Wednesday, November 10, 2010


this Senkaku Island debacle and ship ramming incident that led to China vs Japan must stop!

This is crazy, both countries are becoming utterly senseless. The Japanese people have spoken, but the DPJ just pretended they don't exist. Foreign policies don't get forged this way, what it needs is dialogue and not some obscure mutual hate.

The way I see it, though Japan has no claims over that island, be as they are a small nation that rose to power and probably took that island as a prize during WW2, they have the responsibility to acknowledge it were the spoils then, NOT now. To be fair, they lost the war and should have relinquished their prizes, (as with Germany, and all the lost lands and even the public apology).

In terms of pre-determined ownership, it is fair to assume that China is the rights owner to that little island that started this farce, comparatively, Japan, a much younger nation laying claim to them. It was my understanding China is probably the ones who discovered that island and called it Diao Yu Island in the first place, possibly hundreds of years ago even, if not thousands. While this may be wild guessing, the probability is far higher consider China has always been a sea-faring, world exploring nation, and significant history points that in most points of Japan's history, they are busy fighting themselves.

If anything, I just don't think this should go on any further. It was become ugly, with both nations now just crossing lines on how ugly it could get. What is peace, if they both seek personal gains and willing to kill for it? Lionizing the perpetrator of the ship ramming incident was bad enough, and now this debacle of the guy who leaked the videos to the public. We might as well go all out and send a nuclear warhead.

It is very sad it has come to this. 

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