Saturday, May 22, 2010

I hate Australia

No, I love the people, I love the view, oh lord this country is beautiful and Malaysia encourages travel there.

but the laws?
that is another thing.

What? Customs can now check if I am carrying any porn?


first, they take away my loli, I didn't say a thing because I wasn't a lolicon.
Then, they came for my anime centering on loli school life like Kodomo no Jikan etc, and I didn't say a thing cause I don't watch that shit.
Now, they came for my HDD filled with tons of tentacle porn, Nobody said a thing for me, cause really everyone is fed up with the Aussies and their ignorance.

fuck them.
I love your country, but your invasion of privacy makes it no better than Judge Dredd being the president.

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