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Starting today I suck cox

Starting today, I add this guy to my list of sites which to link from here. This picture of arnold says : YOUR ASS, BELONGS TO HIM.
Greenvirus is a good friend of mine and we both are on DA.


> has been finally revamped to V6, after what seem like ages, although it takes ages to load a page now, you can still smell the somewhat smoking elitism that still floats around.


> I decided that this anime season has been the best ever been. Not only is there the quatro-epic (as in epic x epic x epic x lulz) anime Arakawa Under The Bridge gets a season 2, and which is infinitely much more epic than season 1, the story is just amazing. I cannot for the count find an anime more robust than Arakawa, there are some close contenders for content this season tho.

(Forget K-On, that is so last season)
1. Ika Musume - a certain squid girl ends up on a beach, trying to be the fighting environmentalist x the ultimate Hitler-ish invader, she fails and gets recruited into a beachside restaurant and worked for what I can presume... for free, and getting molested and harassed by a crazy cute-dresses making, dressing, photographing loli only lesbian nutcase. YOU GONNA GET LOVED TENDERLY.

2. Ore no Imouto, although this show started rather weak, the what I can only presume to be the true protagonist - Kuroneko in the show is truly captivating as a character, mostly because I can relate to her so well. On another hand, Kirino is... well, to be fair, I can't think of a single reason why anyone would like her attitude, in episode 9 however, that was sorta awesome.

3. Iron Man - better off known as a cartoon with Japanese voice than anime, this is downright terrible fanfiction. However, it is the few quotients of manliness that was severely lacking in this season's anime. Thank god that Tony Stark builds his shit in his cave.

4. Toaru Majutsu Index: Again, Index is somewhat forgotten.

5. Yosuga no Sora - some girls are ok, but annoying, there however lies one inherent problem: you seem to be forever attached to your little sister. Despite the fact you have a motherly big boobed neighbor who raped you when you are a kid and loved you now. Funny how life works no?

6. World God Only Knows - I imagine this season is about the 4 girls, and when season 2 comes along (which I am sure it will), it will touch on Tenri's arc as well as the giant war behind the evil spirits thing... which frankly is a bit... odd, it doesn't need to be this complicated.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

God damn

Dear god, this woman

is wrong


How could something this hawt exist?!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


this Senkaku Island debacle and ship ramming incident that led to China vs Japan must stop!

This is crazy, both countries are becoming utterly senseless. The Japanese people have spoken, but the DPJ just pretended they don't exist. Foreign policies don't get forged this way, what it needs is dialogue and not some obscure mutual hate.

The way I see it, though Japan has no claims over that island, be as they are a small nation that rose to power and probably took that island as a prize during WW2, they have the responsibility to acknowledge it were the spoils then, NOT now. To be fair, they lost the war and should have relinquished their prizes, (as with Germany, and all the lost lands and even the public apology).

In terms of pre-determined ownership, it is fair to assume that China is the rights owner to that little island that started this farce, comparatively, Japan, a much younger nation laying claim to them. It was my understanding China is probably the ones who discovered that island and called it Diao Yu Island in the first place, possibly hundreds of years ago even, if not thousands. While this may be wild guessing, the probability is far higher consider China has always been a sea-faring, world exploring nation, and significant history points that in most points of Japan's history, they are busy fighting themselves.

If anything, I just don't think this should go on any further. It was become ugly, with both nations now just crossing lines on how ugly it could get. What is peace, if they both seek personal gains and willing to kill for it? Lionizing the perpetrator of the ship ramming incident was bad enough, and now this debacle of the guy who leaked the videos to the public. We might as well go all out and send a nuclear warhead.

It is very sad it has come to this. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sengoku Basara 3 stuff

Really really got addicted with this game.

there is all kinds of awesome in this.

Since I can't record, I thought I would show you this guy's awesome plays.
If this doesn't convince you to play I dunno what will.

Seriously, as a whole, I am just a fan of this type of game, but I have never in my dreams expected that even with the cut away of some of my favorite Basara 1 and 2 characters this game will evolve to such an extensive platform.

The way you can use every single move in your arsenal, matched with purity of parrying, the new cancel and daft system, this game is... pwn.

In my opinion best character in game thus far probably is Mitsunari Ishida, a new character. Though I can guess he is a replacement for Kenshin Uesugi, his moves are far more... how to say... friendly? I also love his I HATE EVERYTHING attitude.

