Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Manga...? MORE like Man-Gore! Ichi the Killer.

殺し屋 best manga ever. WARNING extreme GORE.

Ichi the Killer 殺し屋 read here

Warning again, this manga is not for the faint hearted, more hardkore than Hokuto no Ken (Not even atatatatatata can compare with this), Higurashi (you all know this one), and Riki-Oh (Has a live action adaptation of seriously epic blood spray and intestine murder, using intestines to strangle enemies) or even High School Girl in Concrete (a Guro one shot that caused 4chan to rage) all added together.

This shit is not for the weak, the pussy, and certainly not the sensitive. If you complain when you see some weird discovery channel video on how slaughterhouses operate day to day and cruelty to animals, beware.

In the world of the underground, the Yakuza reigns supremes. It ropes in some fine individuals, leadership is prominent, and so are the drug rings that bring in millions even billions in profits. Occassionally, the Yakuza ropes in some serious sickos, one of them, is the sick ultimate masochist sadist Kakihara.

Kakihara is a second head, sort of like an apprentice to Boss Anjo of the Anjo gang. When a mysterious incident that saw Anjo being kidnapped by unknown persons, Kakihara began a cruel operation to search Tokyo up and down for who is responsible for the disappearence of his beloved boss. (by beloved, this has nothing to do with loyalty, or love, it is something SM relative)

Kakihara heard of a killer, his name is Ichi, and he is without mercy. He always arrives at the scene too late, only to witness "art" left by Ichi the ultimate killer. Intestines, spinal cords, eyeballs, severed limbs, blood, lots and lots of blood splattered across the plain walls of rooms once occupied by gang members of the Yakuza. The said gang members of course, are raw material for his "artwork".

Kakihara is excited, he wants to feel death linger on his shoulders, he wants Ichi to kill him. There is not honor, but the fear and anticipation that such a "beautiful" killer exist, someone qualified to give him the pain he has not felt from Yakuza boss Anjo since he is gone. He wants the pain, he wants death...there is only one person who can give it to him.

Meanwhile, in a Tokyo small restaurant, a pathetic looking young man around 20 years of age stared at the ground below him, "sorry...I am sorry..." he whispered pathetically. It sounded like a mouse squeak, the customer only gave a disdain stare and returned to the meal, while the restaurant boss pulled him aside and slapped him with insults.

"Why don't you just die? You are so pathetic it is a pain to look at you..."

"I am sorry...sorry...sorry..."

Shift is over, so is the job as he is fired. One mistake too many they say, leads to that.

Just then, his cellphone rang.

"Jiiji?" Ichi answered.

"I found those bullies that has been harrassing you back in school...the pictures are in the usual place...you must take your revenge..."

Ichi looks down on his pants, the familiar sensation as his member became hard as a rock inside the writhing fabric made him rush back. Yes...revenge... those bastards...they took away his childhood, they took away his happiness. They will pay.

[Verdict: 8/10]

Sheer badassery.
Are you a bad enough dude to read this?

On the movie itself: (there is a live action version, dubbed a cult classic in its genre and beyond by many of those who dared.)

quoted from Movie critics Reviews.

[ " ...the concentrated distilled spirits of demented human imagination. And yet, through it all, Miike's vision remains wonderfully creative and beautifully shot. he (Miike) avidly depicts a world of terror, where human beings are more frightening than any supernatural force." ]

[ "...You won't like this, and you won't watch this. If you do, you're in for a treat. It's perfectly composed, daring and frightening. Then, believe it or not, it's even darkly funny. " ]

You can watch this movie on Youtube.

Here is my composed playlist: Killer Flicks Playlist (Ichi The Killer, the Movie)

It does seem Japan likely to offer the most sadistic works of fiction no?
It sometimes occurs to me whether the strange and vileness of the uncensored industry comes any worse off as the strange visions their people have for their own nation. Volatile, quick moving, daring, exploration beyond the fifth wall of moral conduct, such are the shape and sounds of the films that Japan dare produce. Aptly dubbed as just "shock films" when more so, it makes for even the most shocking shocking than the shockable.


  1. Very interesting, but actually i didn't like that genre... because it makes me think about the whereabouts the characters personalities and other relationships... But share the link because i know of someone that maybe like that...

  2. It is there, underneath the red letters.

    I actually there is a lot of character personality involvements.

    Especially between the sadistic masochistic Kakihara, and Ichi being on a manipulated to believe situation. He in the manga, believes that killing people for revenge of his childhood is as harmless as day.

    He believes that bad people should die, and he is doing what vigilants do, it is just the way he is portrayed, he is both villian and good guy, but his archrival is both good guy and bad guy. After all, Ichi provoked the good yakuza just going about selling drugs and porn to the people first, it is not like they needed to be killed. People like porn, and drugs.

    The way this story is directed, you sort of symphatizes with the pathetique.


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