Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time 2009, Top 100 Most Influential Persons Of The World


If there is a time when one can announce they have WON THE GAME, this is it.

On Time.com website, the results have been announced, what has been the huge vote for the decision of the most influential person on earth is now decided.

Guess who?

4chan's founder, Moot, AKA Poole
Time 2009 Top 100 Listing

Can you ever believe it? It is not so hard of course when you think about how hax 4chan is when it comes to all this. Think back on last year's EMA European Music Awards by MTV, ever wondered why Rick got left off the sidewalk despite WINNING by 300%?
That is the work of the miracle that is Rick Roll.

Autovoters, haxes, spam urls, think big, think 4chan.

Although Moot has denied any influence on his peons, me included, the world should not be shocked, or rather, should be shocked by the sheer influence that are the users of the site.

Who doesn't know 4chan? The Internet knows 4chan, that is what. Why should facebook and twitter have the glory? Why should myspace and livejournal have it then? No, none of those, none of their creators, but rather...

MARBLECAKE, ALSO THE GAME <---click for why this happened.
Once again.
You lost the game and someone won it. If you think about it, what collaborative efforts in human contingency can spawn sometimes, that is awesome.

What is next? We always fear 'The Man' that is the government, next thing you know the FBI are getting 'THE GAME' on their screens and you know, that is all possible.

Lest of all...

That said. Anwar Ibrahim, disregarding hack wise, or even real voting I dunno which, earns second place as world's most influential person.

Isn't it nice to know your country's politics have reached the world's ears and eyes of attention?

No, it is not, because it is not for the right reason. Haven't we already got enough by elections and leadership problems? Now this, good, bring it on, bring on the news. Malaysia is now on the world stage, sharing next to it the Robert Mugabes and the Tamil Tigers, the Talibans and the Toilet Sex Change Incident...we are always in the news, Malaysia, don't you think?

Why are we always on the news for all the wrong reasons? What happened to vision 2020? What happened to the good old Malaysia that doesn't try to prove to the world "I can I can I can, I wanna be the popular little girl in high school" mentality? What happened to us?

If we all could only just sit down and put matters before our head, it is not about winning elections, or by elections, or wasting public funds or going down to catch Mat Rempits and freeing them later. It is not about endorsing the public image fetish, it is about saving a country in need of saving from the devastation of political bickering and rivalry. Stop doing that, and run the country if you so please.


On a happier note:

Ever since discovering Dolls Club Advance I think I found myself the best Kig site ever. Simply one of the few best kig players in my liking.

Pictured here is Clena , one of the personalities from DCA and certainly my favorite.

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  1. That's a interesting stuff... that make me cry of joy and laugh! :P


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