Probably in the near future I expect them to put out DLC packs which should include characters that are new in this game.

Looking forward to see very spammy Tachibana Muneshige (Chainsaws guy), and well, here is hoping they bring back overlord of swords Musashi Miyamoto for good measure. Some character modifications like Masamune Date finally getting his joke weapon (well deserved Sparkplug Swords I like...) and joke armor (lol Exhaust Pipes) makes this game a worthy feature just digging about for all the old stuff.

Things I would like to see is certainly Hanbei, which I suppose... the only reason why Mitsunari now fights for the Toyotomi is because he is already dead. However, knowing Basara series, I expect him to be back consider how they already brought back Oda Nobunaga the demon king.

Imo, in this generation, many of the characters have been given 'downgrade' Basara moves but infinitely it makes them a more general and pleasing part to master, as a whole you can no longer depend on only one perculiar character to master and farm, which is good, because this game... is what you are to expect an excellent sequel.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yip Hooray

I must feel pretty funny to the people especially the chinese posters on the blog posts I made here.

One day I am like RAGHHH ANGRY RAGE and the next I AM HAPPY SMILING, I really oughta keep my mood in control you know.

At least for today or something.

Somewhere out there are a bunch of kids kicking the stuff outta a sandbag with their karate and judo masters and they are learning well the art of self defence. I thought to myself that while I hear their grunts and screams and wondered...

"Man, time sure flies, look at me, I am 25 and where has all the time gone?"

Seriously though, life has been pretty damn tough, and yet I know it must be tougher for those people stranded in the middle of shit nowhere and doing something under the cover of a burqah.,

I swear to god, those people are really unfortunate, and look at here, I have a computer to type on, I have a forum to go to, and I have a can of soy bean milk in my left hand while I watch anime and rant about work. Heck, I have work.

You know what? The blog posters/commenters that left the comment in chinese for me?

Seriously, thank you guys.

I needed a reminder that somewhere down the road, I could use a pat in the back and say:
DUDE, cheer the hell up.

Thank you dear writers of my blog:

蔡靜芳蔡靜芳, 誠紋, 義珊義珊 and so on. Yes, I can read your comments and I do.

Most of all, today is my birthday and I am happy to let you all know, I have a new job waiting for me in the wings.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Corporate Idiocy and Just plain, BOSS BLUES.

I hate, let me state, that I HATE with the fiery intent of a furious sun about to explode Corporate.

if anything, corporates are like leeches.

Sure, they probably worked their way up and learned a few tricks in the office, but did most of them learned from where we did? As service people from the front lines? No.

If one of them were in town, entire outlets get tensed up over nothing, the worse bit being in that they demand outlets to perform with exceptional quality when in fact, out of all concerns... no one really gives a flying fuck if the floor was clean as a whistle with SO MANY people walking in and out. There is also an issue with their arrival, the moment they are in town, everyone has to stand and make salute over the outlet. The worse thing was that they don't give a fuck if we are busy, or just plain don't care about the stuff we do, because as long as we do it, we get paid.

Just what is it that corporate don't understand? People who work in LABOR JOBS just wanna get the job done and move on. WE DON'T HAVE TIME to scrutinize little details like measuring the mililitres of water being put inside a pot, and the stuff goes on a list etc etc etc. THERE IS JUST TOO MANY THINGS TO DO.

We can't give a fuck even if we wanted to do so. Likewise, YOU ALSO DON'T PAY US ENOUGH TO GIVE A FUCK.

What, you think just because you don a tie and a suit, you can just waltz in and put sudden quizzes at us? I know how to answer your question asshole: FUCK YOUR SHIT.

Oh, maybe I won't just so I keep the job but look, FUCK OFF, go back to your sassy office of motivational posters and logo mugs and pretend we are doing our jobs, you stay off our turf, we stay off your turf. (and your hair)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Well fuck damn.

Oh what?

1. You say that the IT department of this company spies not just every terminal in every single country's nation's region's coffee bean store and its cashier activities and such and such? I am sorry, does the company have nothing better to do? So much so that they would check on why a staff would plug an ipod into the terminal so that it charges for a while? I am sorry what? You say I have to make a report about THE INCIDENT IN WHICH SAID IPOD WAS CHARGED? WELL FUCK YOU.
I don't give a fuck, and I didn't do nothing wrong.

