Friday, May 15, 2009

Renewed forums at Himitsu Forums

Well, after a long hiatus of nearly 2 years, the forums are somewhat back in business.

There is a reason for this, I am hoping this to be the new place for those whom are just plain socially unaccepted.

Things such as not being understood, despite your best efforts to defend yourself from the general public that just wants or waiting for a chance to disagree at any given point.

Think back for a second your forum life, or your community lifestyle.

There must be a time when you just joined and the feeling was "Oh, where am I, how do I chat up with these guys? what are they talking about?"

and then you graduate to "Hey, I am a gang now."

But then, along came a spider, and that is called "individuality opinions"

Despite your best efforts to contain your post within the post, you undoubtedly must have sprung a nerve or swerved the car the wrong side of the lane.

In this case?

"Oh Hi, I am trolling your topic because my opinion undoubtedly is different from yours."

Time and again, and then finally, despite your best efforts yet again, you are banned.

You are not really a troll
, it is just that your opinion is so far away from the "central unification point of opinions of the general users" you were regarded as such. Simple and easy, you were rejected, someone reported you, someone says you are trolling, some mod or admin thinks you are being a total tool, and you are gone, banished from those you once called a friend, a buddy.

Then there are those whom are affected by censorship. Time and again, some dick has to come up with "hey showing panties are bad, censor lol" and you posting, despite its relative safety was rejected and kicked out. However, your intent was pure, you were just contributing to the forum or galleries, it was your best intention to share, it is not just pictures but words.

Your fanfictions and your ideas, disagreeing with the general sheep, you were kicked out.

So thus...comes to this.

Himitsu Forums
springs from the dead as the forum for those whom are shaded differently within the colored cells of their own respected colors. In red, a little maroon you are, in blue you are always slightly green, come to us, we at Himitsu Forums welcomes your presence.

Meanwhile, source for the picture used:

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