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A Job in Voicing! {Koe de Oshigoto.}

DAMN IT, I am so envious of anon...
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Highly Recommended fap fap fap material

Koe de Oshigoto.


Kanna chan is like every normal high school student, she wants to have friends and certainly loves being around everyone. She is a little aloof but stays her feet on the ground for most of the time. She has an elder sister Yayoi who takes care of her who also runs a game company.

One day, on her birthday in fact, she found out that her sister wants her to work for her company. (she called it Internship training). She was asked to go to the company and when she did, she found out the work waiting for her is a job as an Voice Actor.

Worse still? Being a pure and innocent girl who doesn't even know the pleasure of porn, she has never witnessed anything that is sexually stimulating, or played for that matter except knowing that her sister does. She is asked to become a voice actor for an Ero Game!

She has but a period of months to learn the trade...

The trade is...how to sound erotically in the record room...with people watching! and RECORDING...and PEOPLE LATER BUYING THE GAME AND FAPPING TO YOUR VOICE!

Hilarity ensues after the first try: "P...P...P...USSY!" *red face* KYAAAAAAHHHHHHH!


Verdict: 8/10

Simply funny, remember REC? This is like an expansion set, with hilarity, cute girls, and the funniest part? It actually is inspiring as we see Kanna chan struggles to come to term with her new job.

The funny training she does to learn the ropes, from playing her first eroge to learning how to say "Cum, dick, pussy, cock, fuck etc..." It is all so...unusual, for a girl to have to come out and act the voice...something she never did before.

We also get a glimpse of what voice acting in the eroge business and hentai business is like, the sense of professionalism that needs to be achieved as well as details on how the business is run.

While the next time you pick up an eroge, this manga may make you remember to give thanks to the lovely girls who dedicate themselves to such an embarassing task.

WOO HOO, go go Kanna-chan! say...C.O.C.K! <3



This is but a shameless plug for the manga though, of course, not to say I don't like doing this every now and then.

Meanwhile, I like to share with you all some music I been listening to


Religion does not equal blind worship.

Recently, I have come across a rather interesting Pakistani film that was shown to me in a small little Pakistani mamak stall late at night. I become curious as my eyes caught the very scene of a woman asking a man "Why do you not help the innocent?" The man himself, is an old scholar of the Islamic Ways, a perfectionist if you will of his religion, a writer of truth and understanding through religion and inspirer of his brothers and sisters under God.

This man, a Maulana if I recall, is very old and wise. In his response to the woman, he says: "A boy as he should not practice music and art, for it is not Islamic is it not? Why do you not understand that in our Islamic society, we must search for understanding that certain things are meant to be avoided?"

This, a flashback to the earlier parts of the film followed:

A man entered a courtroom, realizing several hundred eyes looking at him in fierce contempt, urging him to do something he normally wouldn't do. He is about to declare his divorce from his woman, said woman is the woman who talked with the Maulana later in this film defending this man who divorced her.

The man did nothing instead, standing before the judgment panel, he made no oath, nor swear his divorce, instead, he asked, if he may be pardoned without such conditions, to practice music and arts as his career?

Indeed, lo and behold the men in the court who stood against him, pointing fingers.

"Traitor!" "Devil's child!" "Impure!" "Dirty Swine!" "Coward of the West!" "Infidel!"

The words were hard and anger, it hit his heart like the hammer of God itself, dooming him to stand before his audience.

Come then, return to the woman talking with the Maulana.

"You quote the words of God as though they are your life, life itself is of more meaning."

"Little lady, I have spend much time in prayers for God, I have searched long and wide and spend all my life looking for those answers that come from him for us, I assure you, that it was due and just judgment that your husband now is forced to stand trial for his idiocy."

"However, the heart to practice music and art is not wrong."

"Interpreted nowhere indeed in the Quran that it is wrong to practice music and arts, but then, God has his ways for this man, for before the great Islamic Court, all is just and defined." He replied.

