Monday, June 22, 2009

State of Play Excellence

Coming in a long line of summer blockbusters is one that certainly deserved much more attention that just a bunch of kids lining up for Monsters vs Stupid Aliens. A film with Russell Crowe is almost a certainly good film, think of Gladiators, and the such and one cannot help but notice how utterly good Russell is when he portrays these quality roles.

As of late, I am sure many a time earlier we all know Russell had a silly band he insisted on hanging with and that he can't sing for peanuts. However, it is also a worthwhile notice that he can really act, and in this film his latest offering as Cal McAffrey an investigative reporter for The Washington Globe newspaper; is no less than stunning.

[State of Play] is based on a 2003 6 episodes running drama featured here
Staring as you can see...including funny man in Sean Penn movies Bill Nighy of also famed role as Victor the vampire of Underworld trilogy fame.

The plot begins with a murder, a pizza boy (because Pizza man sounds gay) was ran off the bike, a thief got shot and a drug dealer is dead. What seemed like a connection case with a simple drug related crime soon becomes connected through an intricate single killer who shoots once at the spine, and once on the back of the head: signs of a pro at work.

Problems soar with what seemed like a suicide of an elected congressman's (played by Ben Affleck (Stephen Collins)) lover on a Metro train line evidently seeming like she was being pushed to the rails as the train approaches; goes on the spotlight of a highlighted love affair between the suicidal dead female co-worker to a cheating husband Stephen who is fighting a court case against a multi-national mercenary corporation that operates based on outsourcing military might for the US Gov, in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and in every aspect of every military action. It was all a moral flail in the face, Congressman vs immoral corporation that kills for money in the name of the US Gov spoiling the US Gov's credibility. Naturally, the losing side is Stephen, and then came Cal Mc Affrey, worker, investigative reporter at Washinton Globe daily, eager to uncover the truth of the shooting of a drug dealer, but when he found more links as his friend Collins came to him for help to hide from paparazzis one night, he became involved in quite potentially the biggest cover up in US conspiracy history.

Naturally, like all news facade, flares spark with the news of a love affair but is there more to it than what the eyes can see? Because they know each other (Stephen and Cal) that means it is up to best friend since college Cal to help with congressman Collins's image problem. The more he investigates however, the more skeletons he found, and in the highlight of the twist that really brings the bang for your buck, you have the most unlikely thriller drama end ever to come up with and in the face it asks of you, "what would a good friend go through for you?" and if you were Cal, "What would you have done?"

Truly a remarkable role, and truly so because like all the other police stories and such of intrigue mysterious roles with full on personality fixes, this one is one intense role that requires a deeply seated actor of much experience, and much pained acting decisiveness (despite his off-set asshole like behavior) that dictates the show's flow of emotions and powerful line of story.

I would say, whatever the case, it is best if you watch the movie yourself.

Surely this should make on Edible's favorite list...too bad it is too new to be inside his two hints. (some shrinemaiden shit happening there)

I promise you won't be disappointed if you watch this.


  1. You're hugely mistaken, I can safely say. What DEFINES a moe show? With my experienced view, K-On! is more than just a moe show. It is a comedy routine with mild plot, enough to keep your eyes going unlike Crappy Star, whose plot is too less to say, catch-worthy.

    Although it is not a perfect product, it is certainly a good relief for after-work. And it is not full of puns that only Japanese can understand.

    NOTE : Shitty Blogger Livejournal ID porting is shitty indeed. I had a hard time posting even ONE comment yesterday

  2. But you are on the wrong post!

    LOL Cass, change to blogspot already, no one uses Livejournal anymore anyway.

  3. Who says no one uses LiveJournal? lol

    Also, way ahead of you. I have AIM ID. LOL


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