Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Cassie!

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Happy Birthday Cassie!

May the year that goes on from here bring you great wisdom and knowledge, courage and conviction that you strive for and gain strength from. May what you seek be sought out, may what you find in life and beyond be satisfying, rewarding, engaging. May your life be great, and may you have the most wonderful birthday there is, and may you understand that despite all the troubles that life has to offer, you did not win the race of turning from a sperm to an embryo had you not already been born a winner, you WERE THE FASTEST and THE STRONGEST among them, you won that bout, now you will win more, and I wish you have the best of the days ahead!

Not exactly a birthday a sense.
But, most of all, I like you to understand, nothing is ever too hard, and that you are good if not great or greatest. Believe in yourself!


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