"It is easy for you, convenient even to sit here and praise Him, when there is a man waiting to be saved from his wrongdoing. This man, my husband, is now facing charges for a victimless, wrongless crime! He is to be stoned for the act of practicing music, to sing in English on the streets of Pakistan!" The woman asked desperately, before taking a breath and says, "Why won't you help him? You say you are a man of God, yet how can you turn a blind eye towards an innocent man?"

"I have my prayers to do for this evening, I would appreciate if this conversation ends here."

"So do I, wise one, and today, I will make it clear to God himself, that this man, sitting before me here has all the time in the world to praise Him, yet he doesn't have the time to save that one man whom only have him as his last hope." The woman replied.

She left, dejected even, slamming the door behind her.


The next day, on the junction of judgment, the court orders for the appearance of a special guide, a Maulana, a scholar of Islam to come before the witness stand as a guide.

"Tell me, Wise one, what do you see in this man, is he sinful for his acts, and that our judgment set for him is correct and just?" The prosecutor asked.

"No, he is not."

"Why so?"

"God loves us all, there is no way He would condemn a simple man to death simply by practicing his love for the musical arts."

"Is it not in Islam that such things are forbidden?" The prosecutor continued.

"An interpretation of God's word. A wrong one simply as such. I will now quote two of my books' parts, one of which includes the very thing he is charged first handedly, his attire that is deemed not Islamic, and his music deemed unholy before the One."

He took a breath and continued.

"Look at us, all dressed alike, in the image of a wise man, a stupid scholar as I to dare dream coming close to Nabi Muhammed, the Messiah himself, I am poor in judgment. I gave my prayers each day without fail for the past 80 years of my life, since the day I known how to read, and completed the Quran by the age of 15. I am consulted, reverred even by men and women, whom seeked my words as guidance, yet I failed to guide myself away from selfishness."

"I take a quote from one of my books which I written but have forgotten to give any deliberation to, a book of words merely in guise of the teachings of God's ways, yet I failed in my duty. One such part (quoting from a psalm), is music. Tell me, my student as you are, how many of the true miracle workers are there whom are sent by God?" He asked the prosecutor, whom is also a student of the arts of Islam.

"There are 4 known miracles workers, wise teacher."

"Correct, what of their miracles then? Muhammed was the Quran of which he crafted, Jesus from which he sacrificed but came back to life, Moses who parted the sea in two, and of last, David, what did he have?"

"He slew the Goliath."

"Music, not violence. How can we be so wrong as to interprent the arts of music being wrong, when it was God himself whom guided David to play the music so beautiful, that even as he sung, the mountains and animals before him wished to gather and join him in united harmony? How can something so beautiful by UnGodly? I ask you, that he sang his prayers so beautifully to praise Him?"

He turned to the man being prosecuted.

"You are one of my students before, of the words I taught you, what had I mentioned on attire?"

"That it must be Islamic."

"What is Islamic then? Tell me, O wise men of this court gathers abundantly, do I look in Islamic attire?"

The men unitedly said yes, to his long robe in green and a sash that hangs by his neck as well as a black woven cap for prayers.

"A God so great, so kind, so beautiful as to create this universe which we harvest and live off from, we quote him as giving us His image. Yet we single out His image as we did. We strive to come a UNIFORM! HOW ART PATHETIC WE ARE!"

"Why so, O wise one?"

"We sought to deny God, the moment we thought of Islam and God, the moment we look at how wide this universe He created, of the creation of life such a miracle cannot be denied. Yet, look at us, dressed all the same, in an attire no more than threads upon which He gave, to warm us in the cold, to dress us in modesty. We, whom are mere students under Him for eternity and beyond, before His great eyes, and wisdom as wide and endless as the stars above the skies...we sought to dress Him! We sought out to put a UNIFORM for God, what have we done wrong?"

"This is the Islamic Way."

"But is it God's way? You see, we have lived so long we forgot, we forget the very teachings, for all of us are equal in his eyes, we sought to believe in material things designed to reach for God."

