Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Transformers 2 is a good movie.

Anyone who hates it is like this:

why so Tsundere?

you know you:

1. like Michael Bay
2. like Michael Bay films
3. like Transformers

so yeah.

I will talk more about it tomorrow on my off-day.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tensai Dere Medaka Kurokami-sama! [Medaka Box]

Super daringly sexy Medaka Kurokami doing her thing.

Medaka Box: Read Here
Boundaries? Limits? There is only so much a human can do?


What are those? Don't you know who she is? She is Medaka Kurokami

[ Kurokami Medaka, a first year, is elected as Student Council President, and the first thing she does is establish a suggestion box. Since she was just elected as Student Council President, she's holding all the Student Council's responsibilities, and wearing their armbands.
So, she asks for her childhood friend, Hitoyoshi Zenkichi, for help. ]

That is what it is, however, comes the fun part.

The suggestions are like... "kick out the delinquents occupying the school grounds" and she is the perfect girl for the job. From young, Medaka has never failed anything, she is the only 2nd year to have a red belt Judo qualification (highest Dan), Kendo master, Karate master, everything master (even ball games, etc) and has held the championship for consecutive years without fail being the first among the best, and the first at all times. (am I being redundant? She is an impossible champion who made everything impossible, possible!)

With pure grunt and pure admiration from all those who simply worship her, for both her exotic and daring beauty... (why she is revealing herself above saying "what is the point if I can't show people how well toned my body is?") ; her pure daringness, the pure expertism, her pure badassery to conquer the school grounds, dispelling all troubles and answering all concerns, so that the people can chase their dreams without worry!

On the story? I am loving it so much I am willing to say this manga is worth 10/10 in my book.

Not only is the art awesome dynamic and sexy (scenes with Medaka in undies almost certainly give me tightened pants), the story is dynamically explosive. Everything is a kick to the head, "I dare you to come up to me and offer me a challenge I cannot complete" and by the end of chapter 1, I am sure you would be hooked, and fell in love with Medaka-sama when she openly profess her dreams.

"I need not people to love me, it is only important if I love people!" - Medaka

Walking the path of heaven, conquering all in her path. (now if only Tendou Souji is here...)

>> Picture related, it is Tendou Souji (speaking perfect English by the way, "Dake do, ore wa Strongest")

Perfect match in heaven don't you think?

Also, there are a number of people accusing her of being a Mary Sue, that is not true, she is capable of errors, and her smartness makes her as blunt as a tool covered in 30 plastic wraps of pita bread. (point of note? Chapter 3-4) I am almost convinced she is a true Tensai-Baka, yes, there is such a term now, both too smart for her own good, and too stupid to be so extremely smart. Well, I am inspired now, time to read it and get a hard on!

(Actually by that, I do mean a hard head, like....oh I lost your attention.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The End of The H


With the coming ban in favor of feminism by the Japanese industry, we can pretty much root out the new games that will come in the next comiket or whatever being of any meaning now.

Am I an alarmist?

I don't think so. I suppose we can all look back one day and say how funny this phase of panic must have been. Meanwhile, to catch a drift on where we are going...


Well, I am sure we all have much to say, what isn't already discussed to death by 4chan and the crowd at Sankaku. (Artemis you are a faggot)

So for now, let us ponder on what is future undertakings of the Eroge industry, will it be:

1. Berserk - Missionary Position in between fights
2. Ren-Ai - Smooth loving only, no fetishes.
3. Forget that, the eroge edition, no H, just pretty girls in costumes.

My reaction:

Quite simply, I cannot imagine it.

A world where tentacle rape does not exist, no flat chested cuteness, everyone is of their respective genders, no 2girls1cup stuff, no SM, no futa, no rock your socks while hanging off a building, no stuffing of giant dildos, no imprisonment, no feeding of dog food, no subjugation, no foot fetish, no guro, nothing!!

A nation that once pride itself as the sole producer, cutting off what could well be a powerful lifeline to its own domestic industry and demand!

This is like asking Saudi Arabia to stop exporting oil or digging for oil.

This is like expecting Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan to stop terrorism!

This is like expecting Malaysia to stop corruption!

This is like expecting Gordon Brown to have an ounce of money sense!

This is like... a lot of things, it is utterly ridiculous!

Thanks to a kind Taiga/Lanced Jack


Haruhi soundtrack - as presented by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Click to Enlarge === Download Link in [ Here ]


Monday, June 22, 2009

State of Play Excellence

Coming in a long line of summer blockbusters is one that certainly deserved much more attention that just a bunch of kids lining up for Monsters vs Stupid Aliens. A film with Russell Crowe is almost a certainly good film, think of Gladiators, and the such and one cannot help but notice how utterly good Russell is when he portrays these quality roles.

