Sunday, May 17, 2009





I missed my flight to Penang today and this is what happenedARRGGGHHHHRRHBBLLL!!!:
It was 7.30am in the morning and my coffee has just been finished up, I washed my cup and it was 7.35 as I proceeded out the front gate where my taxi is waiting.
The traffic was smooth until we reach near the airport, where an apparent mob is circling the roundabout witnessing some carcrash or some public protest or whatever early in the fucking morning.
We waited, and waited and waited.... I was at the airport at 8.40 due to some traffic congestion (usually I arrive in 30 minutes) I arrive at the counter at 8.45am. I produced my ID and asked to be boarded.

Staff: "Sorry sir, the counter just closed 5 minutes ago"
Me: "Well, it is only 5 minutes, and your computer is on, so just make it quick."
Staff: "I am sorry sir, I am not authorized to do that after closing hours."
Me: "Look, I have a booking and this flight is having its last call, bear on me the urgency in this tonage I am using and let us get on with our lives."
Staff: "I am sorry sir, I cannot do that."
Me: "I want to see your manager for this."
Staff: "There is no one here but me sir."
Me: "Aw, come on, there is what...30 minutes left, your passengers are only just boarding if not stupidly waiting by the door for the best seats."
Staff: "I cannot do that sir, you are late."
Me: "Of course I am, you do realize there is a public protest somewhere out there at the roundabout before approaching from S****!"
Staff: "That is not within our power to change anything."
Me: "Which is why you should do what is in your power and let me board my flight...look, they are leaving for the door already!"
Staff: "Yes sir, they are, I am sorry you are late, I cannot check you in."
Me: "Do you want to keep your job then? Do me a favor and understand the look on my face, it says 'this is urgent.'"
Staff: "I understand, but I still cannot check you in."
Me: "Why?!"
Staff: "I just can't, I am not authorized to do so after closing time."
Me: "Your office hours are the whole fucking day!"
Staff: "I am sorry sir, I cannot help you."

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