Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Eternal Damnation Known as Hellfire

Champion's choice! Desu~yo!

Seriously, what the hell is the wrong with me? Oh, I know, general Otaku disease.

For the first time ever I decided that I needed simply something to curb my hang for such a thing..I mean, what can I say? How far have I fallen?

I dunno, but here I am, resting my arm on her tits, I thought, ah what the hell, it is all worth that conversion of RM189.00, from Singapore dollars 76.00. This was the perfect awarding gift, never would I imagine spending money and taking this home but for a moment, I feel elated.

I have my fair share of Gundams, and of figurines, but really, those things just don't have much practical use. Frankly speaking? This may be the best thing I ever paid for when it comes to animu.

I got this Haro for a friend but someone told me I was ripped off. I can see why now that look at the shape, Haro here looks bent out of shape somehow.

Truth to be told I feel a pang of pain when purchasing this, it just yet again, didn't feel of much use. At least I am getting my money back.

I decide to write a review and recommendation for this title called Serenade of Justice Laboratory (which Serenade is actually our heroine's name [Akaseto Serenade?] I think. What can I say, I totally brought it because of the cover art and I must say, the story is well worth it.

It is stupidly stupid, harem, ecchi, action plus my favorite genre of Kamen Riders meet Super Sentai type of action, what can I expect more? TITS LOTS OF TITS. Oh yes, with half the sentai team expectly lead by women, you can expect that. So far, from book two onwards there is a white rider, female expectedly who is also a MAHOUSHOUJO that FIGHTS CRIME and DEFEATS dunno about you, but imagine successfully mashing up all the subgenres and getting results desired for the utter brainless funnies.

This is so much pure win I recommend you read it.

This guy, I have no idea who he is, but judging by how awesome his collection is, he is the seriously biggest loser of all time, yet somehow, I believe he could very well be our hero.

Do we pray for him? or do we pray at him?

God wonders what the next generation of men will be.

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  1. Be proud as Otaku my friend! LOL... XD

    About the men will be...
    Well, the next generation of men will be like Katsuragi (of the manga "The world god only knows"), but filled in a wonderful world of persocons (something like that...). Not interested anymore in true females, instead of an anime girls androids... :D

    About the hero...
    Nah, Most likely if you get more denial than him spending money in more goods, then you can be the next hero! :P Maybe we have to pray for him... ROFL... XD


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