As of late, I am sure many a time earlier we all know Russell had a silly band he insisted on hanging with and that he can't sing for peanuts. However, it is also a worthwhile notice that he can really act, and in this film his latest offering as Cal McAffrey an investigative reporter for The Washington Globe newspaper; is no less than stunning.

[State of Play] is based on a 2003 6 episodes running drama featured here
Staring as you can see...including funny man in Sean Penn movies Bill Nighy of also famed role as Victor the vampire of Underworld trilogy fame.

The plot begins with a murder, a pizza boy (because Pizza man sounds gay) was ran off the bike, a thief got shot and a drug dealer is dead. What seemed like a connection case with a simple drug related crime soon becomes connected through an intricate single killer who shoots once at the spine, and once on the back of the head: signs of a pro at work.

Problems soar with what seemed like a suicide of an elected congressman's (played by Ben Affleck (Stephen Collins)) lover on a Metro train line evidently seeming like she was being pushed to the rails as the train approaches; goes on the spotlight of a highlighted love affair between the suicidal dead female co-worker to a cheating husband Stephen who is fighting a court case against a multi-national mercenary corporation that operates based on outsourcing military might for the US Gov, in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and in every aspect of every military action. It was all a moral flail in the face, Congressman vs immoral corporation that kills for money in the name of the US Gov spoiling the US Gov's credibility. Naturally, the losing side is Stephen, and then came Cal Mc Affrey, worker, investigative reporter at Washinton Globe daily, eager to uncover the truth of the shooting of a drug dealer, but when he found more links as his friend Collins came to him for help to hide from paparazzis one night, he became involved in quite potentially the biggest cover up in US conspiracy history.

Naturally, like all news facade, flares spark with the news of a love affair but is there more to it than what the eyes can see? Because they know each other (Stephen and Cal) that means it is up to best friend since college Cal to help with congressman Collins's image problem. The more he investigates however, the more skeletons he found, and in the highlight of the twist that really brings the bang for your buck, you have the most unlikely thriller drama end ever to come up with and in the face it asks of you, "what would a good friend go through for you?" and if you were Cal, "What would you have done?"

Truly a remarkable role, and truly so because like all the other police stories and such of intrigue mysterious roles with full on personality fixes, this one is one intense role that requires a deeply seated actor of much experience, and much pained acting decisiveness (despite his off-set asshole like behavior) that dictates the show's flow of emotions and powerful line of story.

I would say, whatever the case, it is best if you watch the movie yourself.

Surely this should make on Edible's favorite list...too bad it is too new to be inside his two hints. (some shrinemaiden shit happening there)

I promise you won't be disappointed if you watch this.

Angels and Demons...?


Well, as much as I like the film, the film was a let down in many cases, I suppose it makes more sense than to make it into a 3 hour special, but it really is a disappointment when the whole affair sort of scoffs at your face after you read it.

For example...
(Spoilers ahead for those who have not read/watch it yet)

Il Camerlengo is the character of much PLOT TWEEST, the show however had him most of them time playing his rather insignificant role and the end of the show did not have him do much other than burn himself... alone.
It was a bit of a disappointment, I sort of expected to re-live the scene where he climbs atop the Vatican's St.Peter's Square and burn himself in front of his admirers. He was also the Pope too in the novel, and not to mention the novel made more sense.

I had a feeling the film crew disregarded how the Assasin was not able to be contacted, and was talked with/to by the Camerlengo as the 'Teacher' of the illuminati. There is also no mention of Kohler's involvement, which with his sacrifice, only then will make any decent sense. I suppose the Pope's spy cam mounted in his living room is fine, but it just lacks that bit of sense you know?

You would think Camerlengo aka Teacher after plotting such an intricate plan to infiltrate CERN and steal an Antimatter-container, digging out eyeballs for passes to the inner chambers, murdering 4 cardinals to shock believers into submission, had a great plan ahead to REMOVE THE CAMERAS in the room before they even talked.


This has been most significantly the biggest plot tweest ever, if only they did the following of the book thing. I mean, only then they revealed that (in the book), Camerlengo was the son (an actual son) to the former Pope, who is chaste. The story gets a more wide eyed view of the 'we are both the same, seeking God through different paths' when it was revealed that the Pope used artificial means to have a child with a nun who dropped out of the Vatican to care for the child. Artificial insemination, which gave the child that later became the Camerlengo to the Pope, and also murderer of his own father.

It was this that was the height of Dan Brown's personal genius, it gave a lot of insight, to how someone blinded fanatically by something he chases forgot to look around him and ended committing mistakes in the name of absolution to God. His case was to be given a wider argument when one can stare at his inner insanity, the way he would 'talk' to God, and how Mortati became aware that perhaps 'he could really be the chosen one' and chose him even despite all things. (actually the Cardinals did, but Mortati refused the claim of Pope by public adoration).

