kampung kid (village boy) when I was living with good old grand auntie.

Times were good then, and I was a mere boy of 7 or 8. I love hunting for wild things, I collected some 70 ladybugs and have them wrap around my mango tree in the backyard once, they form a beautiful canvas of red and yellow.

I used to have a pet green snake, and it was cute, not to mention it died rather early. I believe it was around 7 or 8 years old when it died. Probably around 16 inches long and was not poisonous.

The one I had most fond memories that I think back...
was Tanker

Once a long blue moon ago...I had a pet cockroach.

YES, a cockroach.

It was one of those multi-plated ones that you find in the wild, it has no smell, and is about palm sized large.

I kept it in a box in my backpack, and it is rather mild, feeds on dead vegetation and I kept it with a giant milipede I caught in the outdoors too. They make good friends together, despite one avoiding the other...(I had a feeling all the time the Milipede was the underdog, there were bite marks on the body sometimes...)

This cockroach does not bite, or makes for a sticky partner if you let it crawl up your arm.

Why did I keep it? I dunno, it was rare...

I once caught a normal house cockroach and set it inside the tank, I believe due to nature, the pet seems to intimidate the small one, each time Tanker moves, the house cockroach takes several steps back, if it climbs, the cockroach climbs down and hides behind some leaves.

Proof of evolutionary superiority.

All in all, Tanker was a wise old thing, despite its size, it is rather quick on the feet, and several times I let it out onto the floor it would whizz for the door, indicating its dislike for me. It also likes wild grass areas, and when I do let it out, I mustn't leave it alone, for it will burrow and I may never find him again.

In a way, we shared many a happy times together, consider it was rather funny to see it move. At times, Tanker would move inside his tank, like a Cha Cha dancer, it would whizz forward, then several steps backward, and then forward. I still wonder why it does that, but I always call it dancing.

It succumbed to old age some time when I was around 10 or 11. It lived a good year in my house, possibly, I can almost say I feel sad for it and decide to give it a proper burial. I have since moved from that place, but I know, evident when i did go back to that old place once last year, that the mango tree was still there. If anything, Tanker must have help it grow very well indeed.

Sunday, May 10, 2009



Voyager is a good series in Star Trek, trekkers who disagree are not real trekkers.

also, Borg Ownage, who says women can't be captains?!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Moe Type Magician



Imagine a world where magic rules, dragons, magicians, magic schools and a Negima set up.

Now imagine a Yakuza ruled Japan where crime is only the pretention of the law as vice versa runs the street in grey area justice.

Now imagine the greatest "All the best cooks in the world are men" as "all the best magicians in the world are otakus"

Voila, instant madness.

Our story begins when self exiled Eiji returns to the land of magic, bearing a significant air of mystery about his own self exile and the legendary tale "Anyone who witnesses the magic of Eiji will be dead, or no sooner dead than anything else." He is mystifying, a large tattoo down his back signifies his roots in the Yakuza (magic wielding ones at that) that sit as the Flying Dragon Clan.

In place of this world, are Clans or Famiglia (as Al Pacino would call it) that runs the country of magic wielders and so on. Behind the pretty faces of a justice filled and order riding world, a sinister assassination of the current head of the Flying Dragon Clan opens up the curtains for mystery and intrigue as rumors fly and unrest spread across the land with the search for a new head of the family after the murder and pending accusations of who was behind it.

Eiji is back, and his legend brought him to the front of the daughter (the next inheritor of the magic throne) of the victim. He vows to protect her. Needless to say, the world of magic is as per RPG usual run with elements fire, wood, air, water. One such elementalist, a wind user approached with an attempt to assasinate the heir of the throne.

Eiji unleashes his magic...



Wait what?!





"Lollipop~~~~<3" Eiji yells, and the enemy explodes into pieces of debris...

The madness begins...

What is true power behind... the unknown element? What is it that makes the element so powerful?

"Moe... It is Moe."

Eiji looks at the girl and says... as a chapter begins to draw to an immediate climax with not so friendly to the eyes results.


Verdict: 10/10

Sheer genius.

Imagine every crazy edition of manly moe such as once popular Moe Pain! featuring Chobits as a Hokuto no Ken type character with muscles bulging...or if you prefer, WiZ Garage's Cho Marisa and Yuka...

