Monday, July 19, 2010

Well fuck damn.

Oh what?

1. You say that the IT department of this company spies not just every terminal in every single country's nation's region's coffee bean store and its cashier activities and such and such? I am sorry, does the company have nothing better to do? So much so that they would check on why a staff would plug an ipod into the terminal so that it charges for a while? I am sorry what? You say I have to make a report about THE INCIDENT IN WHICH SAID IPOD WAS CHARGED? WELL FUCK YOU.
I don't give a fuck, and I didn't do nothing wrong.

2. Okay, Mr. Hazelnut, I heard you like to find trouble, and there is NOT ONE DAY or ONE THING you wouldn't bitch shit your way through to get it your way. I and the staff bet on you whether you would in your typical shitty behavior approach us for the same shit you order every day, it is a harmless game, and harmless bet. Heck, we ain't even really betting, it was a manner of speech. you know, like 'oh hey, I bet you a hundred bucks the next customer to come in the store would be a girl.' WHAT? There has been cases where he lodged COMPLAINTS to the HQ? WELL FUCK YOU, I don't care.

3. Oh, I see, the company is gonna give me a warning letter? WELL FUCK YOU, I don't care, it is above my paycheck of 'You are paying me enough to give a flying fuck'

4. Hmm... interesting, you are saying if I keep that attitude I will be fired? WELL FUCK YOU, I don't care. IT IS A LABOR JOB, did you know opposite this store is about 4 other establishments that offer the same job and BETTER PAY? SORRY MOTHERFUCKERS, YOUR LOSS.



1 hour ago: I was informed my cashier register is short by 178 dollars. which is impossible because as a proud AZN Chinese, I have genetically superior mathematical and money counting skills. Nonetheless, it seems the computer has deduced that my genetic inheritance from my forefathers were inferior.

45 minutes ago: As it had happened before, I wired the banking use tracing wire to my computer and listed all the trading which occured after 5pm, my shift. There were ZERO anomalies. which means, no extra or lacking was found. This proves two things: the short which was said (178 dollars) DOES NOT exist or tally with MANUAL COUNTING.

two - the manual counting tallies with the first cashiering count based on how much money/sales was transacted on that 5pm - 1am shift. There was yet again, no anomalies.

30 minutes ago: I shuffled through the details on cards and error punches, such as 17 dollar sales which are punched as 19 dollars (due to font similiarity, or print blurriness) there are no anomalies.

25 minutes ago: final deduction, for some reason, the banking wire has malfunctioned, this was not mentioned after 3pm which is the cut off mid shift cash-out period. There were a number of transacted sales between 3pm - 5pm, which amounts to 178 dollars, and were SHOWN on the cash out manually. However, there were no listings of these sales due to the wire being UNPLUGGED during the shift by yanking or some other occurence. This caused NO SALES of 178 when there is sales.

The machine therefore deduced that 178 dollars were NOT PRESENT, but there were NO 178 dollars being lost. IT WAS put into the safe in the earlier shift, but was uncounted for electronically.

Basically, TL, DR. my mathematical analysis bested a machine.



  1. Yes, I understand that criticizing about others is probably a bad thing, but you must also understand that many companies, including the ones you probably work in, have stupid rules. Stupid rules and such don't aid the company any further than it is, it just makes shit harder to deal with, problems which arise from many... if not tons of little issues.

    If everyone moved on with their lives and did their jobs and still have some degree of freedom to do the things they want, life would be so much more... happier. and Thus: people will have so much more time to provide love.

    and care.


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