Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some quick ones.

I shouldn't be doing this but...

All are 2560 x 1600 resolution only. Please resize to your own accord, or crop as you like. These are full wallpapers, please click on the pictures and download the full version.
They are technically copyrighted to me, but since I have no watermark on them, I suppose you can screw with them however you like. Heh... it is not like there is anything to screw with anyway. (except maybe Lensflare, there is never enough ever lensflare)

yeah, quickie walls.

I am sure you will all get along nicely. Fap now, children, I am your desktop God before, I will continue to be, just not so frequent.


also, please grab an avatar/signature if you like, the ones without my name on it is free for use.

This thread here, please click this

If you want to resize them go ahead, if you feel you need help with that however... I pity the fool who would ask me that. Lern to image resize.

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