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Kamen Rider Decade Review 1

Note: before clawing my head and breaking my toes while pulling out my nails with pliers forcefully, this review is not for the lovers or the haters, but people who can take a review and like the show on for what it is.

To begin with, let me start by how I expected Decade.
When the news of a new Rider series is about to premier earlier this year I was very impressed, I was shocked even to hear there will be return of all the previous Heisei riders to join him in this epic show about crossing over to other universes and finding one's own world.

I am, and truly impressed. To be fair, I didn't think much of Decade, I like his name, 10 years = decade, and that itself sounded really epic, what if the series expands over a ten year timeline, where the lead person, Tsukasa would have to journey for 10 years to find his world? I thought, damn, actual character growth and development in this joint? I think I am very impressed and I am sure I would love this for the blowing block of it.

Then, when the shape of Decade began to form, I thought, hmmm... this is Tendou type character, overpowered, ignorant, arrogant, personality is trifling, I like it. His face wasn't much to speak on, I thought his lips were too thick for a male model, and that the hair he does makes him a bit of a gay icon really. A change in every episode? That is 31 hairstyles! (there are 31 episodes all in all)

The fighting all were pretty darn good, not the best, as there are inconsistencies (Kuuga for example was demoted to being comic relief, and Diend in that Sentai episode getting owned by a squid), as there are also apparent blocks of plot armor. Diend appeared some time after as a second rider (much like Den-O there are only 2 time travelling, dimension crossing riders, thank god...)

I can believe it as such that it is a matter of preference, but sometimes in the show, like how the epic decide to strung along, there are characters that are doing things totally unlikely.

While according to official data, Decade (pink) is supposedly able to execute the moves of those riders before him and use their ultimate attacks, Diend (blue) is supposedly only able to use the riders themselves, he is apparently supposedly not able to execute for example rider kick, or certain moves that include borrowing moves from other riders.

In certain episodes, Diend demonstrated the opposite, this being good to a certain extent until you wonder, 'now why didn't he do it the first time?' He apparently can 'clock up' moving at the speed faster than a bullet, at some points in the show. He can take plenty of damage, but at some point he was also taken out by a single shot from Apollo Geist. He can turn invisible (more like phase shift out of a dimension) and it was never explained how did he travel from world to world.

According to fan data, he follows Tsukasa about, but then again, how? Tsukasa and co travels in the moving photo-studio, but Diend seems to pop up behind pillars in the middle of nowhere, where does he sleep? where does he rest his laurels? where does he keep his stolen treasures? In one particular episode, it was revealed he could in fact use his gun to summon a weapon of choice, and fire at the enemy through Kamen Form Ride, and damn I was surprised when he just finished off Dark Ryuki summoned by Narutaki like a bug squashed. This shows his caliber, but as he was fighting a newer more complete form of Decade, he clearly demonstrated before he could own Decade, but he didn't. Instead, towards the near end now of the series, he demonstrated an increasingly 'gay' outlook, being seemingly keen to garner Tsukasa's attention saying things like 'I want you to look at me more', 'look at me for what I am' Sounds like what a lover would say to another eh?

Now, moving on, despite anticipation, many of the characters were left almost seemingly forgotten.

Narutaki doing his doomsayer thing

Narutaki, whom is an annoying following that is also cum-doomsayer of the show that seems to predict these non-existant options about 'if you are involved with Decade, bad things will happen' and is seemingly the one that went around every world in his free time to talk to other riders (which surprisingly nobody suspects him for bullshitting) about Decade, 'Oh look, a guy right, called Decade right? He is gonna destroy your world, if you see him, punch him in the dick, we cool? *brofist*' is seemingly the case.

This is Kiva...
Kivarella (a whitish/silverish bat fangire) that lives in the studio being the apparent 'friend' to the old dude, Ojiisan (I don't even know what his name is, but it was shown in several trailers he will become a big figure in the movie...quite suddenly despite being over 30 episodes full of comic relief and creepy old man); Kivarella has remained useless. there were promises where she could have been a big option to Decade, possibly Natsumi even due to the fanwank, but then that is what it should have been, instead there was no character development and an extra character was introduced for no apparent reason and left to rot in the background.
She was supposed to be the Henshin device for Decade, supposedly even spawning a 'Silver Kiva' which would have been quite epic.

Natsumi plays a not too convincing role of a tsundere lover in the background for world seeker Tsukasa, and the feelings appear only mutual after episode 24 when she visited the 'Nega World' (Negative World, not Nigger World) and was simultaneously aware of her stupidity to deny reality set before her eyes (despite traveling to countless fantasy like worlds) and chose to believe her friends are who they are. Her role was almost silent, little or no involvement in a close but very far relationship seemed to brew, yet it was clear that Tsukasa, too busy being the savior of worlds and hitting up on different riders to get to the bottom of their issues to solve getting a Kamen Ganba-Ride Card, was seemingly unaware of her feelings. (Yet) In the episode where Apollo Geist took Natsumi's life force and left her to die, Tsukasa used his life to save hers, an unexpected act of valiant friendship was more like it than actual love, because their relationship was almost lamenting and non-existant.

All in all, there were many instances where I just sort of look at the whole show and I began to write this.

Tomorrow, I will write part 2, and by then I suppose there will much much more to talk about again.

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