Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Everyone is a critic...!!A

Ok, my take on the 'why is 2011 anime so far all about school settings and harem stereotypes' is simple:
1. seriously, it is a method, you know how when you sort of market shit you want your shit to be in a package of things that are similiar and not opposites such as packing facial cream with cement, or corn with wasabi? Yeah, like that, except say, okay, it is Jan 2011 I think we can use some light hearted moe filled stuff after December and November when there are plenty of LOLDEEP and DRAMA hanging about.

2. I don't see why it should cut out the fun for some of you imo, it is a show, and you sorta watch it because it is anime and you like anime don't you? Why would you be a critic for the first episode only? If anything I know first time image counts, but this is not a job interview nor do they market specifically to you or tell you the whole thing in the first episode. You sorta need to hang about until 2 or 4 more to get the plot.

3. It is fun to just enjoy a season of shows likewise you should.

I don't get it guys, you are complaining about something of a commodity in short supply, creativity does not come running about in every half season. Sometimes you have good shows, sometimes you have bad shows.

In this part of Winter Season 2011, maybe the line up isn't as impressive but some of you make comparisons to fully convince others there is nothing but shit to watch?
Now, that is critically dumb.


  1. I was pruning old bookmarks and for some reason I bookmarked your blog lawl.

    Usually I give a show some time before I drop it. You never know whe-- SUDDENLY DIAMONDS. I can't recall the names but I remember that I wanted to drop some shows after 2-3 eps. But I kept watching out of curiosity and they turned out better than expected.

    Actually I think one of those shows was Shiki. At first I was thinking, "Hmm this has a Higurashi feel to it... oh dear a rich girl complaining about moving to a village. Do not want." I was getting a bit tired of the chick being a bit stuck up and the slow pace. But I kept watching. Once it started hitting double digit episodes I was really getting into it. I was craving to watch Shiki when it went on a couple weeks of hiatus right in the middle of the series. It kept getting more awesome. I was only dissatisfied about one detail at the end but nothing that would break the rest of the show.

    Only anime I was interested in this season was Beelzebub because I read the manga. But I am trying out most of the animes and it turns out some of them are good. It makes me a bit angry when people call a whole season complete shit without giving any of the shows a chance.

  2. My thoughts exactly, they can't last past 4 episodes of groundwork and they call the show shit.

    sucks people have to get their instant gratification.

  3. Is one reason I want to watch/read whatever anime/manga I want/am intrigued to read, because my mindset tells me everything has their own "greatness" one way or the other/another.

    Making intangible things exist in my world by knowing them further has never been this difficult to manage but is rewarding. (...I think I just spouted insignificant nonsense,, "whatever", I guess :ohdear:...)


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