Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some things

You know how everything somehow always rather in some way or another get together and form puzzles and answers?

One of those things I believe in the website you visit.

Did you know, that the sites you visit represent your inner nature, subconciously these features may or may not reflect the way you treat people.
Today, I met a guy at work who was an avid visitor of facebook, you see, George here (not a real name) likes facebook. He lives and breathes facebook, it is not just a hobby or a pastime, it is a lifestyle and dedication that can be equaled by breathing, necessity to eat etc.

We all know how the wording goes, facebook addicts, tweeter addicts, stars exploding when they get their grubby hands on tweeter and tweets off multiple messages often enough telling about what drugs they are taking in what club, or the Lindsay Lohan type that self-destructs, or the occasional 'PSST, YOUR RACISM IS SHOWING' tweets.

George is all that rolled into one, everything just damn goes. I go tell him that 'hey I need to use the toilet' and George goes on his blackberry in the office and tweets 'oh my colleague is going to the loo' So today I asked him if he is gonna do that, guess what his response was? Aptly, he responded by putting me as his tweet 'friend is asking lol what I am doing with a blackberry posting here while at work, I said I tweet lol'

The context of that message was simple to me as it was complicated. The complication arising by my deeply seated mind of self consciousness at any level do I begin to explore the facades of the human race.... that, amongst the cumulative voice of the entire species... I cannot at all fathom nor come across the answer to... 'what George is doing'...

This is odd. Why is George finding the incessant need to update and inform others? What is the point in George's life?
Why does he need to bring the entire world's attention to what he is doing? The even more disturbing question is... How many people are there outside the wide and weird world that is like George? The human race has been a long runner, running for as long as it did, our ancestors certainly didn't evolve to build great cities and have its children devolve into electronic device button punching/mashing informants of the web age. We come across a certain crossing threshold where we are bound to ask questions...

Are we still relevant?

This question, I sometimes, beg you to think before you speak.

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