He then turned to the room.

"Before we are Muslims, we are man, under Him. Before we are dressed alike, we are only man, I have seen men who drank wine, smoke and even embark a journey of lust and pleasures. He calls himself a man of God, he dressed like us. Before we can all be Muslims, ask yourself, what is the difference in we and him if we are only dressed alike?"

"In the end, we are only copying the look, but not the value."

"That which God created, music and art, that which we created, the uniform that we wear. How pathetic are we to even think we are doing things His way."

He stepped down from the court panel, and proceeded out the court without hesitation.

The court adjourned.


Well, that was lenghty, but one thing remains however, is that the ending was somewhat sad. The court pardoned the man, but the man was beaten to death almost in the end of the story.

Given how, the important note here, is that the Maulana, the wise man said something as simple.

"If we all call ourselves Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, etc. Do we really practice what is preached? Or do we just follow what they told us?"

Blind faith does not a religion makes.

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Wow! A man that surpasses the great Fritzl?! UNPOSSIBLE!

I realize the same post is posted in Sankaku Complex, but no worries, what I am about to post here is a commentary extended from there.

"A man who was found to have confined his daughter from the age of nine onwards, keeping her in sexual servitude and violating her routinely for some 25 years has been arrested.

Not content with this incestuous reign, he had then groomed his son as his successor, having him create a harem of his own four daughters, aged 6-20, as well as take advantage of his sister.

The man, Michele Mongelli (64), a scrap metal merchant, first imprisoned his daughter when she was only 9, keeping her locked up in a gloomy room with no electricity for 25 years.

She was not allowed out except in her father’s company, and was denied a proper education.

He apparently only had full sexual intercourse with the girl when she turned 16, after which he slept with her regular.

At one point in 1994 she got loose, but when she reported him he claimed that she was deranged. Psychologists investigating concurred, and so she found her way back into his clutches.

He also cultivated his son Giuseppe into becoming head of his own incest clan, having him use his four daughters, aged ranging from 6 to 20, in a similar manner, and even had him have sex with his sister.

Police launched an investigation using covert surveillance which soon captured evidence of the treatment one of his eight-year-old daughters at his hands: “Dad, get your hands off me. You are a bastard, stop it.”"

Shouldn't you be surprised? I mean I would, this is totally wrong. As much as I like to watch Kiss x Sis and the sort of incest related material, such things are just barbaric. In the recent year, we have received a lot of these, it was as if society just suddenly began to dug up all these skeletons in the society closet. It is just almost seemingly unreal.

Together it comes to mind to ask, is fatherhood even clean anymore? How can we, as the male species continue to hold our head in pride with the oncoming waves of beasts like these? What happened to love between man and wife? Has society degraded to such a point that we are looking at this to be the future of the function in having a family?

Are we devolving? Is God a part of this?
Yes, again, let us look at one of my earlier arguments:

It is a perception that more evil occurs in the world than good. Good things do happen, but just unnoticed. It is easy to notice things that one would call wrong or evil, because it affects your emotions stronger than good things. The feeling of hurt and pain is stronger than the feelings of good and pleasure

The perception here, is that we are always almost certainly in pain, exactly what is it now that we looking at? Is morally so, that God allows such insidious act out of free will, as it is also fate as some may argue that slaves will be slaves, and there are beasts amongst men because there needed be? What is the plan then? I believe, the question always lies to look on the bright side of things. However, brightness dims, and so does darkness spreads.

Actually to consider it, this motivational poster is a way of saying, IMO at least, the poverty of mankind, and mankind's morals that are hitting below the poverty belt as we become ever more involved in the social rat race. I don't believe in taking a slow-down to smell the flowers, but then again, are we rushing into hell. How do we see the things around us other than turn a blind eye towards it? The bad, the good, the choices that lead to good and bad, the chances that affect us. Should mankind dare to take a look, the poverty of our morality, I believe we should change somehow.

"So I just sit and wait, singing then, until the world would change"

Lest...of all...


