Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some Rant Thing

High School of the Dead is one helluva show, personally my critic bears an ill reproach to much devastating cancelled manga when it should have stayed virtually one of the best month by month series. True it get tiresome hearing the 'Lost' like characters bickering their differences but the story pulls a very traditional formula that makes the zombie apocalypse theme bearable. It is not so much the Romero'esque zombie gore and screams and entrails that make a zombie movie worth its salt, rather, it is the theme of characters that are in it.

Too often we have seen the typical sheriff who gets eated, the typical housewife in an argument with husband and husband comes home one night and tries to eat the kids while puking out dinner, too often did we get the typical lovers lost in a cave who think they can wait it out, even more typical is the young man or military genius who magically conjures the magic weapon or magic cure which can save everyone. Whatever happened to the original I am Legend? Lost in translation that is what. Whilst in the original story penned by the author the show should have delivered an alternative form of ending, this one was 'Will Smith saved the world, AGAIN' sort of thing. I am frankly fed up by how the typically typical zombie movie is revolved on. (The original was Will Smith discovering that the flesh eating, violent wall-crawling, crazies are actually overactive over him taking one their own hostage, and subsequently ended that movie on that note, there was a second version of the movie out, and you can get it online if you don't feel like getting cheated by big companies who think they can get away making twice the profit for something so horrendously wrongly made the first time and deserved no mercy for their misgivings)

I don't even have to be an art critic or a movie critic to criticize a typical movie. Don't even get me started any Romero film. Just what is so cult classic about Romero other than he has introduced finely the culture of zombie apocalypse films? I dunno, I asked people I know and they all had to praise him instead of telling me exactly what is good about a George A. Romero film. Okay, come on, I can freely appreciate a Quentin Tarantino, or maybe a Ridley Scott, but there are a list of people directors who just direct the same shit and rebadged it over and over again.

M. Night Shyamalan, look man, you suck, get over it. There is that BOOM EXPLOSION SLOW MOTION Michael Bay, and frankly he sucks too. I come to think of it as rather not relying on the traditional formula can really make you stand out amongst the crowd.

Anyway, back on topic wise, this was supposed to be a HOTD praise fest for myself.

Like I said, there is something very wrong with what was being chosen to be turned into a TV show. You get your typical shit and then the not so typical shit that was rated as excellent but is still shit. Bakemonogatari falls the latter, and K-On certainly the former. HOTD puts into perspective what I wanted to see on TV, gritty, bloody and fun fun fun zombie apocalypse in anime form. This has never been done before and I am terribly yet again, must rant on how the manga has gotten cancelled. I am expecting a lot from this show and I can already see that it doesn't fail to impress. Good quality action, very gritty characters that make for a believable trait, though Hirano in the show seems a bit far fetch at times but otherwise...

So here we go, a new season of anime and a lot of new shows to match. I am not exactly sure if any of them are good as the running last season are all rather nice.

I can certainly appreciate RAINBOW when it aired, and I hope to see more shows of such complex caliber. They have to stop churning out pretentious stuff like Bakemonogatari and all that jazzy 'pun' and 'only Japanese people can understand' stuff for the sake of the lord. The people who watch anime like myself could really use less of that sorta nonsense.


  1. My friend, need your help... you know about some nice site where i can found raws of the manga usotsuki paradox? because i can not found any... (i do not care about if they are chinese or korean...)

  2. dunno lol Irix, have you tried Tokyotosho?


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