Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Starting today I suck cox

Starting today, I add this guy to my list of sites which to link from here. This picture of arnold says : YOUR ASS, BELONGS TO HIM.
Greenvirus is a good friend of mine and we both are on DA.


> has been finally revamped to V6, after what seem like ages, although it takes ages to load a page now, you can still smell the somewhat smoking elitism that still floats around.


> I decided that this anime season has been the best ever been. Not only is there the quatro-epic (as in epic x epic x epic x lulz) anime Arakawa Under The Bridge gets a season 2, and which is infinitely much more epic than season 1, the story is just amazing. I cannot for the count find an anime more robust than Arakawa, there are some close contenders for content this season tho.

(Forget K-On, that is so last season)
1. Ika Musume - a certain squid girl ends up on a beach, trying to be the fighting environmentalist x the ultimate Hitler-ish invader, she fails and gets recruited into a beachside restaurant and worked for what I can presume... for free, and getting molested and harassed by a crazy cute-dresses making, dressing, photographing loli only lesbian nutcase. YOU GONNA GET LOVED TENDERLY.

2. Ore no Imouto, although this show started rather weak, the what I can only presume to be the true protagonist - Kuroneko in the show is truly captivating as a character, mostly because I can relate to her so well. On another hand, Kirino is... well, to be fair, I can't think of a single reason why anyone would like her attitude, in episode 9 however, that was sorta awesome.

3. Iron Man - better off known as a cartoon with Japanese voice than anime, this is downright terrible fanfiction. However, it is the few quotients of manliness that was severely lacking in this season's anime. Thank god that Tony Stark builds his shit in his cave.

4. Toaru Majutsu Index: Again, Index is somewhat forgotten.

5. Yosuga no Sora - some girls are ok, but annoying, there however lies one inherent problem: you seem to be forever attached to your little sister. Despite the fact you have a motherly big boobed neighbor who raped you when you are a kid and loved you now. Funny how life works no?

6. World God Only Knows - I imagine this season is about the 4 girls, and when season 2 comes along (which I am sure it will), it will touch on Tenri's arc as well as the giant war behind the evil spirits thing... which frankly is a bit... odd, it doesn't need to be this complicated.



  1. I thank you very much, A-F!

    I've been glancing over your blog for a while now, neat stuff you got here!

    Haha, I wish I could post that fast!

    I'll be adding your site to my blogroll as well!

  2. So, how are you lately?


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