Nonetheless, it is not the films fault, every show has its limits, and by adding a new element, this makes for a good movie. Robert Langdon still ranks as one of the sexy men in the industry, anyone who says so can suck Woody Allen's 80 year old schlong.


On another note:
So, K-On is finished for the moment, and thus, with this I began watching it. I admit I hate moe shows, but then again, Ritsu is CUTTTTTE!!!

I hardly am the type who goes the whole way, I usually drop shows like this after the first episode because I could foresee exactly what is going to happen. When 4chan says that moe is killing the industry of anime, I had to believe them because it is true.

However, once in a while, a moe show comes along that really makes you wanna watch it. I however, am not saying that K-On is one such show, it is mediocre at best and I like it only for the moment, after of which, I probably forget about it.

Good moe shows exists? Oh, yes, they do, the classics I mean. Like To Heart (the first one ever made), and then there was Tokimeki Memorial and then Memories Off (which is....well, lacklustre). Good shows come hard when you have prejudice like me. I still think To Heart and Macross SDF was the best robo mecha show I ever watched so yeah.

So all in all... it is about whether you like it or not.



Makes about exactly why Moe shows are the pinnacle of Otaku-fandom, everyone wants to fap, moe shows make fapping time seemed more justified.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Black Rock Shooting

zb.jpg avy.jpg avy2.jpg avya.jpg avyaa.jpg

New stuff.

I wonder what should I use first?

BRS is the epic and the loev

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eye am the UGLIEST


What happened?

I think the creators got into some dispute with what sort of package would incorporate the idealism of a rider that packs a wallop through using other people's identities. It was all fine and dandy, maybe change his belt or give him an extra armor but no...

My reaction...


A good example of what is done right, fuck yeah KUUGA You are no longer a joke character! FUCK YES I LOVE THIS FORM OF YOURS!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hmm...Blog's a bitch

Well, contrary to my last post on a review with DMTH, it was revealed to me that DMTH was meant to be a horror comedy.

Now...that, is something I have to apologize for, because in that last post, I reviewed quite harshly on the subject at hand and it did in fact rather occurred to me much later as I pondered about how there is an ANVIL hung up by a rope on the ceiling in her tool shed, that it was all never meant to be serious... or too serious.

However, it was also noted to me that DMTH has nothing to go for it. If it tries to be horror, it failed terribly, if it tried to be horror comedy it failed even harder... There was no laughable moment that wasn't in the least bit humorless.

The humor was so bland, so distasteful Sam Raimi should have looked back at how Peter Parker was doing his FAGGOT DANCE in Spiderman 3 and learn from it, it was all...pathetic. It was wrong, done in a fashion that was without sarcasm aimed at horror movies, done without humor in the right direction!

Among a good few horror comedies that are worth watching:
Slither (considered as one by me)

Slither incorporates humor and lots of gore into it, who ever don't want to see a whole bitch swollen up like a bastard balloon going "OH FUCKKKKK IT IS COMING OUT" when she exploded and gave birth to a few thousand bastards from Mars? Those slithery maggot meat things that crawl on the ground give essence to horror, the sheer number is disturbing and disgusting enough to make your skin crawl. The story ends with a climax as the original infected, the boss king of all...the loving husband who should have taken a piss somewhere else where he won't be attacked and taken over by monster worms from space......; dies, leaving with audience the quote of quite possibly epic... "I love you" the husband inside the monster says. It was beautiful, plus, as a monster, he seemed to enjoy classic love songs! Now that is humor, in a funny sarcastic manner!

Jack Brooks, Monster Slayer boasts some of the cheapest Alien set ups and monster costumes you will ever see. Jack Brooks is hopeless, he is a plumber cum student, useless except for his bad ass attitude and americana hillbilly background. His girlfriend cheats on him and he is about to screw shit up. His professor asks him to help fix a pipe or something and boom, said professor uncovered (without any mention!) a box, containing some artifact shit! Turns out professor became a monster! With TENTACLES to boot! Terrorizing the town until Jack Brooks came back and slam the motherfucker back to Chihuahua Island with the likes of Britney and Paris Hilton with a what? A spanner! YES, A MOTHERFUCKING SPANNER!!
You want epic, you want LOL? You want shitty horror with ultimate humor? This is how you do it.

