Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yuki's ass

New stuff I wanna make and use...
I found the Cherry Girls one at Hobbychannel.
Cherry Girls « [ゆうわくワク]

or ゆうわくワク-

cans.jpg fans.jpg rua.jpg hja.jpg gjha.jpg cata.jpg banns.jpg ea2a.jpg nao2.jpg bou.jpg maa.jpg

Bah, personal opinion?
This set sucked, except for Yuki.

here are the pictures so you don't have to skim through the Japanese site.
All credits goes to the creators of Ototsuki (Cherry Girls)


  1. I won't say blasphemy, since I belong to no religion. Instead, I will say insolence, because males are not to be dressed as females. It violates the very nature we're born with -votes a Sad-

  2. Aww... but they are so feminine it blurs the line anyway.


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