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Terrible Terrible Terrible!


There is nothing more daunting than waking up to not coffee but terrible images of your head...panic sets in, blood rushes your head and you dance around on one foot hoping to redeem whatever last remnant of hope left in your heart, but you can't because something inside is just begging to come out, bang you are dead and you roll on the floor mouth full of froth.

Panic attacks.

Having them is like losing your key when you are need to get out of the house, and a murderer is right behind you to add. Having them is like having a swim in the Caribbean and you have a leg would that is bleeding and a motherfucking great white is behind your ass.

I realized I misplaced my phone, my wallet and all into the washing machine until much later, how lame can you be? Good thing tho, the phone was off, and the machine washed every single fucking thing...the best bit? Someone must have been having a kind heart up above, because I wrapped my phone in its designated plastic pack a month back, and I removed it all the time. Yesterday however, I kept it on and threw my pants inside the washer cause I was drunk.

PHONE IS SAFE...my 50 dollar bills however, are wet as fuck.
Yeah, I panicked, because in my phone, an expensive one mind you is not to be messed with, the data is all important!!

I made backups, but I can't be all the more sure on panicking anyway.

Oh God, this is by far my favorite Mariya picture ever...I am sick. very sick indeed.

On another news, Maria+Holic, my current favorite anime has stopped airing...picture related obviously and that is not futa, it is in fact...very clearly so...a boy. You can read the details elsewhere or just go fuck yourself. Watch this for great justice.

Anyhow, with the end of the 12 episode season, I can't help but feel rather sad, the simple reason is just this, like it or not the series is very short. Mariya's sister, Shizu did not manage to play a role, Kanako was all about self convos, and it frankly turned a bit thin towards the end.

What I am turned on about however, is the premise that there will be a second season! Hooray for that, best thing about it? They will follow the manga! So, that being said, I enjoyed it all the same, Maria+Holic ranks out on top of 3rd place alongside selections like 1st place AIR and 2nd place Full Metal Panic (main, not Fumoffu). [This is compared with my general listing of anime I liked very much]

While traps are certainly worthy, Mariya Shidou introduced a very different archetype or rather, non-archetype character that I hope in the future I will be able to see more.




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after a good post about the things in life and what's not, I figured I should do something else... much more meaningless.

Today, I would like to discuss on fetishes.

That is, if there is anyone willing to discuss but nonetheless here goes.

I am disgusted, by people who are disgusted.

I know that there is a lot of fetishes to be disgusted about, but to outright scream at the face of a thread, troll them as hard as they can possibly do...that is outright ridiculous. Why would you do so hard to do that?

It is not like we are posting it to annoy you, don't like a thread? Don't fucking read it.

There is no one asking you to read it, no one, not one single soul. You have the freedom to be as oblivious as you like, without ever knowing about Kigurumi or its wonders that which we enjoy. You don't have to devote yourself to trolling with a sexual and gender identity delusion over said topic because you cannot bend your will a little to see beyond it.

True, I don't like fursuits, since I am an animegao person, but do you see me going into a fursuit thread and say :FUCKING FURRIES: ? No, I don't, I respect what you do, you can do whatever you like so long as you don't come into my space and say "FUCKING KIG FAGS".

Rant rant, fucking normal people.


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Of Mind and Reason, Life and Death, Purpose and Living

Every now and then I am amazed by the savant that lives in the world of the web, and I am inclined to believe miracles can be explained through words.


What is the meaning of life? Why do we exist, learn, love, fight, get well and ill for 80 years, only to perish? Why do we continue to develop our society to greater heights if there is no final goal to it?


This is not a question I may sufficiently answer for you, but I will try. Think of the people who have come before you, do you think they've had a purpose? If you are an African American, are you not grateful for Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. and their purpose they created. If your welfare and earnings depend on a person who founded the business you work for, aren't you glad they had a purpose? A person's purpose is told retrospectively to the people he or she has affected. Thus, the meaning of life is what you make of it. Cliche I know. The meaning of life is to enjoy the ride because you aren't sure what's going to happen to you after you die. People in the past have made good things their purpose so that others in the future will enjoy the ride of life better than they did.

