Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Job in Voicing! {Koe de Oshigoto.}

DAMN IT, I am so envious of anon...
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Highly Recommended fap fap fap material

Koe de Oshigoto.


Kanna chan is like every normal high school student, she wants to have friends and certainly loves being around everyone. She is a little aloof but stays her feet on the ground for most of the time. She has an elder sister Yayoi who takes care of her who also runs a game company.

One day, on her birthday in fact, she found out that her sister wants her to work for her company. (she called it Internship training). She was asked to go to the company and when she did, she found out the work waiting for her is a job as an Voice Actor.

Worse still? Being a pure and innocent girl who doesn't even know the pleasure of porn, she has never witnessed anything that is sexually stimulating, or played for that matter except knowing that her sister does. She is asked to become a voice actor for an Ero Game!

She has but a period of months to learn the trade...

The trade is...how to sound erotically in the record room...with people watching! and RECORDING...and PEOPLE LATER BUYING THE GAME AND FAPPING TO YOUR VOICE!

Hilarity ensues after the first try: "P...P...P...USSY!" *red face* KYAAAAAAHHHHHHH!


Verdict: 8/10

Simply funny, remember REC? This is like an expansion set, with hilarity, cute girls, and the funniest part? It actually is inspiring as we see Kanna chan struggles to come to term with her new job.

The funny training she does to learn the ropes, from playing her first eroge to learning how to say "Cum, dick, pussy, cock, fuck etc..." It is all so...unusual, for a girl to have to come out and act the voice...something she never did before.

We also get a glimpse of what voice acting in the eroge business and hentai business is like, the sense of professionalism that needs to be achieved as well as details on how the business is run.

While the next time you pick up an eroge, this manga may make you remember to give thanks to the lovely girls who dedicate themselves to such an embarassing task.

WOO HOO, go go Kanna-chan! say...C.O.C.K! <3



This is but a shameless plug for the manga though, of course, not to say I don't like doing this every now and then.

Meanwhile, I like to share with you all some music I been listening to


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