2. Okay, Mr. Hazelnut, I heard you like to find trouble, and there is NOT ONE DAY or ONE THING you wouldn't bitch shit your way through to get it your way. I and the staff bet on you whether you would in your typical shitty behavior approach us for the same shit you order every day, it is a harmless game, and harmless bet. Heck, we ain't even really betting, it was a manner of speech. you know, like 'oh hey, I bet you a hundred bucks the next customer to come in the store would be a girl.' WHAT? There has been cases where he lodged COMPLAINTS to the HQ? WELL FUCK YOU, I don't care.

3. Oh, I see, the company is gonna give me a warning letter? WELL FUCK YOU, I don't care, it is above my paycheck of 'You are paying me enough to give a flying fuck'

4. Hmm... interesting, you are saying if I keep that attitude I will be fired? WELL FUCK YOU, I don't care. IT IS A LABOR JOB, did you know opposite this store is about 4 other establishments that offer the same job and BETTER PAY? SORRY MOTHERFUCKERS, YOUR LOSS.



1 hour ago: I was informed my cashier register is short by 178 dollars. which is impossible because as a proud AZN Chinese, I have genetically superior mathematical and money counting skills. Nonetheless, it seems the computer has deduced that my genetic inheritance from my forefathers were inferior.

45 minutes ago: As it had happened before, I wired the banking use tracing wire to my computer and listed all the trading which occured after 5pm, my shift. There were ZERO anomalies. which means, no extra or lacking was found. This proves two things: the short which was said (178 dollars) DOES NOT exist or tally with MANUAL COUNTING.

two - the manual counting tallies with the first cashiering count based on how much money/sales was transacted on that 5pm - 1am shift. There was yet again, no anomalies.

30 minutes ago: I shuffled through the details on cards and error punches, such as 17 dollar sales which are punched as 19 dollars (due to font similiarity, or print blurriness) there are no anomalies.

25 minutes ago: final deduction, for some reason, the banking wire has malfunctioned, this was not mentioned after 3pm which is the cut off mid shift cash-out period. There were a number of transacted sales between 3pm - 5pm, which amounts to 178 dollars, and were SHOWN on the cash out manually. However, there were no listings of these sales due to the wire being UNPLUGGED during the shift by yanking or some other occurence. This caused NO SALES of 178 when there is sales.

The machine therefore deduced that 178 dollars were NOT PRESENT, but there were NO 178 dollars being lost. IT WAS put into the safe in the earlier shift, but was uncounted for electronically.

Basically, TL, DR. my mathematical analysis bested a machine.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some Rant Thing

High School of the Dead is one helluva show, personally my critic bears an ill reproach to much devastating cancelled manga when it should have stayed virtually one of the best month by month series. True it get tiresome hearing the 'Lost' like characters bickering their differences but the story pulls a very traditional formula that makes the zombie apocalypse theme bearable. It is not so much the Romero'esque zombie gore and screams and entrails that make a zombie movie worth its salt, rather, it is the theme of characters that are in it.

Too often we have seen the typical sheriff who gets eated, the typical housewife in an argument with husband and husband comes home one night and tries to eat the kids while puking out dinner, too often did we get the typical lovers lost in a cave who think they can wait it out, even more typical is the young man or military genius who magically conjures the magic weapon or magic cure which can save everyone. Whatever happened to the original I am Legend? Lost in translation that is what. Whilst in the original story penned by the author the show should have delivered an alternative form of ending, this one was 'Will Smith saved the world, AGAIN' sort of thing. I am frankly fed up by how the typically typical zombie movie is revolved on. (The original was Will Smith discovering that the flesh eating, violent wall-crawling, crazies are actually overactive over him taking one their own hostage, and subsequently ended that movie on that note, there was a second version of the movie out, and you can get it online if you don't feel like getting cheated by big companies who think they can get away making twice the profit for something so horrendously wrongly made the first time and deserved no mercy for their misgivings)

I don't even have to be an art critic or a movie critic to criticize a typical movie. Don't even get me started any Romero film. Just what is so cult classic about Romero other than he has introduced finely the culture of zombie apocalypse films? I dunno, I asked people I know and they all had to praise him instead of telling me exactly what is good about a George A. Romero film. Okay, come on, I can freely appreciate a Quentin Tarantino, or maybe a Ridley Scott, but there are a list of people directors who just direct the same shit and rebadged it over and over again.