Who said there is no final goal?


Why is it that everything what we would call bad is always, I mean really always, slighty stronger than the effort of humanity doing good. You might say it is a question of perspective but why is life so tremendously hard sometimes? It makes no sense. Our life is short and we suffer. They say evil derives from free will. Others claim that there is no free will, but I know they talk about entirely different meanings of what is free will. How can you still believe in a god that made a world with a constitution (more evil than good) like this. Don't get me wrong. I see why people believe. It is like a motor for them. For I sometimes need a motivation from above actually doing things to fight the feeling of void.


It is a perception that more evil occurs in the world than good. Good things do happen, but just unnoticed. It is easy to notice things that one would call wrong or evil, because it affects your emotions stronger than good things. The feeling of hurt and pain is stronger than the feelings of good and pleasure. I created the feelings of hurt and pain to educate; for without hurt and pain, good and pleasure would not exist; humans would not appreciate the good and pleasure I bestowed on them. If you think of the positive things like the fact that you're alive and have blood pumping through your veins and a brain that can think on it's own, then you can be a bit more positive about life. When things are stressful, reminisce to the things that are (seemingly) simple. Short life and suffering depends on the individual and his/her place in time. Free will only exists in the exact moment of a choice being made


That leads us to the next question. If I die everything I learned is said to be meaningless. What happens after death? Am I thrown into a new life and do the same fucking bullshit all over again, but without knowing shit I learned in a earlier life? What is the sense of learning if our life is over?


You are thinking selfishly. Everything you have learned is not meaningless if it has helped the people around you and the next generation grow. After you are dead, others will lead better lives from being taught what you have taught them, whether you realize this or not. I am sorry, I cannot tell you what happens after you die. It is not your time to know. Just know that you shouldn't be afraid when you die. Many have gone through the process before you and many will continue the process after you. There is nothing to fear.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


What the fuck have you done?

Are you satisfied now?

Yeah, I watched it, and by God, I have never raged as hard as I ever could... everything everything was HOLLY-FUCKING-WOOD. I realize this will become just as many as other skeptics and critics blogs on this fucking movie a rage fest, I just didn't believe it. Deep inside me I believe Toriyama would put a stop to this, or at least make the movie a bit like his ever loved classic.


1. Let me see..."Namaste" I think that is okay...until Chow Yun Fatt decide to say it, and his Sifu is called Norris?! (The hell did this came from? I know he has a rival and he ain't an afro american in a yellow shaolin dud)

2. Fucking illogical... first he was like... kid with a gift, halfway through, without ever going all the explanation, he could FUCKING 10,000 BC RUN WITH A BACKPACK 5 TIMES HIS SIZE CHASING DOWN A FUTURISTIC SUPERBIKE AT THE SAME PACE! (the hell?) (not to mention he could move Ala Agent Smith fighting with Roshi first)

3. Set up, without going through the label wise, which in Toriyama's world a world where aliens, robots, werewolves, mankind all lived in peace...this world is a jumble juxtaposition of Post Apocalyptic with Minority Report futura standards...yet again, there are Indians, living in a village...next to what appears to be modern day university there is a house...made of chinese standards, and an old temple with Kung Fu students directly above a New York like place. HOO HAA. (Toriyama was good enough to balance that out, this movie did not even try)

4. The fuck what? Dark as shit fight scenes with aliens? Lack of characterization? Piccolo "LOL I AM A MEGALOMANIAC" and annoying as fuck wannabe be a redneck Yamcha? That all went to hell.

5. Kame-hame-HAH! Apparently it can be used to heal people now...and bring them back to life. (include cliche scene where Goku apparently spoke with grandpa..."no, it is not your time yet" (eerie voice echoes...) also...apparently Goku can fly now towards the end...shooting Kamehameha while bursting upwards with Piccolo ended in ONE SHOT.

