Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Blog, I have decided to make a post.

I have been at work recently and frankly, life has been a hectic mess.

changing jobs was one thing but getting into one and staying is also not good especially when you are in a shift that doesn't quite make you come alive in the morning and when night comes you are alive as a donkey on crack.

Life has been many a changing tide of events that really was pretty bad to be said the least.

In the between, I have missed birthdays, events, and so many fun things I once knew in life to be a part of them which I so normally attend.

Frankly, I am pained by myself and the environment which I am thrusted upon.

With the way things are, I am sadly losing some important friends of mine, but then again, that is how life is I guess.

Meanwhile, I have stopped writing, and drawing, I am pretty saddened by this but I guess you can either take it or leave it.

Another thing: where to find me working? I am working at coffeebean so drop by for a cup of coffee at your nearest store... and maybe, the man of magic will do wonders for your day.


You don't wanna know what I did to your sting.


Meanwhile what I am currently watching:

Asobi ni Iku Yo, basically what I think to be DEARS the abridged edition.
Ookami-san about this school which has a... mercenary division that takes missions and completes them but demands favors in return for the missions they do for their clientele. Rather interesting, if only for CAT KNUCKLES.

Sengoku Basara Season 2, basically like season 1 except with more awesome since the first episode just exploded with it. Expect manly MAN battles.

HSOTD, High School of The Dead is something like any of the gore spilling zombie movies of today, except the lameness of Romero doesn't quite apply when you apply Inazuma Sensei's lovely boob jiggling, papaya dual wielding lovely jubblies in all their glorious splendor. This is certainly one show to watch, however, dear god WATCH THE AT-X version. Censors in Japan are fucked up. WHAT AM I WATCHING HERE A BLACK SCREEN WITH SOUND EFFECTS?!

Something not entirely anime at all, and rather, lovely as a whole. If you liked Suicide and gore films like Tokyo Gore Police, you will like the dose of brain it injects into this contemporary culture of suicide inclination.

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