But milder, with normal looking guys, (actually pretty darn ugly most of them, and are somewhat akin to our social rejects) wielding magic not unlike our true otaku hentais today that are like Man-Faye and Manruhi Slutzumiya and the likes of Kilgamayan as Reisen with a beard. (or Aya). <--- not saying that you are a hentai but hell yeah you are wielding magic man... MOE MAGIC.

The element of Moe plays a very big part in this fiasco.

Apparently with the story itself, moe is the key element unfound in nature, it is the essence of life, and death, the universe, and everything, including the number 42. True element, as it seems, exists in the form of Moe.

Witness the sheer madness as our hero Eiji conquers his enemies with his MOE MAGIC (imagine Kilga going out in his Reisen cosplay beyond the bounds of a cosplay arena and shooting people by shouting out spellcard names and actually works)

However, that is only the surface... what contributes to the true power of moe?

What is true moe?

Read to find out... (note naked men included like the backcover.)

[Additional Notes]

On the back cover, the big bold letters read:

"Have you ever heard of this legend? If you keep your virginity until you are thirty years old, you will be able to use magic..."

(unfortunately for some of us, we are already disqualified it seems)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time 2009, Top 100 Most Influential Persons Of The World


If there is a time when one can announce they have WON THE GAME, this is it.

On website, the results have been announced, what has been the huge vote for the decision of the most influential person on earth is now decided.

Guess who?

4chan's founder, Moot, AKA Poole
Time 2009 Top 100 Listing

Can you ever believe it? It is not so hard of course when you think about how hax 4chan is when it comes to all this. Think back on last year's EMA European Music Awards by MTV, ever wondered why Rick got left off the sidewalk despite WINNING by 300%?
That is the work of the miracle that is Rick Roll.

Autovoters, haxes, spam urls, think big, think 4chan.

Although Moot has denied any influence on his peons, me included, the world should not be shocked, or rather, should be shocked by the sheer influence that are the users of the site.

Who doesn't know 4chan? The Internet knows 4chan, that is what. Why should facebook and twitter have the glory? Why should myspace and livejournal have it then? No, none of those, none of their creators, but rather...

MARBLECAKE, ALSO THE GAME <---click for why this happened.
Once again.
You lost the game and someone won it. If you think about it, what collaborative efforts in human contingency can spawn sometimes, that is awesome.

What is next? We always fear 'The Man' that is the government, next thing you know the FBI are getting 'THE GAME' on their screens and you know, that is all possible.

Lest of all...

That said. Anwar Ibrahim, disregarding hack wise, or even real voting I dunno which, earns second place as world's most influential person.

Isn't it nice to know your country's politics have reached the world's ears and eyes of attention?

No, it is not, because it is not for the right reason. Haven't we already got enough by elections and leadership problems? Now this, good, bring it on, bring on the news. Malaysia is now on the world stage, sharing next to it the Robert Mugabes and the Tamil Tigers, the Talibans and the Toilet Sex Change Incident...we are always in the news, Malaysia, don't you think?

Why are we always on the news for all the wrong reasons? What happened to vision 2020? What happened to the good old Malaysia that doesn't try to prove to the world "I can I can I can, I wanna be the popular little girl in high school" mentality? What happened to us?

If we all could only just sit down and put matters before our head, it is not about winning elections, or by elections, or wasting public funds or going down to catch Mat Rempits and freeing them later. It is not about endorsing the public image fetish, it is about saving a country in need of saving from the devastation of political bickering and rivalry. Stop doing that, and run the country if you so please.


On a happier note:

Ever since discovering Dolls Club Advance I think I found myself the best Kig site ever. Simply one of the few best kig players in my liking.

Pictured here is Clena , one of the personalities from DCA and certainly my favorite.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Educational Pretention Post

A bit late in the story, but what I wanted is a black and white sepia photo so yeah.

They say with age comes wisdom, with wisdom you learn, a lesson is learned when you die, and that lesson is life.

I agree to disagree.

More so because I am a faggot, but mainly because there is everything to disagree about it.

I mean.

Don't you think so?

You see, things change, as human wisdom does indeed evolve and involve with time based constraints. Think about it for a moment, your grandpa probably thought the good old days were the best, when in fact it is really not.

