Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yip Hooray

I must feel pretty funny to the people especially the chinese posters on the blog posts I made here.

One day I am like RAGHHH ANGRY RAGE and the next I AM HAPPY SMILING, I really oughta keep my mood in control you know.

At least for today or something.

Somewhere out there are a bunch of kids kicking the stuff outta a sandbag with their karate and judo masters and they are learning well the art of self defence. I thought to myself that while I hear their grunts and screams and wondered...

"Man, time sure flies, look at me, I am 25 and where has all the time gone?"

Seriously though, life has been pretty damn tough, and yet I know it must be tougher for those people stranded in the middle of shit nowhere and doing something under the cover of a burqah.,

I swear to god, those people are really unfortunate, and look at here, I have a computer to type on, I have a forum to go to, and I have a can of soy bean milk in my left hand while I watch anime and rant about work. Heck, I have work.

You know what? The blog posters/commenters that left the comment in chinese for me?

Seriously, thank you guys.

I needed a reminder that somewhere down the road, I could use a pat in the back and say:
DUDE, cheer the hell up.

Thank you dear writers of my blog:

蔡靜芳蔡靜芳, 誠紋, 義珊義珊 and so on. Yes, I can read your comments and I do.

Most of all, today is my birthday and I am happy to let you all know, I have a new job waiting for me in the wings.


Please write with care, don't want to offend anyone where possible, take it easy! posting is encouraged.