Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maid cafe for a day~ a birthday

Spent a nice day at the maid cafe, would have been fantastic if there were more people and I apparently  missed a big event today >_< how sad!! It is my birthday dammit extend the event more... !! >___< |||

There were some cosplay and games thing looks like a big one too, or small, since I saw like... 6 cosplayers, one of those is a Miku from one of her music videos, I am guessing World is Mine, but I could be wrong.

Special shout out and thanks goes out the very nice butler Gin-san and Akiko-san who seems so tired yesterday, must have been hard work desu-ne getting all the attention since you are the only maid around. Hope I wasn't being too annoying with you two for talking about me me me me and my director-san (about that onsen trip thing)

I am glad to have celebrated my birthday there, always nice to come here and feel very welcome. I am trying to escape the Arab season as you can see where I am from and where I work... oh dear, trailing off again talking about myself ahhhhh >___<
Anyway, I promised to give you guys a proper review so don't worry I will and it will be in the next post. I eat too little, wished I could have eaten more as this makes the second time I ate Omu rice (the last time was just dessert with some friends) Special thanks goes out to the sauce art by Akiko-san, you were so patient with making up my plate! I don't wanna eat the dish because you spent so much effort on it~! orz|||

It is a pity Kurumi-san was not with us, I hope she enjoys her MTV event, say hi to her for me! (I really wanted to see her as ojousama again, but ehhh...) Thanks Gin-san for telling me, great service you and Akiko-san provide and let me tell you this, I recommend this to a lot of international audience, (if they share interest with me, and I really hope you guys advertise more.)

Anyway, I am heading back to Penang today, so Cassie hope to finally be able to see you there.

ahaha, I already have a membership card~ so yeah.

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  1. Sounds like you're having fun! \o/


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