Sunday, June 7, 2009

Best Articles of The Best of... etc in Cracked.Com

As we all know, has never failed to bring comedy, dick jokes and utter slandering for some of the most terrible/wonderful things on the planet from money making by ton loads black rappers to Jewish settlements along the Gaza strip. Being as much as an ass as they are, has never failed to be funny, witty, and plain awesome when it comes to presenting some of the "best of ----" whatever the fuck there is that we don't know or never bothered to find out.

Here I will list all that I can as some of the articles that are quite simply a class of their own. (first one is the best, ALL HAIL HAYHA!)

5 Real Life Soldiers Who Make Rambo Look Like a Pussy

The 30 Most Unsettling German Halloween Costumes

7 Safety Products (for the Incredibly Paranoid)

I am not paid to advertise for Cracked, seeing as they really need no introduction as much as the likes of TVtropes, which is really the least favorite site of mine.

Next to this, I also have below Encyclopedia Dramatica's most LULZworthy moments in links that will make you click, and find out more about exactly what is the element of true LULZ. Warning, furries are the butt of the jokes.

Heck this is not even the bulk of it but a selected few from the two sites, in comparison, ED has more of such articles than I can ever be fucking cared enough to blog on. Not that I should since hopefully, I might not get my own ED for fucking LOLZOWNED one day.

Nonetheless, since I also am a hater, and a Kigurumi fanatic...I suppose I have much to fear.

As CNN would report, LULZ is the element of adulterated form of LOL, and anything, everything can be made into LOL, even members of a forum for geeks, and Touhou.

This here goes out to you Gpop, you are by far the one guy who earns the Title of Honorary Mention of Lulz from me. Also, fuck your Koishi madness, real men like little boys and traps.

Have a fucking medal.

While we are at the shouts part, I must say, Cherry Girls makes about the gayest thing that gay town has everything to be gay about ever, yet, as it seems, I am hooked. I mean, boys who dress up as girls and serve boys? IN A MAID CAFE even?!

Am I mad? Am I honestly mad? I believe I am, and here goes...

I love reading the stories... and they are not know, like a comic or something.
Oh well


  1. Screw your madness towards young males! They don't deserve to be that way, and they shouldn't! Futanari rules because futanari is all functional! Lolies with dicks shall rule! XDDDDD

  2. Cherry girls will never turn me gay! YOU HEAR ME!? NEVER!!!

  3. To Cass:

    Same thing, different taste.

    To ZBO:

    Oh yes, I can already smell the slightly homo scent from your wavering faith in your heterosexuality.

  4. I will stay forevermore faithful to my genuine loli, 'tis the path I have chosen. Your pitiful shota trap could never wavered my manly path. Ufufufu


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