Shaun of The Dead boasts the returning cast of British actors from the epic like Hot Fuzz (they almost seem to always love being together don't they? and you have to agree, Ricky Gervais sucks as a comedian, Sean Penn says so, don't bother him about it). Shaun of The Dead is no holds barred Harold and Kumar goes to White Castle stupidity of two failures in a small British town coming up with survival plans after a hell hole invasion of infesting undeads, armed with local jokes and even pathetic girlfriends who are better left in the kitchen making sandwitches. Scene funnies included the bit they sift through their records vinyl collection to find stuff they can throw at the zombies, when they have the poorest aim, and the fact those shit vinyls are no better than paper flung into the air. The humor factor lies in two blokes who are as hapless as they are brainless towards the whoe situation when all they have around them is as mad as it can be! Sean Penn's role was remarkable as he stepped out to his local grocery to pick up a canned drink and hasn't noticed for the least bit that his town was infested with zombies! Truly humor at its best.

Tokyo Gore Police is the cream of the crop of utter silly horror, boasting the most insane Japanese imagination possible and bringing together a cast of nobodies for the most obscene role they can ever be found in.

Do you seriously think anyone will still consider you for another role in movies after you have signed on to carry a PENIS MACHINE GUN? Humor comes in the form of a future not too far away when people in Japan are all basically self mutilators that enjoy the cutting of their own flesh and self mutilation in the most absurd manner... including putting one's eyeballs into tubes, and even turning oneself fused into a PISSING CHAIR! The horrendous graphic give rise to the cheapest plastic set ups, but it stirs true horror that the fact that somewhere out there, there are buggers who enjoy posting pictures of themselves leaving deep gashes into their skins, and it scares even more with the fact that maybe one of these buggers are amputees with a purpose, their pain = monster making material! Tokyo Gore Police does not spare a moment of faith for the kind hearted, everyone gets into a gory kill fest towards the end and yet, it is all done in a funny matter, with people spreading ala cartoonish gore into two sides, tits that spray acidic streams of milk, an arm made of an alligator, a guy who sprays blood and uses said spray like a jet engine to fly, a guy with guns attached to his brain!

Think ridiculous, think horror comedy, think gore comedy, think stupidity, you have Tokyo Gore Police.

On a return to topic wise...

Sam Raimi fails.

Drag Me to Hell review

I got dragged to hell by a talking goat is this film's true focus... in that 15 minutes alone, more epic in cinema history has occured more than any other cinema release ever.

Continuing the epic review method ala pure skepticism/stupidity and sheer insanity, I have decided to review the masterfully done piece of horror work by Sam Raimi's (the guy who did Spider Man) latest offering, Drag Me to Laughing Hell...oops, I meant Drag Me to Goat Hell...oops, I MEANT DRAG ME TO HELL.

Drag Me to Hell, here on referred to DMTH, is an offering by what you can call, aesthetically focused horror genre ala Hollywood. Hollywood as we know, loves to fuck shit up, it doesn't matter if it is Dragonball, or Once Upon a Time in China, or porn for that matter, they like to glossy up everything on the silver screen.

At the start of the year, me and a friend has went to some very good movies, and over the months that passed, a number of good movies did in fact brought lots of promise that Hollywood is not dead, and does not employ directors who are not fit to carry the burden of a good film.

DMTH however, comes along yesterday when we watched it and it turned the tables on us, poured the tea over, stepped up on our balls and stabbed the urethra with a three inch wide stick armed with a flaming brand.

Sam Raimi is good for one of the two things: "Hollywood Superheroes/Shonen flicks" and "Science fiction" but never come across as one who does horror films, in fact, this has been an affair that literally had us laughing through the cinema, cursing Sam Raimi while at it and basically hurling out our foods out of sheer ridicule. (There was a lot of old woman antics that disgusted us, and hurling)

Sam Raimi seemed to have wanted to show the world he has a fetish of sorts for hurling up foods and enzymes, never before was the shots so comedic that it looked like all he wanted to do was to make a Warner Bros cartoon like Speedy Gonzalez meets the Woodpecker or something into a horror movie.

The movie starts with a premise... Girl had a nice job, a nice boyfriend, and a nice whatever...then she wanted a promotion, and on that day she wanted to try for it, an old Gypsy lady decide to drop in to ask for a 3rd loan extension. Lohman's character decided not to grant the loan, based on the fact she has to make a 'tough decision' to get the post for assistant manager. Gypsy lady, Sylvia Ganush begged and cried...hoping she would turn her decision around and in an instant, Lohman's character stepped back, having the poor old lady (disgusting as she may be, that was unforgivable act from Lohman's character) fall flat to her face, with the crowd inside the bank all looking at her with bewildered eyes.

Blah blah, she enters a dark carpark after work and to be assaulted by the old Gypsy, cursed now, she is now slated for a slot in Hell's kitchen. (no Gordon Ramsey was not included).

