Friday, May 29, 2009

100% Gay for Mariya-sama...

When is it that this new release will be translated? No, not that one, though it would be great if it is done now or sooner. Maria Holic Yaoi Homolust Rape doujin by Abgrund titled Holic Holic has released its sequel, with plenty of subjugation porn of Father-san from the 11th episode and 12th episode that mumbles a lot of analogy and is a Robert Langdon with lots of sexual fantasies person who has a crush (not knowing that she is a "he") on lovely Mariya-sama.

Expect SM, subjugation (by Mariya), BALLS ARE TOUCHING, even some action with Matsurika. Point of note? This release simply does not disappoint, it is hot, hot as delicious cum all over the front and back and simply drowning with sexual homolust that even the straightest man who survived the Boku no Pico fallout years ago would be turned gay without any refuge. Once read, you will be tempted to fondle that pretty boy in class... no doubt.

and Tsundere-Mode...if you are reading this....rejoice! Thumbs up to influencing your mother to watch this lol (the show, obviously not recommending you to share this rape doujin), next up it is your sister too.

Picture 2 is a page from translated edition of Book 1. If that is not enough to add to your pleasure, it is time for you to navigate away from this blog. Now... for those seeking it.

The cover and sample page for Book 2 already draws attention, with hinting that Mariya is gonna attempt some mischief, and that is not being a liar either, inside is pure mayhem as Father-san is tricked, fucked, played by Mariya until he becomes a personal slave.

Press here:

Book 1 for download (Mediafire)
Book 2 for download

On another note:
This release has been one that did not disappoint, if there is one thing I find disappointing is really the lack of Maria Holic hentai, I mean, there is Kanako and Matsurika, but there is that only ONE doujin

that is other than this gay rape fiesta, and it is not exactly satisfying either. Nonetheless, I really liked volume 2, so I even heard there will be volume 3. OH GOD I CAN'T WAIT.


To add insult to injury, I have found myself lately to comment on how sexy men are, is it that I am simply bordering on the untouched and bended areas? Or am I just infatuated with great singers like Chemistry duo. Their latest track featuring Touko on the vocals in duet with their latest 12" single of [ A Place For Us ] is perhaps one of those songs that really showcase how the Japanese pop industry is really churning out some really good songs to finally add some degree of glory that is basically not Japanese rap, hip hop that sounded like they try to be black, and basically entirely all J Rock. Quality is to be expected but I found myself liking the video so much more. When singer was taking his shirt off in the rain, I was like... OOOOOH. Oh well...


  1. I gave you a 'sad' , because you're gay. Especially for Mariya

  2. I downloaded the first one off of /tr/ a while back.
    No way in HELL my dear mother will be subjected to this. Hey, it doesn't hurt to hide things. <3 And my little sister... She might just enjoy the colors.


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