6. What happened to the epic fight between him and the monsters? It could have been great, remember than Dragon? And that the cruel Dragonman who killed the villagers? Could have been done better...especially since the monsters were DARK AS SHIT I CAN'T SEE A THING OTHER THAN THEM GETTING THROWN INTO LAVA LOL.

7. The epic fight between Piccolo by Toriyama...it was the good fight, before all the other jazz-it-up enemies appeared... you name it, Freeza, Cell, Buu, Vegeta, etc...the power levels... IT IS BELOW 9000! It was ended so quickly, Piccolo spent more time circling the air while under Ma Fu Ba (hehehe...shitty name), rolling around and talking shit than actually fighting, and when he did...it was all ended. snap!
Piccolo was supposed to mean "Tiny" by the way in Italian I think...serves that right, pencil dick. All your powers....(holding down Gohan with PSYCHIC powers, CRASHING A HOUSE BY BALLING UP YOUR FIST, sent the fish flying by pulsing all waters out from a river, blew up an entire town with a small dose of power...) ALL THAT AND HE DIDN'T EVEN USE IN A REAL FIGHT TO GAIN AN ADVANTAGE. ARE YOU SO EVIL YOU ARE FUCKING RETARDED?!

8. Oh hi, large as hell APE MAN, good work...Gohan sure knowns the best things in the fabric business...IT CAN EXPAND MORE THAN THE HULK'S PANTS AND NOT GET TORN! See that scene? That is shit...he turned 40 times large and he went back, his clothes fit as snug as a motherfucker on a rollercoaster after 40 pints of Stella Artois! (by that, I mean the complete opposite)

I guess, that is about it.

So, in all honesty, if you spare one moment...allow me to take a deep breath.

This movie has wasted all my good hopes on Hollywood... SERIOUSLY, can't you guys do it like Watchmen did it? Batman? Maybe even Hulk (the remake)? I don't ask for much, there is just no justification for churning this horror out.

Congrats, Toriyama can't even justify your faggotry.

Final Verdict


like this...only worse.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Why so negative?

This is my fetish and so is yours.

You will watch this stream and like it.

I guarantee it

Free TV : Ustream

This is Kigurumi

Many hate it, even on the obscure fetishistic playground that is the internet. However, I love it, and so should you.

You don't HATE COSPLAY even when there is a MALE CC or a MALE YOKO, so why not?

This is cosplay, elevated to a higher level of detail, there is nothing wrong with it, people want to look more anime than donning a hand sewn costume, so they went the extra mile, I suppose yes, you can call this as an abomination, to some, it is a passion.

Instead of ostracizing it, should you not be criticizing (positively so) for their effort?

That is what that separates the open minded from people who just don't see it beyond the surface. Hours are spent on this, possibly months alone with the mask, sometimes, it is life risking because of the solvents used to make them.

All that, and the passion burns, you wouldn't hate a Pokemon cosplay, or Mickey mouse, those are KIGURUMI too, believe it.

Of course, to be said fairly, the MORE YOU HATE IT, THE MORE IT GROWS

I like to take a moment to expose you, whom are outsiders, or people who simply do not think about it, what Kigurumi takes:

1. dedication
2. soul
3. heart
4. love
5. preserverance


It is not easy, to begin with you need time, and when you found time, you must dedicate to your hobby. It is not just a hobby for someone like this, it is not just a mask. It is an embodiment of character, beyond cosplay, or perhaps similiar, it is the soul of which you dedicate to.

Try asking a cosplayer who does all their costumes :
1. how much time did you take? - Long
2. how much did you spend?? - Depends, but it is a lot over the years
3. how much effort? - Incalculable.
4. Why? Out of love

Kigurumi players especially the guys, go through a regiment of strict dieting to get into costumes, some wear tight corsets, other disguise with intense detail from breast pads, bras, cockstraps, butt pads, leg pads, skin corsets etc... the dedication alone shows you just what it takes to do the same as they. Do you have such a passion that you can dedicate yourself to? No? You should look to them for inspiration then.

