Monday, June 22, 2009

Angels and Demons...?


Well, as much as I like the film, the film was a let down in many cases, I suppose it makes more sense than to make it into a 3 hour special, but it really is a disappointment when the whole affair sort of scoffs at your face after you read it.

For example...
(Spoilers ahead for those who have not read/watch it yet)

Il Camerlengo is the character of much PLOT TWEEST, the show however had him most of them time playing his rather insignificant role and the end of the show did not have him do much other than burn himself... alone.
It was a bit of a disappointment, I sort of expected to re-live the scene where he climbs atop the Vatican's St.Peter's Square and burn himself in front of his admirers. He was also the Pope too in the novel, and not to mention the novel made more sense.

I had a feeling the film crew disregarded how the Assasin was not able to be contacted, and was talked with/to by the Camerlengo as the 'Teacher' of the illuminati. There is also no mention of Kohler's involvement, which with his sacrifice, only then will make any decent sense. I suppose the Pope's spy cam mounted in his living room is fine, but it just lacks that bit of sense you know?

You would think Camerlengo aka Teacher after plotting such an intricate plan to infiltrate CERN and steal an Antimatter-container, digging out eyeballs for passes to the inner chambers, murdering 4 cardinals to shock believers into submission, had a great plan ahead to REMOVE THE CAMERAS in the room before they even talked.


This has been most significantly the biggest plot tweest ever, if only they did the following of the book thing. I mean, only then they revealed that (in the book), Camerlengo was the son (an actual son) to the former Pope, who is chaste. The story gets a more wide eyed view of the 'we are both the same, seeking God through different paths' when it was revealed that the Pope used artificial means to have a child with a nun who dropped out of the Vatican to care for the child. Artificial insemination, which gave the child that later became the Camerlengo to the Pope, and also murderer of his own father.

It was this that was the height of Dan Brown's personal genius, it gave a lot of insight, to how someone blinded fanatically by something he chases forgot to look around him and ended committing mistakes in the name of absolution to God. His case was to be given a wider argument when one can stare at his inner insanity, the way he would 'talk' to God, and how Mortati became aware that perhaps 'he could really be the chosen one' and chose him even despite all things. (actually the Cardinals did, but Mortati refused the claim of Pope by public adoration).

Nonetheless, it is not the films fault, every show has its limits, and by adding a new element, this makes for a good movie. Robert Langdon still ranks as one of the sexy men in the industry, anyone who says so can suck Woody Allen's 80 year old schlong.


On another note:
So, K-On is finished for the moment, and thus, with this I began watching it. I admit I hate moe shows, but then again, Ritsu is CUTTTTTE!!!

I hardly am the type who goes the whole way, I usually drop shows like this after the first episode because I could foresee exactly what is going to happen. When 4chan says that moe is killing the industry of anime, I had to believe them because it is true.

However, once in a while, a moe show comes along that really makes you wanna watch it. I however, am not saying that K-On is one such show, it is mediocre at best and I like it only for the moment, after of which, I probably forget about it.

Good moe shows exists? Oh, yes, they do, the classics I mean. Like To Heart (the first one ever made), and then there was Tokimeki Memorial and then Memories Off (which is....well, lacklustre). Good shows come hard when you have prejudice like me. I still think To Heart and Macross SDF was the best robo mecha show I ever watched so yeah.

So all in all... it is about whether you like it or not.



Makes about exactly why Moe shows are the pinnacle of Otaku-fandom, everyone wants to fap, moe shows make fapping time seemed more justified.

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