Friday, July 23, 2010

Corporate Idiocy and Just plain, BOSS BLUES.

I hate, let me state, that I HATE with the fiery intent of a furious sun about to explode Corporate.

if anything, corporates are like leeches.

Sure, they probably worked their way up and learned a few tricks in the office, but did most of them learned from where we did? As service people from the front lines? No.

If one of them were in town, entire outlets get tensed up over nothing, the worse bit being in that they demand outlets to perform with exceptional quality when in fact, out of all concerns... no one really gives a flying fuck if the floor was clean as a whistle with SO MANY people walking in and out. There is also an issue with their arrival, the moment they are in town, everyone has to stand and make salute over the outlet. The worse thing was that they don't give a fuck if we are busy, or just plain don't care about the stuff we do, because as long as we do it, we get paid.

Just what is it that corporate don't understand? People who work in LABOR JOBS just wanna get the job done and move on. WE DON'T HAVE TIME to scrutinize little details like measuring the mililitres of water being put inside a pot, and the stuff goes on a list etc etc etc. THERE IS JUST TOO MANY THINGS TO DO.

We can't give a fuck even if we wanted to do so. Likewise, YOU ALSO DON'T PAY US ENOUGH TO GIVE A FUCK.

What, you think just because you don a tie and a suit, you can just waltz in and put sudden quizzes at us? I know how to answer your question asshole: FUCK YOUR SHIT.

Oh, maybe I won't just so I keep the job but look, FUCK OFF, go back to your sassy office of motivational posters and logo mugs and pretend we are doing our jobs, you stay off our turf, we stay off your turf. (and your hair)

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  1. thank you very much for the encouraging words.


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