2. Soul
While we argue it is badly done a kig, a soul is poured into making it into a photo shoot, it takes time, money, and most of all courage. The courage to transform yourself, is not easily acquired.

3. Heart
Storage, care, after care, cleaning, all takes specific effort, but that is the touch added after the cake is made.
Making the mask takes effort, poisonous substances are used, polyurethane and the sorts of things we don't even know how to apply. A mass amount of knowledge is dedicated to transforming what is seemingly a piece of molded plastic to a beautiful mask, true dedication is given to the every detail, every curvature, every bit. If you hate your own mask, you make it again...the effort alone is appalling. That deserves respect.

4. Love
Without love you can never begin, people who doubted the love for Kigurumi, must first face their demons, only then can you create the one mask you love.

5. Preserverance
Without this, no amount of love will help you. Failing at making your first mask? Do it again. Fail at your first shooting? Again! The ability to withstand countless tries, countless remakes, redefine your mask, and redefining your character, and then refining your moment on the lens...takes true preserverance


I hope you understand and let the hate slide.

Saturday, March 14, 2009





That was what she heard, and she feared in her head...how can this be? I am a new character right? aren't new characters supposed to be welcomed to the club and not prosecuted?

Yuka: "Well, we can consider letting you join...but there is a catch."

Kogasa knew she shouldn't have asked, the Parasol Initiation is one of vulgar means, and even worse so, is the fact that you need to sacrifice your precious thing. Kogasa is a virgin for the most case...she likes horror movies, and every once in a while she comes across those things that adults do in those movies...she always watches them. Trembling in her heart even, she lifted her skirt as Yukari patted her head. Here in this underground chamber...there is nothing left to save her from the grasp of the 3 existing members... all Mistresses...but she is not one, soon however..maybe, she will be. She just has to grab this chance and lose something...a little sacrifice for the big prize.

Yukari: "Good girl...lift it higher...oh ho ho...you are Paipan! That is so cute!

Yuka: "Tell me...is this your first time?"

Kogasa could only give a soft nod, face beet red from acknowledging.

Remilia: "See, that is why I love virgins..."

Yuka and Yukari: "Us too..."

Kogasa trembled even further as she felt the tickling of her buttocks, before Yukari's hands reached inside her panties and stroked her crotch. It became wet and she could feel every single sensation. She raised her own dress and uncovered her member, raising to the appropriate level, she entered Kogasa forcibly without lubrication...not that she needed any extra, but it hurt so bad Kogasa opened her mouth to form a small yelp. However, before the yelp could finish, she felt Yuka's stick placed on her lips, as Yuka herself played with it by stroking it, each movement hardened her member a bit more with Kogasa looking fearfully into Yuka's eyes.

Yuka: "Lick it...and put this in your mouth...don't you dare bite it or I will kill you and the club membership is off. No second chances!" Yuka threatened, her red eyes showing she is serious.

Kogasa opened her lips, tasting the salty and slippery object attached to Yuka's crotch on her tongue. The thing slowly slipped into her mouth, the softness began to slide in and out of her mouth as she lose her ability to talk. The smell horrid and stinky, musky and thick with pre-cum layering her lips and mouth inside, but she could only do it... It is all for the greater good.

Tonight, Kogasa died a little inside, this wasn't the Gensokyo she wanted to be in...all she wanted, was to scare people...why had it come to this?

She cried.



That went well
My alter ego Touhou ⑨ at Forumwarz won its own INCIT affair lol.

I play as a 25 year old American soldier whom returned from the war at Afghanistan with my dick gone from an explosion and a surgery went wrong replaced by a castrated-victims-use-only tube that is used to pee. (hence picture of a messed up faggot with no dick and a face full of war paint) My alter ego Touhou ⑨ has enough dementia to scare children away and write 3 books over thicker than Ludlum's Bourne Identity.