My grandfather was born in 1901, it was before WW1, and it certainly wasn't the good old days, truth is better than fiction in this case. The year was 19xx sometimes, the weather was harsh and electricity was nada, back in a time when they still relied more on candle in a lantern and oil lamps, they used to not have Honda Civics and Kawasaki motorcycles, they had to walk.

My ancestor took a ship or some horse cart I dunno which because at the time there wasn't a digital journal and books were too expensive, so are notes to write on. The rain was heavy, and mud slosh, the days brings nothing but charred skin and smell of fresh animal shit in a farm somewhere in the lower parts of China, which back then was still all Communist about it 100%.

There was no such thing as good old days
, not even when they crossed the borders to Thailand, passed Myanmar, and entered Malaysia, on a hot spring day possibly when there is nothing but the humid weather and the disguised liking of port officials that took the last of their gold coins and threw them as 'citizens' to an inferior country in the 1930s or so. Life was harsh, as it was unforgiving, my ancestors did not have money, grandma possibly stayed in a small house, grandpa worked till he was 50 to get his big break and owned his own business as times finally proceed to the 'good old' part. Wisdom sure tells you otherwise, good old is sign for good and you are old.

Daddy was a good boy, born after a family of baby boomers and labourers and youngest to the lot, after some 2 brothers and 8 sisters. They aren't really close, but their memories were when they born in between the war, when the Kempeitai would execute their murderous intent on the disloyal to the rebellious in Malaysia during the Japanese Occupation that they now try to deny from ever happened. There was yet again, no good old days here, it hasn't begun.

Daddy was a boy in the town, a small one then in the island of Butterworth, to him, Penang Island just a boat ride away was a paradise unfound, unreachable. What he held close to him was a picture of grandpa, in a frame with his extended family. My uncles and aunties that he cared and loved for. Life was hard, after the war, homes were burned and towns were decked with freshly burning fires and honor left asunder over a nation that was claimed by the loss of war. Then, sometime later, the British help her back on her feet, and in 1957, a glimpse of the good old days finally appeared.

My father was a young boy by then, and finally he did have a chance at life, one that was so fragile and shakeable had it been a dream, he certainly would jolt awake with a light snap of a finger beside his ears. Even full grown men could cry at the loss of this fragile moment. However, it was 1958, and he was enrolled as a student in a college, after a late year in the high school then, which was good old CLHS. (I am a graduate there, as are my sisters). Life was finally good, and there was hope in his eyes when I look back and see the photographs of him posing beside his brand new Volkswagen Beetle, which was a new fad then, it was the sports car of the generation, to be able to afford one is like saying "Living the good life" as Kanye West is with his 600 bhp Lamborghini Murcielago.

(Picture unrelated, but the image is relevant somehow, our porn filled industry and life guided by everyday news of shameful activities and all that in the news for all to see.)

So it came to me, in 1985, I was born to a family of 4, and I am the only son. It was beautiful, life is finally good for my family, as life is complete, a heir as needed, and a life to look ahead and beautiful to cherish for all their living years.

However, I suppose like what I said earlier, and again, and good old is bound to come later, the good old that my grandfather, my grandmother, my mother, my father, my sisters have struggled to find, we are yet to get there, I am too far away.

When I think about this, I curse the very being that made me, but I too cherish that very being. I cherish my family when I think about how fragile one can simply dissipate just like history passing.

When I remember about this blog post sometime tomorrow, looking back perhaps expecting some deep seated reply, I would shed a tear or two, or maybe I won't. My good old has yet to arrive, and I am doomed to see through the hardship that is life.

In this modern age, I no longer have to rely on shovels to dig up coal, like my grandfather did, or rely on lanterns and run from the Japanese soldiers and their bayonets like my family did carrying my father who was still an infant then. I merely have to enjoy what was already reaped, but it is a close reminder, that the good old was won over by sheer effort, sheer will, sheer survival instinct that we have lost, in this generation barely a century in distance.

As I struggle through this day and age of paperwork, grey area justice, as with mommy and daddy struggling to stay together after 30+ years of marriage, I think about the good old days. I know, in my heart, that the good old days exist, in my memory, they always will be.

I walk on, to find my own good old days.

I hope you do too.