Sunday, June 7, 2009

Prunus Girl ~~Aizawa Kizuna~chan~~~

Prunus Girl [ Read here > ] As all good men with unhealthy fetishes and unnatural love for girly looking boys in ancient Greece and even Sparta would tell you, a boy's best bit is the silky smooth skin akin to that of a fine lady tender enough to be plucked of their virginity, the voice is akin to that of a seductive siren shy of her surroundings, singing in every note. A chocolate to the ears a girly boy is best tasted along with that of a body erotically enticing, both with a hint of boyish firmness, and even that of natural softness of female flesh. The pink rosy layer extends downwards as one explores the nether domains, until one ultimately reaches the apple of truth, as when Newton has discovered gravity, the sheer excitement of achievement as one plucks from the tree of sin the taste of forbidden love.

That said, Prunus Girl is a trap centered manga.

It is currently scanlated up to Chapter 4 by Natsume Scanlations (thanks guys, for making me fap guiltily) .
Prunus Girl centers on a guy called Maki, a handsome high school guy who is good at sports but very lazy and a 'girl' he met on results announcement day at the end of middle school.

Picking up a ticket that drifted in the wind to the ground, he laid eyes on what could have been his dream angel,
Aizawa Kizuna

Time passes, and he starts new life at school, little did he know what fate has in store for him, for before him, the girl whom introduced herself is no other than Aizawa Kizuna with her sweet sweet smile and beautiful round eyes. Everything was almost picture perfect...until...

"Despite my looks, I am a guy." She says, openly.

Faces with shock, awe, spreads across the room and the only one with more shock and awe is Maki who felt like the world has tumbled down on him.
A month passed and it was shown that they are the best of friends and an unlikely pair of something more than friends, but less than lovers. The feeling is strange, one cannot place the finger on why actually does one enjoy this.

Sweet Aizawa-chan is good at sports, has a good personality that borders on great, loved by both male and female and worshipped even like a school idol.
There is hardly anything that one does not want to admit to liking.

Aizawa as it seems however, has taken a forbidden interest in Maki, and so does Maki himself began to feel... 'could it be? He could be a real girl, pretending to be a guy?" It takes one to know one, and the both break beyond the barriers of boy and girl love? Or can they slip under the radar?

The moment one reaches for this book, one will be thoroughly engaged, and enchanted enough to read it. Now, if only Natsume Scanlations will hurry with the chapters so that we can all enjoy our guilty pleasures.

I would gladly give this a 8/10 thus far, now...if I can get my hands on Prunus Girl 1.5, the world will bow to my feet... or at least crumble.



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