Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If the rain was a blessing

If only the rain was a blessing, we would all be crying tears of joy.

each time when it rains, my eyes would tear, I would cry, no one could tell anyway.

It isn't okay to have a grown man cry, because big boys don't.

Down under it, I suppose there are so many things that sort of keep you from doing it you know, but you gotta stay strong because there are more who are crying already. Who is gonna stop those tears if you cry too?

I guess you have to, you have to.

I had to do what others haven't, I have to do something others are not.

My agenda is to complete it, I have to.

There is something I must do, but I am already doing it with a heavy heart, all the more so why I must steady my steps, I shall reach where I once thought impossible.

I know I can.

I hope I can.

I won't cry, not yet.

but forgetting that emo bit, just...well, me getting stressed from work and what's not.

I have....



Never again I would view IOSYS songs with the same audacity again.


  1. Yukarin is now 70% hotter to me.
    I want to make a gif of that parasol beatdown. Thank you, thank you. And cheer up! I'm useless in the cheering up department, so it's the most I can do, really. :3

  2. Actaully i put the two videos at the same time (i only view the second in mute mode)... and looks so good... An for me, i love the rain... And when i feel that i need to cry... i only cry... but sometimes, i can't cry, dunno the reason... :S


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