The rest of this becomes a climatic buildup, striking shadows... utter silence and cheap shocks were all employed in a matter of sysmatically build up a wall of cheap shocks to scare the kids, but anyone with half a mind would go and see this film and laughed at every one of the not so shocking...shocks.

Here is a list that follows but first:

Meet Billy the Goat, he is cute, about 4 years of age, and has a set of really good omnivorous teeth that can chew papers and just about everything you can hurl at him. He dislikes cats. A LOT.

In one scene alone, there is over 3 silent periods and CAT OUT OF A DUSTBIN shocks, like... (silence) and then BOO! OKAY FALSE ALARM.

1. Halfway through the movie, lady decided it was all okay to puke worms on Lohman's character, spooky yes...but nothing unexpected. Then, it was all spoiled by the time the second attack happened when the Lamia (show monster) decided it was a good idea to pay a house visit and simply grab Lohman's character off the ground and fling her around.

2. Okay, an exorcist was included... (cheap voices imitations of ghostly laugh effects here) lala and then she pays for service and got told she was to pay more money to an even more powerful exorcist... danger or some shit. (I wonder where it went to since like all standard corny horror, the exorcist dies anyway)

3. She proceeded to hunt down a cat, despite claiming she is an animal lover... etc. logical considered how scared shitless she was from a few swings of pot and pans by freak winds and getting bitch slapped by a shadow that looks like Billy the Goat. (Lamias are not even Goats for christ sake, a Lamia is the name for a Naga looking creature with human torso and snake body for legs.)

4. Somewhere around the mid end, she was desperate to raise the money for the exorcism, so she pawned her stuff and while looking for pawning items in her tool shed, she gets a visit from old Gypsy... turns out she was dead already, so this Gypsy is an illusion, and like all standard corny horror, it can physically hold your neck...but instead of this...SOMETHING EPIC HAPPENED

Yes, old Gypsy decided it was a good idea to reach inside her and plant her ENTIRE ARM while DISAPPEARED into HER MOUTH/THROAT... a struggle for some 10 seconds continued as muffled "MMMMHHHMMM" were included before a forge stand (you know the thing they used to forge a sword from? the stand where the hot metal was slammed by a steel hammer on?) HANGING ON THE CEILING ala WARNER BROS/CARTOON NETWORK style was unhinged by Lohman's Mouthfisted character to SLAM DOWN on Gypsy's head and SOMETHING MORE EPIC HAPPENED!

Like this, Gypsy's eyeballs practically slammed out of her skull by the large iron forge that vertically fell down on her head and the eyeballs ATTACHED THEMSELVES ALONG WITH BLACK SOMETHING LIQUID ONTO Lohman's face! It was all...like...AHAHAHAHAH LOL OMG WTF ARE YOU TRYING TO SCARE ME CAUSE I JUST LAUGHED LIKE A BITCH.

5. Running past that, they decide to go for the exorcism after boyfriend was kind enough to pay the whole amount. It was all okay, and then the exorcism lady said something about when she entered a seance, which is to summon spirits ala Gypsy style, she would be possessed by the Lamia, and at which point, Lohman must put her hand on a goat, which is Billy from above. Halfway through the exorcist decides to welcome spirits, and began signing off tonedly some gypsy song that sounded like her grandmother just got plowed down by a Chevelle and is having an orgasm while she gets fucked by a crocodile.

The first scene was hilarious... from out of nowhere...(silence) (AGAIN?!)...and then a bunch of spirits show up, as though it was PARTAY TIME they are like EXTRAS from the THRILLER video only it was worse...it appears Sam thought that green lights shone under the faces and enhanced by CGI is STILL SCARY in 2009! (this shit is so 70s or something). One even came flying out of a window and wore like a Victorian lady, complete with gothic get up and bad makeup, goes AHHHHHH and then has a small little black umbrella with frilly laces. If I didn't know better, this has suddenly some Walt Disney branded on it.

So Exorcist goes through a minute long explanation that sometimes lost spirits will come for the party too if she sings like a whore. She shooed them away...and (silence) (*facepalms*) suddenly, shit happened! Exorcist was possessed according to plan and small indian guy with bushy beard who is present until the end of the movie as a support/joke character asks the possessed (with big eyes...) what she wants with Lohman.

"I WANT YOUR SOUL BLAH BLAH YOU KNOW THE DRILL." says the demon, and Lohman, as though grabbing hold to an ounce of intelligence suddenly, puts the hand of possessed Exorcist on Billy, transferring suddenly the demon into the goat! Ok, it was all dandy...but then.. BILLY STARTED TALKING.

