Monday, June 8, 2009

This post is a lie.

No, this is very misleading.

However, I just have to say one thing.

I cannot deny my carnal lust.


I can't.

I like Kigurumi.

People keep asking me how you get off to this, the truth is then told, I'll be honest, I don't.

I will never open a folder with kig pictures to the brim and attempt to jack off, I won't. I can say all the 'Fap fap fap' I want but I just won't do that. The problem is quite simple, despite sights and sounds and this obsessions, I am not gay.

I may be 2D gay for Cherry Girls and traps, but I can't 3D gay, my mind is not set for that.

I cannot pull down and whisk out my "KIROV" for such a matter, I can fap to women, girls, 2D or 3D but the issue with this, I can't.

This post is 100% honest.

Ahahaha, Mariya Shidou has a few fans at /jp/ it seems lol, thanks guys, I know you like what I post, but know this, I love what you guys can uncover on Kigurumi more.
Making friends with Kamituro and Nanana as well as Hitomi

These guys are great, their videos awesome, now if only...


  1. As always... You always amusing me and confusing me... ¬_¬ Well...

  2. The first image do good in becoming nightmare feul


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