Monday, March 30, 2009

Wow! A man that surpasses the great Fritzl?! UNPOSSIBLE!

I realize the same post is posted in Sankaku Complex, but no worries, what I am about to post here is a commentary extended from there.

"A man who was found to have confined his daughter from the age of nine onwards, keeping her in sexual servitude and violating her routinely for some 25 years has been arrested.

Not content with this incestuous reign, he had then groomed his son as his successor, having him create a harem of his own four daughters, aged 6-20, as well as take advantage of his sister.

The man, Michele Mongelli (64), a scrap metal merchant, first imprisoned his daughter when she was only 9, keeping her locked up in a gloomy room with no electricity for 25 years.

She was not allowed out except in her father’s company, and was denied a proper education.

He apparently only had full sexual intercourse with the girl when she turned 16, after which he slept with her regular.

At one point in 1994 she got loose, but when she reported him he claimed that she was deranged. Psychologists investigating concurred, and so she found her way back into his clutches.

He also cultivated his son Giuseppe into becoming head of his own incest clan, having him use his four daughters, aged ranging from 6 to 20, in a similar manner, and even had him have sex with his sister.

Police launched an investigation using covert surveillance which soon captured evidence of the treatment one of his eight-year-old daughters at his hands: “Dad, get your hands off me. You are a bastard, stop it.”"

Shouldn't you be surprised? I mean I would, this is totally wrong. As much as I like to watch Kiss x Sis and the sort of incest related material, such things are just barbaric. In the recent year, we have received a lot of these, it was as if society just suddenly began to dug up all these skeletons in the society closet. It is just almost seemingly unreal.

Together it comes to mind to ask, is fatherhood even clean anymore? How can we, as the male species continue to hold our head in pride with the oncoming waves of beasts like these? What happened to love between man and wife? Has society degraded to such a point that we are looking at this to be the future of the function in having a family?

Are we devolving? Is God a part of this?
Yes, again, let us look at one of my earlier arguments:

It is a perception that more evil occurs in the world than good. Good things do happen, but just unnoticed. It is easy to notice things that one would call wrong or evil, because it affects your emotions stronger than good things. The feeling of hurt and pain is stronger than the feelings of good and pleasure

The perception here, is that we are always almost certainly in pain, exactly what is it now that we looking at? Is morally so, that God allows such insidious act out of free will, as it is also fate as some may argue that slaves will be slaves, and there are beasts amongst men because there needed be? What is the plan then? I believe, the question always lies to look on the bright side of things. However, brightness dims, and so does darkness spreads.

Actually to consider it, this motivational poster is a way of saying, IMO at least, the poverty of mankind, and mankind's morals that are hitting below the poverty belt as we become ever more involved in the social rat race. I don't believe in taking a slow-down to smell the flowers, but then again, are we rushing into hell. How do we see the things around us other than turn a blind eye towards it? The bad, the good, the choices that lead to good and bad, the chances that affect us. Should mankind dare to take a look, the poverty of our morality, I believe we should change somehow.

"So I just sit and wait, singing then, until the world would change"

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  1. Yeah most of your writing here it's true... And it's true that in Romania is legal the incest?

  2. YES, it is a law they are gonna keep.

    I guess cousins and nephews are okay to a certain extent. most of them are not even related anymore due to several generations. but then again...

  3. Hmmm... Damn! I didn't have any beautiful cousins!


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