"YOU FILTHY SWINE, YOU CHEATED ME!" The goat sounded, in a presumably still stylish demon voice, deep with baritone and sounded like a bitch filled her mouth with cum.
This part was even animated, the Goat moved its jaws up and down in a cartoonish manner as it chomped on the hands on another on hand character and possesed him.

Milos as this person is know, becomes the possessed instead. He began dancing around like a FAGGOT and flies... and then HE VOMITED A CAT. A cute kitty (earlier murdered in cold blood by animal lover Lohman) as a sacrifice for the demon to appease it was VOMITED OUT OF MILOS MOUTH (complete with lightning and thunder and flickering shadows in the background with music!) BOO AM I SCARY YET?! BET YOUR DEMON CANNOT VOMIT CATS!

The rest of the film seemed however to steer itself back on course, despite already unrescuable sheer ridiculousness. It was all entire comedic, and when it was the end... the dragged to hell part happened. AFTER SOME 1 HOUR AND 30 MINUTES OF HORROR GAGS copied from every single FAILED HORROR writer or as though TWILIGHT's director took the reign from Sam and changed the script for it. Actually...scratch that, maybe Walt Disney himself saw that the horror movie was too horrible and decided that it is better if Acme was included and the looney toons too would make fine examples to the movie's highlight.


(Verdict: 0.5/5)

All in all... this film has been the biggest LOL FEST claiming its stake of spot in the horror film business.

The only advice I can give to all of you, is that you should not watch this thinking it was a horror movie. There is no horror in it, sheer none. There is only LOL ROFLMAO AND ZOMGWTFLOL in every single scene that it attempts to be scary at.

It is not that I don't have faith, but this movie has yet again proven to me, that sometimes, when you are good at something, stick with it, don't divert your resources.

I would personally demand that Sam Raimi come over and have a chat with me on this if he would, but if he did, he would have to answer for the crime against humanity this show has proven itself to be.

Surely we are well over the 1970-1980s cheap scare period already have we? Even Lake Placid or Anaconda was scarier than this piece of shit. (unless of course, Sam does this because it is a comedy, not horror) but even then, it is a pretty bad joke, like 'your mum is so fat' jokes, only niggers and jews were included.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday : Bored.

Heading to a friend's house later.

wanted to do a review on Blood the Last Vampire but too lazy and frankly it sucks.

wanted to do a review on Angels and Demons but same too, said friend earlier might object to me spoiling it.

wanted to masturbate furiously but realized I should not.




Wednesday, June 10, 2009

50 posts! and 6 Followers!

D'awwwww... Nao-kun is so cute!

Thank you very much for all your support, I may not be worthy, but I hope you will continue to watch this blog warmly for its constant growth and weirdness.

(to think I impulsively started this blog for a rant)

Thank you.
I love you all.

Special thanks goes out to my followers, would be lovely if you tell more people about it.

on another note...
I wonder if there is a feature to count how many hits on pageviews...

Monday, June 8, 2009

This post is a lie.

No, this is very misleading.

However, I just have to say one thing.

I cannot deny my carnal lust.


I can't.

I like Kigurumi.

People keep asking me how you get off to this, the truth is then told, I'll be honest, I don't.

I will never open a folder with kig pictures to the brim and attempt to jack off, I won't. I can say all the 'Fap fap fap' I want but I just won't do that. The problem is quite simple, despite sights and sounds and this obsessions, I am not gay.

I may be 2D gay for Cherry Girls and traps, but I can't 3D gay, my mind is not set for that.

I cannot pull down and whisk out my "KIROV" for such a matter, I can fap to women, girls, 2D or 3D but the issue with this, I can't.

This post is 100% honest.

Ahahaha, Mariya Shidou has a few fans at /jp/ it seems lol, thanks guys, I know you like what I post, but know this, I love what you guys can uncover on Kigurumi more.
Making friends with Kamituro and Nanana as well as Hitomi

These guys are great, their videos awesome, now if only...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Best Articles of The Best of... etc in Cracked.Com

As we all know, Cracked.com has never failed to bring comedy, dick jokes and utter slandering for some of the most terrible/wonderful things on the planet from money making by ton loads black rappers to Jewish settlements along the Gaza strip. Being as much as an ass as they are, Cracked.com has never failed to be funny, witty, and plain awesome when it comes to presenting some of the "best of ----" whatever the fuck there is that we don't know or never bothered to find out.

Here I will list all that I can as some of the articles that are quite simply a class of their own. (first one is the best, ALL HAIL HAYHA!)

5 Real Life Soldiers Who Make Rambo Look Like a Pussy

The 30 Most Unsettling German Halloween Costumes

7 Safety Products (for the Incredibly Paranoid)

I am not paid to advertise for Cracked, seeing as they really need no introduction as much as the likes of TVtropes, which is really the least favorite site of mine.

