Thursday, March 26, 2009


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after a good post about the things in life and what's not, I figured I should do something else... much more meaningless.

Today, I would like to discuss on fetishes.

That is, if there is anyone willing to discuss but nonetheless here goes.

I am disgusted, by people who are disgusted.

I know that there is a lot of fetishes to be disgusted about, but to outright scream at the face of a thread, troll them as hard as they can possibly do...that is outright ridiculous. Why would you do so hard to do that?

It is not like we are posting it to annoy you, don't like a thread? Don't fucking read it.

There is no one asking you to read it, no one, not one single soul. You have the freedom to be as oblivious as you like, without ever knowing about Kigurumi or its wonders that which we enjoy. You don't have to devote yourself to trolling with a sexual and gender identity delusion over said topic because you cannot bend your will a little to see beyond it.

True, I don't like fursuits, since I am an animegao person, but do you see me going into a fursuit thread and say :FUCKING FURRIES: ? No, I don't, I respect what you do, you can do whatever you like so long as you don't come into my space and say "FUCKING KIG FAGS".

Rant rant, fucking normal people.



  1. Yeah! You have a point here... But there are some people to like things like that, trying to make a world like they like and that's so sad, because they only think that their thinking are the only one in the world... something like that...

    And in another point, You are free to do like you really like to do, because it's your life... And even your friends and persons that care about you have to accept that fact, because it's part of your personality... :D

  2. Thank you friend, I appreciate your comment.


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