Friday, March 27, 2009

Terrible Terrible Terrible!


There is nothing more daunting than waking up to not coffee but terrible images of your head...panic sets in, blood rushes your head and you dance around on one foot hoping to redeem whatever last remnant of hope left in your heart, but you can't because something inside is just begging to come out, bang you are dead and you roll on the floor mouth full of froth.

Panic attacks.

Having them is like losing your key when you are need to get out of the house, and a murderer is right behind you to add. Having them is like having a swim in the Caribbean and you have a leg would that is bleeding and a motherfucking great white is behind your ass.

I realized I misplaced my phone, my wallet and all into the washing machine until much later, how lame can you be? Good thing tho, the phone was off, and the machine washed every single fucking thing...the best bit? Someone must have been having a kind heart up above, because I wrapped my phone in its designated plastic pack a month back, and I removed it all the time. Yesterday however, I kept it on and threw my pants inside the washer cause I was drunk.

PHONE IS 50 dollar bills however, are wet as fuck.
Yeah, I panicked, because in my phone, an expensive one mind you is not to be messed with, the data is all important!!

I made backups, but I can't be all the more sure on panicking anyway.

Oh God, this is by far my favorite Mariya picture ever...I am sick. very sick indeed.

On another news, Maria+Holic, my current favorite anime has stopped airing...picture related obviously and that is not futa, it is in fact...very clearly so...a boy. You can read the details elsewhere or just go fuck yourself. Watch this for great justice.

Anyhow, with the end of the 12 episode season, I can't help but feel rather sad, the simple reason is just this, like it or not the series is very short. Mariya's sister, Shizu did not manage to play a role, Kanako was all about self convos, and it frankly turned a bit thin towards the end.

What I am turned on about however, is the premise that there will be a second season! Hooray for that, best thing about it? They will follow the manga! So, that being said, I enjoyed it all the same, Maria+Holic ranks out on top of 3rd place alongside selections like 1st place AIR and 2nd place Full Metal Panic (main, not Fumoffu). [This is compared with my general listing of anime I liked very much]

While traps are certainly worthy, Mariya Shidou introduced a very different archetype or rather, non-archetype character that I hope in the future I will be able to see more.





  1. also, because of unnecessary drama.

  2. Hmmm... Well... You know... I actually like more tragedy in drama... But for me was OK... Maybe in the novel said more and take more action the characters than in the anime... Are you already view Princess Tutu? ---> Maybe you will like the strange sarcastic ending...


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