M. Night Shyamalan, look man, you suck, get over it. There is that BOOM EXPLOSION SLOW MOTION Michael Bay, and frankly he sucks too. I come to think of it as rather not relying on the traditional formula can really make you stand out amongst the crowd.

Anyway, back on topic wise, this was supposed to be a HOTD praise fest for myself.

Like I said, there is something very wrong with what was being chosen to be turned into a TV show. You get your typical shit and then the not so typical shit that was rated as excellent but is still shit. Bakemonogatari falls the latter, and K-On certainly the former. HOTD puts into perspective what I wanted to see on TV, gritty, bloody and fun fun fun zombie apocalypse in anime form. This has never been done before and I am terribly yet again, must rant on how the manga has gotten cancelled. I am expecting a lot from this show and I can already see that it doesn't fail to impress. Good quality action, very gritty characters that make for a believable trait, though Hirano in the show seems a bit far fetch at times but otherwise...

So here we go, a new season of anime and a lot of new shows to match. I am not exactly sure if any of them are good as the running last season are all rather nice.

I can certainly appreciate RAINBOW when it aired, and I hope to see more shows of such complex caliber. They have to stop churning out pretentious stuff like Bakemonogatari and all that jazzy 'pun' and 'only Japanese people can understand' stuff for the sake of the lord. The people who watch anime like myself could really use less of that sorta nonsense.

Dear Blog, I have decided to make a post.

I have been at work recently and frankly, life has been a hectic mess.

changing jobs was one thing but getting into one and staying is also not good especially when you are in a shift that doesn't quite make you come alive in the morning and when night comes you are alive as a donkey on crack.

Life has been many a changing tide of events that really was pretty bad to be said the least.

In the between, I have missed birthdays, events, and so many fun things I once knew in life to be a part of them which I so normally attend.

Frankly, I am pained by myself and the environment which I am thrusted upon.

With the way things are, I am sadly losing some important friends of mine, but then again, that is how life is I guess.

Meanwhile, I have stopped writing, and drawing, I am pretty saddened by this but I guess you can either take it or leave it.

Another thing: where to find me working? I am working at coffeebean so drop by for a cup of coffee at your nearest store... and maybe, the man of magic will do wonders for your day.


You don't wanna know what I did to your sting.


Meanwhile what I am currently watching:

Asobi ni Iku Yo, basically what I think to be DEARS the abridged edition.
Ookami-san about this school which has a... mercenary division that takes missions and completes them but demands favors in return for the missions they do for their clientele. Rather interesting, if only for CAT KNUCKLES.

Sengoku Basara Season 2, basically like season 1 except with more awesome since the first episode just exploded with it. Expect manly MAN battles.

HSOTD, High School of The Dead is something like any of the gore spilling zombie movies of today, except the lameness of Romero doesn't quite apply when you apply Inazuma Sensei's lovely boob jiggling, papaya dual wielding lovely jubblies in all their glorious splendor. This is certainly one show to watch, however, dear god WATCH THE AT-X version. Censors in Japan are fucked up. WHAT AM I WATCHING HERE A BLACK SCREEN WITH SOUND EFFECTS?!

Something not entirely anime at all, and rather, lovely as a whole. If you liked Suicide and gore films like Tokyo Gore Police, you will like the dose of brain it injects into this contemporary culture of suicide inclination.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I hate Australia

No, I love the people, I love the view, oh lord this country is beautiful and Malaysia encourages travel there.

but the laws?
that is another thing.

What? Customs can now check if I am carrying any porn?


first, they take away my loli, I didn't say a thing because I wasn't a lolicon.
Then, they came for my anime centering on loli school life like Kodomo no Jikan etc, and I didn't say a thing cause I don't watch that shit.
Now, they came for my HDD filled with tons of tentacle porn, Nobody said a thing for me, cause really everyone is fed up with the Aussies and their ignorance.

fuck them.
I love your country, but your invasion of privacy makes it no better than Judge Dredd being the president.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Recently gotten myself the 'makeshift' version of Windows 7 Madobe. which as you can guess, is a useless widget that has a Madobe (animated) (called Sora-tan) and sits on your taskbar. You have to click her to make her talk, which she will randomly spout the lines of different functions 'system errors', 'battery lows' and such stuff.

fun, and I noticed this Madobe has huge boobs.

