Thursday, September 24, 2009

I don't get it

How do I punch a chicken and turn it into a cooked one?

Oh God their voices make me orgasm

If that wasn't enough, ask the girls out on a date, beat them with a football until they dump you.


Best part of this game is you can customize them...
BONDAGE HOORAY (yes, there is a futa option somewhere , strap on wise)

The game in question is Love Death, a series of 3 games and soon to be 4 games due for release.
A game where you can freely interact with some girls and they recognize your face through webcams, you can also change the way they look through customizations:

ie: Touhou characters.


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  1. Promising it may be, but uhhh, I'm very haunted by the arduous experiences of downloading -> stocking the game -> install it -> patch it -> downloading the mod and such.

    I HAD ENOUGH! But this looks good....


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