Monday, March 16, 2009

Why so negative?

This is my fetish and so is yours.

You will watch this stream and like it.

I guarantee it

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This is Kigurumi

Many hate it, even on the obscure fetishistic playground that is the internet. However, I love it, and so should you.

You don't HATE COSPLAY even when there is a MALE CC or a MALE YOKO, so why not?

This is cosplay, elevated to a higher level of detail, there is nothing wrong with it, people want to look more anime than donning a hand sewn costume, so they went the extra mile, I suppose yes, you can call this as an abomination, to some, it is a passion.

Instead of ostracizing it, should you not be criticizing (positively so) for their effort?

That is what that separates the open minded from people who just don't see it beyond the surface. Hours are spent on this, possibly months alone with the mask, sometimes, it is life risking because of the solvents used to make them.

All that, and the passion burns, you wouldn't hate a Pokemon cosplay, or Mickey mouse, those are KIGURUMI too, believe it.

Of course, to be said fairly, the MORE YOU HATE IT, THE MORE IT GROWS

I like to take a moment to expose you, whom are outsiders, or people who simply do not think about it, what Kigurumi takes:

1. dedication
2. soul
3. heart
4. love
5. preserverance


It is not easy, to begin with you need time, and when you found time, you must dedicate to your hobby. It is not just a hobby for someone like this, it is not just a mask. It is an embodiment of character, beyond cosplay, or perhaps similiar, it is the soul of which you dedicate to.

Try asking a cosplayer who does all their costumes :
1. how much time did you take? - Long
2. how much did you spend?? - Depends, but it is a lot over the years
3. how much effort? - Incalculable.
4. Why? Out of love

Kigurumi players especially the guys, go through a regiment of strict dieting to get into costumes, some wear tight corsets, other disguise with intense detail from breast pads, bras, cockstraps, butt pads, leg pads, skin corsets etc... the dedication alone shows you just what it takes to do the same as they. Do you have such a passion that you can dedicate yourself to? No? You should look to them for inspiration then.

2. Soul
While we argue it is badly done a kig, a soul is poured into making it into a photo shoot, it takes time, money, and most of all courage. The courage to transform yourself, is not easily acquired.

3. Heart
Storage, care, after care, cleaning, all takes specific effort, but that is the touch added after the cake is made.
Making the mask takes effort, poisonous substances are used, polyurethane and the sorts of things we don't even know how to apply. A mass amount of knowledge is dedicated to transforming what is seemingly a piece of molded plastic to a beautiful mask, true dedication is given to the every detail, every curvature, every bit. If you hate your own mask, you make it again...the effort alone is appalling. That deserves respect.

4. Love
Without love you can never begin, people who doubted the love for Kigurumi, must first face their demons, only then can you create the one mask you love.

5. Preserverance
Without this, no amount of love will help you. Failing at making your first mask? Do it again. Fail at your first shooting? Again! The ability to withstand countless tries, countless remakes, redefine your mask, and redefining your character, and then refining your moment on the lens...takes true preserverance


I hope you understand and let the hate slide.


  1. I hate cosplay, but I accept this. I don't happen to fit in to those who like cosplay, lol.

    That said, I will be more into this Kigurumi stuff if they can break through the need for still-masks and tight skins. Because it all feels fake and I was at first shocked when the players are guys -shudders-

    I hope more people appreciate these though. Cosplay is just full of fakeness to me. This is 'the' next level.

  2. Well, there are people trying to make movable lips with synthetic plastic skin, that is available in the near future but very unlikely to real life extent.

    We have our first catwalk robot. I bet in 10 years time Kigurumi for real with voice changing, movable lips and eyes motor function with camera attached is possible.


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