Touhou ⑨
is a extremely messed up individual who is also a gay man, growing some 6 foot tall, he is slender, near pale white, an addiction of drugs and war games, reading war books, and eager to write a biography. He suffers from not having a penis at a tender age of 25, and heavily distorted reality view of the world through his not so eager eyes.

Touhou ⑨ is a fetish in himself, wearing stiletto army boots which he designed himself and prefer short pants that expose his entire leg which is little or very much hairless. (like pic). Take drugs like mad to subdue the nightmare known as covered by "curtain fire" and has once and again, kissed a man or sucked off a fellow soldier voluntarily while in the service. Has never been paid to suck cock, but is considering charging to settle bartop bills for drinks and booze. He is also a demented guy who thinks black hair is for sissies, and that the only way to dress is to dye one's hair blond. Hence the wig...(unfortunately his hair is all burned out due the war in Afghanistan, in which he accidentally coated Saline over his head but lived to tell the tale)


I am sorry...
but this is...

not very pleasant
This is not how you do it.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


Maria Holic is getting dropped by GG and BSS team





You see Chaos Head teaches us subtle values, being Pedo in Japan is okay.

In fact, being pedo is perfectly normal.


Real men don't listen to weeaboo shit like Japanese music, much less than Touhou remixes.
They listen to real music, like Jamiroquai, some old Whitney and Mariah ballads, Scatman's, Lushlife Project, Ninjatune, Jovonn, MaW Men at Work, India, and the likes.





This game is too bloody hard. I must say.


About Touhou

The Touhou Project is a series of 2D (with 3D background) vertically-scrolling danmaku shooting games made by Team Shanghai Alice, with two fighting game spinoffs co-produced with Tasogare Frontier. They are similar to regular shooting games, but focus more on weaving through complex patterns containing anywhere from dozens to hundreds of bullets. Every game in the Touhou series is set in the fantasy land of Gensokyo, and the series is known for its huge cast of characters, well-developed storylines, and related materials such as music CDs and fan-made comics.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Eternal Damnation Known as Hellfire

Champion's choice! Desu~yo!

Seriously, what the hell is the wrong with me? Oh, I know, general Otaku disease.

For the first time ever I decided that I needed simply something to curb my hang for such a thing..I mean, what can I say? How far have I fallen?

I dunno, but here I am, resting my arm on her tits, I thought, ah what the hell, it is all worth that conversion of RM189.00, from Singapore dollars 76.00. This was the perfect awarding gift, never would I imagine spending money and taking this home but for a moment, I feel elated.

I have my fair share of Gundams, and of figurines, but really, those things just don't have much practical use. Frankly speaking? This may be the best thing I ever paid for when it comes to animu.

I got this Haro for a friend but someone told me I was ripped off. I can see why now that look at the shape, Haro here looks bent out of shape somehow.

Truth to be told I feel a pang of pain when purchasing this, it just yet again, didn't feel of much use. At least I am getting my money back.

I decide to write a review and recommendation for this title called Serenade of Justice Laboratory (which Serenade is actually our heroine's name [Akaseto Serenade?] I think. What can I say, I totally brought it because of the cover art and I must say, the story is well worth it.

It is stupidly stupid, harem, ecchi, action plus my favorite genre of Kamen Riders meet Super Sentai type of action, what can I expect more? TITS LOTS OF TITS. Oh yes, with half the sentai team expectly lead by women, you can expect that. So far, from book two onwards there is a white rider, female expectedly who is also a MAHOUSHOUJO that FIGHTS CRIME and DEFEATS DEMONS...wow...I dunno about you, but imagine successfully mashing up all the subgenres and getting results desired for the utter brainless funnies.

This is so much pure win I recommend you read it.

This guy, I have no idea who he is, but judging by how awesome his collection is, he is the seriously biggest loser of all time, yet somehow, I believe he could very well be our hero.

Do we pray for him? or do we pray at him?

God wonders what the next generation of men will be.