Thursday, March 19, 2009

Of Mind and Reason, Life and Death, Purpose and Living

Every now and then I am amazed by the savant that lives in the world of the web, and I am inclined to believe miracles can be explained through words.


What is the meaning of life? Why do we exist, learn, love, fight, get well and ill for 80 years, only to perish? Why do we continue to develop our society to greater heights if there is no final goal to it?


This is not a question I may sufficiently answer for you, but I will try. Think of the people who have come before you, do you think they've had a purpose? If you are an African American, are you not grateful for Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. and their purpose they created. If your welfare and earnings depend on a person who founded the business you work for, aren't you glad they had a purpose? A person's purpose is told retrospectively to the people he or she has affected. Thus, the meaning of life is what you make of it. Cliche I know. The meaning of life is to enjoy the ride because you aren't sure what's going to happen to you after you die. People in the past have made good things their purpose so that others in the future will enjoy the ride of life better than they did.

Who said there is no final goal?


Why is it that everything what we would call bad is always, I mean really always, slighty stronger than the effort of humanity doing good. You might say it is a question of perspective but why is life so tremendously hard sometimes? It makes no sense. Our life is short and we suffer. They say evil derives from free will. Others claim that there is no free will, but I know they talk about entirely different meanings of what is free will. How can you still believe in a god that made a world with a constitution (more evil than good) like this. Don't get me wrong. I see why people believe. It is like a motor for them. For I sometimes need a motivation from above actually doing things to fight the feeling of void.


It is a perception that more evil occurs in the world than good. Good things do happen, but just unnoticed. It is easy to notice things that one would call wrong or evil, because it affects your emotions stronger than good things. The feeling of hurt and pain is stronger than the feelings of good and pleasure. I created the feelings of hurt and pain to educate; for without hurt and pain, good and pleasure would not exist; humans would not appreciate the good and pleasure I bestowed on them. If you think of the positive things like the fact that you're alive and have blood pumping through your veins and a brain that can think on it's own, then you can be a bit more positive about life. When things are stressful, reminisce to the things that are (seemingly) simple. Short life and suffering depends on the individual and his/her place in time. Free will only exists in the exact moment of a choice being made


That leads us to the next question. If I die everything I learned is said to be meaningless. What happens after death? Am I thrown into a new life and do the same fucking bullshit all over again, but without knowing shit I learned in a earlier life? What is the sense of learning if our life is over?


You are thinking selfishly. Everything you have learned is not meaningless if it has helped the people around you and the next generation grow. After you are dead, others will lead better lives from being taught what you have taught them, whether you realize this or not. I am sorry, I cannot tell you what happens after you die. It is not your time to know. Just know that you shouldn't be afraid when you die. Many have gone through the process before you and many will continue the process after you. There is nothing to fear.

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  1. Don't worry about the life... :D (Yeah, there's nothing to fear... You only have two options... Heaven or hell... nya!)


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