Next to this, I also have below Encyclopedia Dramatica's most LULZworthy moments in links that will make you click, and find out more about exactly what is the element of true LULZ. Warning, furries are the butt of the jokes.




Heck this is not even the bulk of it but a selected few from the two sites, in comparison, ED has more of such articles than I can ever be fucking cared enough to blog on. Not that I should since hopefully, I might not get my own ED for fucking LOLZOWNED one day.

Nonetheless, since I also am a hater, and a Kigurumi fanatic...I suppose I have much to fear.

As CNN would report, LULZ is the element of adulterated form of LOL, and anything, everything can be made into LOL, even members of a forum for geeks, and Touhou.

This here goes out to you Gpop, you are by far the one guy who earns the Title of Honorary Mention of Lulz from me. Also, fuck your Koishi madness, real men like little boys and traps.

Have a fucking medal.

While we are at the shouts part, I must say, Cherry Girls makes about the gayest thing that gay town has everything to be gay about ever, yet, as it seems, I am hooked. I mean, boys who dress up as girls and serve boys? IN A MAID CAFE even?!

Am I mad? Am I honestly mad? I believe I am, and here goes...

I love reading the stories... and they are not even...you know, like a comic or something.
Oh well

Prunus Girl ~~Aizawa Kizuna~chan~~~

Prunus Girl [ Read here > http://mangahelpers.com/m/prunus-girl ] As all good men with unhealthy fetishes and unnatural love for girly looking boys in ancient Greece and even Sparta would tell you, a boy's best bit is the silky smooth skin akin to that of a fine lady tender enough to be plucked of their virginity, the voice is akin to that of a seductive siren shy of her surroundings, singing in every note. A chocolate to the ears a girly boy is best tasted along with that of a body erotically enticing, both with a hint of boyish firmness, and even that of natural softness of female flesh. The pink rosy layer extends downwards as one explores the nether domains, until one ultimately reaches the apple of truth, as when Newton has discovered gravity, the sheer excitement of achievement as one plucks from the tree of sin the taste of forbidden love.

That said, Prunus Girl is a trap centered manga.


It is currently scanlated up to Chapter 4 by Natsume Scanlations (thanks guys, for making me fap guiltily) .
Prunus Girl centers on a guy called Maki, a handsome high school guy who is good at sports but very lazy and a 'girl' he met on results announcement day at the end of middle school.

Picking up a ticket that drifted in the wind to the ground, he laid eyes on what could have been his dream angel,
Aizawa Kizuna

Time passes, and he starts new life at school, little did he know what fate has in store for him, for before him, the girl whom introduced herself is no other than Aizawa Kizuna with her sweet sweet smile and beautiful round eyes. Everything was almost picture perfect...until...

"Despite my looks, I am a guy." She says, openly.

Faces with shock, awe, spreads across the room and the only one with more shock and awe is Maki who felt like the world has tumbled down on him.
A month passed and it was shown that they are the best of friends and an unlikely pair of something more than friends, but less than lovers. The feeling is strange, one cannot place the finger on why actually does one enjoy this.

Sweet Aizawa-chan is good at sports, has a good personality that borders on great, loved by both male and female and worshipped even like a school idol.
There is hardly anything that one does not want to admit to liking.

Aizawa as it seems however, has taken a forbidden interest in Maki, and so does Maki himself began to feel... 'could it be? He could be a real girl, pretending to be a guy?" It takes one to know one, and the both break beyond the barriers of boy and girl love? Or can they slip under the radar?

The moment one reaches for this book, one will be thoroughly engaged, and enchanted enough to read it. Now, if only Natsume Scanlations will hurry with the chapters so that we can all enjoy our guilty pleasures.

I would gladly give this a 8/10 thus far, now...if I can get my hands on Prunus Girl 1.5, the world will bow to my feet... or at least crumble.



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Touhou Bus Reitaisai (w/ Cirno Class Room Song) video + Kamituro update (as Misaki-chan)



A friend on youtube at least, Kamituro uploaded a new guitar play video this time featuring the very sexy sexy Misaki-chan kig cosplay.

Watch this one, be amazed, Misaki can really play the guitar and that ain't no joke. Ahhhnnn~~~~ <3>
_, ,_  ∩
( ゚∀゚) 彡 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Manga...? MORE like Man-Gore! Ichi the Killer.

殺し屋 best manga ever. WARNING extreme GORE.

Ichi the Killer 殺し屋 read here

Warning again, this manga is not for the faint hearted, more hardkore than Hokuto no Ken (Not even atatatatatata can compare with this), Higurashi (you all know this one), and Riki-Oh (Has a live action adaptation of seriously epic blood spray and intestine murder, using intestines to strangle enemies) or even High School Girl in Concrete (a Guro one shot that caused 4chan to rage) all added together.

