Friday, June 26, 2009

Tensai Dere Medaka Kurokami-sama! [Medaka Box]

Super daringly sexy Medaka Kurokami doing her thing.

Medaka Box: Read Here
Boundaries? Limits? There is only so much a human can do?


What are those? Don't you know who she is? She is Medaka Kurokami

[ Kurokami Medaka, a first year, is elected as Student Council President, and the first thing she does is establish a suggestion box. Since she was just elected as Student Council President, she's holding all the Student Council's responsibilities, and wearing their armbands.
So, she asks for her childhood friend, Hitoyoshi Zenkichi, for help. ]

That is what it is, however, comes the fun part.

The suggestions are like... "kick out the delinquents occupying the school grounds" and she is the perfect girl for the job. From young, Medaka has never failed anything, she is the only 2nd year to have a red belt Judo qualification (highest Dan), Kendo master, Karate master, everything master (even ball games, etc) and has held the championship for consecutive years without fail being the first among the best, and the first at all times. (am I being redundant? She is an impossible champion who made everything impossible, possible!)

With pure grunt and pure admiration from all those who simply worship her, for both her exotic and daring beauty... (why she is revealing herself above saying "what is the point if I can't show people how well toned my body is?") ; her pure daringness, the pure expertism, her pure badassery to conquer the school grounds, dispelling all troubles and answering all concerns, so that the people can chase their dreams without worry!

On the story? I am loving it so much I am willing to say this manga is worth 10/10 in my book.

Not only is the art awesome dynamic and sexy (scenes with Medaka in undies almost certainly give me tightened pants), the story is dynamically explosive. Everything is a kick to the head, "I dare you to come up to me and offer me a challenge I cannot complete" and by the end of chapter 1, I am sure you would be hooked, and fell in love with Medaka-sama when she openly profess her dreams.

"I need not people to love me, it is only important if I love people!" - Medaka

Walking the path of heaven, conquering all in her path. (now if only Tendou Souji is here...)

>> Picture related, it is Tendou Souji (speaking perfect English by the way, "Dake do, ore wa Strongest")

Perfect match in heaven don't you think?

Also, there are a number of people accusing her of being a Mary Sue, that is not true, she is capable of errors, and her smartness makes her as blunt as a tool covered in 30 plastic wraps of pita bread. (point of note? Chapter 3-4) I am almost convinced she is a true Tensai-Baka, yes, there is such a term now, both too smart for her own good, and too stupid to be so extremely smart. Well, I am inspired now, time to read it and get a hard on!

(Actually by that, I do mean a hard head, like....oh I lost your attention.)

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  1. I'm not really interested in boobs, but this pique my interest. Maybe I'll try reading it when I had the time.


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