<3 <3 <3

You know, it is really strange why aren't people WATCHING this more. The (female-directed) anime Kaichou wa Maid Sama is really tons of fun and it makes guys like me squeal like little girls. I am not normally the sort of guy who ends up doing that but this show is sorta awesome.

Favorite character is not Misaki though, she has too much showtime (of course the show is about her but....). Guessing it right, I really like Tencho-san, Satsuki who is the manager of Maid Latte, for someone who is 30 years old she is like a cute girl, and I like that to be real. (why do real life girls age... >_<)

I basically love her job more than anything, oh what joy it can be if something I were to have my own maid cafe.

On the other hand, there were plenty of dislikes for the show Angel Beats.

I don't think of it as 'oh hey it is Key Anime' it has to be good, but seriously, the animation is top notch and there is more music here than K-On, nevermind the sudden plot jumps, but this show is great to watch (despite having too many useless characters around).

Seriously, I like Yui chan a lot, there is something superbly annoyingly cute about her. a

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome back, Dude!

Sorry I been gone so long, seeing as nobody really missed me here anyway, I thought I should return anyway.

Where have I been?

Well, Vietnam, working etc. You know, that sorta thing.
I have good news and bad news days too, but really, that matters not.

I am just happy to have
1. NO STDs
2. Plenty of Moe
3. Several job changes
4. Old Spice Commercials
5. Guys at MOTK
6. seriously you guys, stop being awesome.

anyway, I probably start posting back regularly now.

Might even start writing stories again.
and I drew a lot actually since last round, not so sure if I should post it here.

Oh fuck it, I will.

here is another video

Anyone know where can I get Old Spice in Malaysia?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

We caught gold shoop


We have Fate and Feena biscuits


With the coming of March, it is time to do Morning Drills training.
I hate waking up in the mornings..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweet Update yo, I am having someone here that everyone else might know

Sweet Update! Desu!

more update later when I am drunk to post. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Pakistani lawyers have banded together to prevent the prosecution of one of their number accused of raping and murdering a 12-year-old girl, a Christian, going so far as to issue death threats to anyone participating in the case, and physically preventing access to the court.

The case in question concerns the murder of a 12-year-old girl who worked as a maid at the Lahore household of a family of a prominent lawyer. The girl was a member of Pakistan’s frequently persecuted Christian minority.

Police judged the girl to have been beaten to death, and a local hospital reported she had received a broken arm and jaw, and that she had suffered fatal wounds to her genitals.
The family claimed she died falling down the stairs, although doctors found her corpse was already days old when first reported.

After police took members of the alleged murderer’s family into custody, the city’s lawyers banded together under the auspices of the Lahore Bar Association in order to oppose the prosecution, which they claim is a media witchhunt. The head of the accused family is a former president of this body.
The city’s lawyers attempted to stop court proceedings by forming a mob outside the court and physically restraining anyone from entering, including the girl’s family and journalists.

So intimidating were their actions that no legal counsel has dared come forth to prosecute. One Christian group reports that the lawyers even threatened to “burn alive” anyone involved in the prosecution.
Police were said to be supportive of the lawyers, even as they abused journalists, human rights organisations, minority parties and bishops.

National politicians have condemned the murder and called for justice, though apparently stopping short of intervening.

I am most unamused.
This is so our local taxis.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Kimochi warui desu wa

so gay it hurts

Darren's big day

To be frank today should have been a day of joy.

Going to an interview and finally being able to get a position that I want should have been a rewarding experience.

nonetheless, the waiting have really almost drove me up the wall.

Though I dare say the reason of miscommunication is often in the case of a newly found organization that has barely shed its pupae of growth and employment for various positions, it seemed a terrible excuse for Hard Rock to be in this position.

Going for the interview at late after lunch hours, because I too need to consume carbohydrates in order to process it into energy to sustain my body nutritional needs and wants. So I went for lunch after an hour long interview in the morning and went up all way up windy hilly roads to get to Hard Rock hotel.

Now, make no mistake I was called by their people regarding an interview, and still, apparently what was communicated to me was "the HR director/manager wishes to see you in person for an interview."