This shit is not for the weak, the pussy, and certainly not the sensitive. If you complain when you see some weird discovery channel video on how slaughterhouses operate day to day and cruelty to animals, beware.

In the world of the underground, the Yakuza reigns supremes. It ropes in some fine individuals, leadership is prominent, and so are the drug rings that bring in millions even billions in profits. Occassionally, the Yakuza ropes in some serious sickos, one of them, is the sick ultimate masochist sadist Kakihara.

Kakihara is a second head, sort of like an apprentice to Boss Anjo of the Anjo gang. When a mysterious incident that saw Anjo being kidnapped by unknown persons, Kakihara began a cruel operation to search Tokyo up and down for who is responsible for the disappearence of his beloved boss. (by beloved, this has nothing to do with loyalty, or love, it is something SM relative)

Kakihara heard of a killer, his name is Ichi, and he is without mercy. He always arrives at the scene too late, only to witness "art" left by Ichi the ultimate killer. Intestines, spinal cords, eyeballs, severed limbs, blood, lots and lots of blood splattered across the plain walls of rooms once occupied by gang members of the Yakuza. The said gang members of course, are raw material for his "artwork".

Kakihara is excited, he wants to feel death linger on his shoulders, he wants Ichi to kill him. There is not honor, but the fear and anticipation that such a "beautiful" killer exist, someone qualified to give him the pain he has not felt from Yakuza boss Anjo since he is gone. He wants the pain, he wants death...there is only one person who can give it to him.

Meanwhile, in a Tokyo small restaurant, a pathetic looking young man around 20 years of age stared at the ground below him, "sorry...I am sorry..." he whispered pathetically. It sounded like a mouse squeak, the customer only gave a disdain stare and returned to the meal, while the restaurant boss pulled him aside and slapped him with insults.

"Why don't you just die? You are so pathetic it is a pain to look at you..."

"I am sorry...sorry...sorry..."

Shift is over, so is the job as he is fired. One mistake too many they say, leads to that.

Just then, his cellphone rang.

"Jiiji?" Ichi answered.

"I found those bullies that has been harrassing you back in school...the pictures are in the usual place...you must take your revenge..."

Ichi looks down on his pants, the familiar sensation as his member became hard as a rock inside the writhing fabric made him rush back. Yes...revenge... those bastards...they took away his childhood, they took away his happiness. They will pay.

[Verdict: 8/10]

Sheer badassery.
Are you a bad enough dude to read this?

On the movie itself: (there is a live action version, dubbed a cult classic in its genre and beyond by many of those who dared.)

quoted from Movie critics Reviews.

[ " ...the concentrated distilled spirits of demented human imagination. And yet, through it all, Miike's vision remains wonderfully creative and beautifully shot. he (Miike) avidly depicts a world of terror, where human beings are more frightening than any supernatural force." ]

[ "...You won't like this, and you won't watch this. If you do, you're in for a treat. It's perfectly composed, daring and frightening. Then, believe it or not, it's even darkly funny. " ]

You can watch this movie on Youtube.

Here is my composed playlist: Killer Flicks Playlist (Ichi The Killer, the Movie)

It does seem Japan likely to offer the most sadistic works of fiction no?
It sometimes occurs to me whether the strange and vileness of the uncensored industry comes any worse off as the strange visions their people have for their own nation. Volatile, quick moving, daring, exploration beyond the fifth wall of moral conduct, such are the shape and sounds of the films that Japan dare produce. Aptly dubbed as just "shock films" when more so, it makes for even the most shocking shocking than the shockable.

If the rain was a blessing

If only the rain was a blessing, we would all be crying tears of joy.

each time when it rains, my eyes would tear, I would cry, no one could tell anyway.

It isn't okay to have a grown man cry, because big boys don't.

Down under it, I suppose there are so many things that sort of keep you from doing it you know, but you gotta stay strong because there are more who are crying already. Who is gonna stop those tears if you cry too?

I guess you have to, you have to.

I had to do what others haven't, I have to do something others are not.

My agenda is to complete it, I have to.

There is something I must do, but I am already doing it with a heavy heart, all the more so why I must steady my steps, I shall reach where I once thought impossible.

I know I can.

I hope I can.

I won't cry, not yet.

but forgetting that emo bit, just...well, me getting stressed from work and what's not.

I have....



Never again I would view IOSYS songs with the same audacity again.

Monday, June 1, 2009


The sheer SUGOI (TL Note: Sugoi means Awesome) in this vidya is OVER KYU-SEN! (TL Note: Kyu Sen is 9000)