Here is the fun part, arriving there and meeting with the personnel, they seemed dumbfounded I was even there at all. The manager was later revealed to be out, and they were unable to arrange for another person unless it is past 4.30pm, this was after an hour's waiting and possibly more. I know it is customary for busy people to be busy, but really, it is NOT that hard to say 'oh, we are really sorry, there has been a change of plans' in the morning so I can rearrange everything on my schedule. What, does my time seem to be able to be wasted by the likes of the HR office for miscommunication when they didn't get the memo out that I was going to be here, as arranged by YOURS TRULY, and that I have to be told 'sorry, boss is outstation, couldn't come'. Oh well, at least after 2 hours or more, and a 2nd interview later I can go for this one applying for captaincy at the restaurant.

Seriously however, this shows even international corporations, and I swear at times, especially international corporations are lacking in places where they should strive to improve first. I guess it is right that one should give Hard Rock a second try, after all, it is not everyday I can wear slippers into an interview like this.

It is a good thing I had another interview to be at Parkroyal at the time of the day so I went for that one first. Know what is cool? Parkroyal is, I called, a girl answered, and there the man was, the human resource manager who asked me to his office and we began our 1 on 1 interview, which lasted rather shortly but information was relayed, through and through.

In fact, by 4.40pm I was done, and back to Hard Rock. Still had to wait bit but eventually, I got to meet someone other than Father Time ticking away.

The interview itself, is done by the lovely lady, and I hope that if I do get the chance I can work under her and learn much much more.

It felt really tiring though, really saddening taht the lack of efficiency and communication can cause such mishaps. I mean, what if I was a patient, and I need to see a doctor?

Would you tell a terminally ill patient that the doctor is out on holiday? When the patient has scheduled for emergency treatment? Of course not.

I hope this is a one and only this time thing.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lately Internet has become a bitch for me, really really badly.

Consider the money the people pay for the good service and the fact Malaysia list telcos with Fiberoptic wires technology available, it is strange that it should be so slow.

Despite having the technology, Malaysia is YET to utilize fiberoptic technology for connection issues.

To date, the fastest download speed for me is 115kb/s WHICH IS FUCKING 20 years behind the times.

Here is a shocking discovery:

ZERG COUNTRY KOREA: 16mbps download rates, connection able to withstand 100 person simultaneous gaming.

America: 14mbps at least!

China: 10mbps NO PROBLEM

1mb = 1000kb



I mean... damn, we are slow.
so slow it hurts to mention it, have we no pride? I thought we were competing for Vision 2020, 10 years left guys, aren't you gonna do something about it?

Here is a list of problems you might consider:

1. The SMART Tunnel : it still leaks.
2. Penang doesn't have roads that are UPDATED to meet the current level of traffic since 100 years ago. Traffic has increased by TENFOLD, and Penang has KL-level jam, but not the roads to meet demands.
3. We still are using telco line broadbands, wow, that is 10 years behind the times. AND here we are talking about attracting investors, with this lag, I say the only investors we can attract are the ones looking to exploit cheap labor, and that is what it has always been.
4. OH HEY look, CHINA HAS MAGLEV, we are STILL USING COAL TRAINS, and our KTM is breaks down so often you can't count with the fingers on your hands PER WEEK. That is more than >10 times per week! 30 years ago Malaysia is said to be leading Asia to new heights, look where we are now. (Neighboring Singapore... oh my, look at what they have!)
4.5 IT STILL TAKES >9 hours to go from KL to Penang by train.  LOL TRAIN TOURISM, our newspapers reported, I doubt it.
5. Oil Subsidy hooray, let's sub the rich some more and force the poor to pay more. come May, hip hooray.
6. You know about that plan to utilize the Malaysian Super Information Highway? It never happened.
7. Our Taxis are still charging exorbitant rates for a 6km journey.
8. Our education system still can't decide if English is the better language. Spoilers: IT IS.

etc etc

I should say more
but then I will get persecuted by THE LAW.
Apparently voicing your opinion is not allowed, I should move to Korea, at least the communists have Starcraft.

Heck, at this rate, even Australia is better than this third world country.
and YES, I am not very proud of this country, which I live in.

I would like to love you, but you are making it very hard for me.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Proper job interview sweet jesus





Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Many days into new years, still the same old shit.